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Okay, so I've been focusing on letting go of physical attachments, whether to things, or claiming ownership to relationships in individuals. Earlier this morning, I got the intuition to lay down and meditate, not because I was tired, but just because it was what I needed to do in that moment. I do this often. Now time has been more of a blur and a mesh of past, present and future to me more and more these past few months and I laid down to meditate and found that three hours had passed in the matter of what seemed like minutes. I had not fallen asleep. I just floated around in the mental and/or causal planes. This happens often for me since I decided I was no longer going to live by any certain schedule whatsoever. I sleep when I am tired and it is that simple, not because of a number on a little box, or because of daylight or moonlight. So, in the passed few hours, I've come to many resolutions, I've cleared several blocks, and ultimately came to the readiness to let go of any attachments to linear time at all, at least so long as it defining myself. Instead, I am choosing to define time and how and when I will participate in it. So, in all the sense of the saying, it is certainly "time to lose it" for me. And in doing so, letting go of time, I feel that much closer to ALL THAT I AM and ALL THAT IS. I've got a greater grasp on what it is I must do from one moment to the next. This is part of having a "spherical awareness" of time rather than a linear attachment.

Anyways, I am feeling some wonderful energies today! As I shared above, I had a few minute spherical meditation that lasted a few hours linear time. I made numerous resolutions and solved many little emotional obstacles. In that time of what seemed like a few minutes, I was truly feeling some incredible bliss and unconditional love and absolute acceptance of mySELF and the day has just been spectacular so far. I'm feeling the pull to meditate deeply like that again shortly here. This would happen here and there, but not so extreme as now since the 11-11 portals have fully opened.

So far as to what the body is doing when we're in the causal plane, that's what I'm still trying to work out, because when raising my energies as such, time simply ceases. And while astral, I'm not so aware of the physical body at all, but while in the mental planes, I am aware of my body laying in my bed. Yet the mental planes are above the astral planes.

It seems to me, by my personal conclusions that the mental planes are a buffer between the astral layers and the rest of the higher 4th dimensional living experience. What I'm coming to further conclusions on here is that I am already in the 4th dimension, at least some or most of the time. My claims for this are due to the fact that I can be resting, laying down in meditation, yet fully aware of my body. Even yet, time seems to cease from normal linear comprehension. Whether you are currently perceiving those out of phase from you yet or not, there are many of us that have already made that transition to the 4th dimension. And with such ease as this process has been, I have great confidence in the smooth transition into the 5th dimension thereafter.

In love and adoration of all of us as we are just getting to the fun part…


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Comment by Divine Willpower on November 13, 2012 at 8:02pm

Yep, I pay little attention to my clocks at all these days. I just have reminder alarms for when I need to take a call. I like what you said Feather Winger:

i´m in either now or eternity......or both simultaneously......

Comment by Divine Willpower on November 13, 2012 at 2:15am

I just realized I only pasted part of my blog in there! HA! Fixed.. :)


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