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Dr. Angela Barnett
[email protected]
(Soul of Mary Magdalene)

As a reminder for those who are new to this newsletter, my name is Mary Magdalene. My mission on Earth was to open the Ascension Portals in the Pacific Ocean so that the Original Ones coming from the Creation Realm for their Ascension can use the Central Portal to continue their Ascension.
My new mission, after I completed creating the portals was to meet and greet the Original Ones who would arrive on Earth.

I am beginning the fourth month of my mission of being the Hostess with the Mostest, as Elaika put it. I am inviting and greeting and hosting the arrival of the Original Ones who are Ascending from 12 Star Systems. So far there have been four teams who have landed on Earth from the Creation Realm.

They arrived in this order during the past four months. ElEiayai and Eleayshendaizendy from Andromeda, Keekalakwa, Fukesenhye, Tusenshavenshya from Venus, the Arcturia ZaZa, and the Kreeaa Raceline from Alpha Centuri.

In February three women from Venus landed. The commanders of the mother ships on Venus are all women. Their names were Keekalakwa, Fukesenhye, Tusenshavenshya

In March I welcomed the Mother ship commanders from Arcturia ZaZa. The members names were Belata, Ekritee, Aendo and Foreland.

I also welcomed the Kreeaa Race line from Alpha Centuri. The representatives names are La Ka and Zu.

This means that even though these entities are from certain Star Systems and Race lines themselves, the ones who are called the ORIGINAL ONES are entities who did not need to go through the Hybrid process because they were never mutated by the Fallen Angelic Race lines. These beings have been on an Ascension Path for millions or billions of years within the realms of the Universe where there was no Fallen Agenda present. These beings are on another journey of Ascension, so they needed to pass through the Creator Realm before continuing on their path of Ascension.

There are millions of Entities in the Universe who could not continue their journey of ascension until this problem with Earth was reconciled. The 12 Ascension Portals that were created by Mary Magdalene were required in order to have one Central Ascension Portal that would pass from one side of the Earth into the Spiritual Parallel Universe. The Original Ones could not come to Earth until the Portals were opened.

I finished opening all of the Portals in October 2016. When that event was finished, there was great gratitude from the entire Universe given to Mary Magdalene and from Gaia. This event of opening the Portals has allowed Gaia to become the Savior of the Universe. After the Original Ones arrive on Earth, they will begin negotiating with our government to arrange First Contact. When that agreement is made, the Original Ones will be finished on Earth and they will fly their spaceships through my Ascension Portals.

It will be the Consciousness of these Beings coming to Earth, being on Earth and then flying through Earth that will re-establish, or reconnect the ORIGINAL CONSCIOUSNESS of God's Original Creation that existed before the Fallen Angelics made a mess of his kingdom of heaven.

The portals were created and opened by Mary Magdalene. The portals will be maintained forever by my team of Creators who are Jesus and Elaika and our Angel team Raphael, Uriel,Ariel, Gabriel and Michael. I will always be the owner of these portals. That is why I am the only one who can give permission to use them.

When I finished my mission of opening the portals, I was given my new mission of inviting the Original Ones to Earth. Now they are arriving. They have made their arrivals known by the HUGE positive Frequencies that blast through the atmosphere when they arrive. I can always Feel their Energy coming first and then I focus on feeling and hearing them for the rest of the day and night. I often meet with their energy as they appear to me as light bodies in my Astral Journeys. Three of them appeared to me in my bedroom. Two times I did hear them say their names to me. I do remember Foreland from Arcturia and remembered hearing the names La Ka and Zu, who came from Alpha Ceturi.

I always remember the energy, the appearance, the moment that it all happens, and sometimes I remember the names. However, I always check on these facts with Elaika and Jesus because I know that my memory is not complete most of the time. I am usually working on at least twenty other project every night during my Astral Life. I am usualy guiding beings from other planetary systems who need help, I bi-locate to wrap my spirit around people in the hospital on this planet and on many others. And I always watch the ascension process that my own body is going through as it is being prepared to turn into light.

These Original Ones, who are landing, are very high dimensional beings. Some of them are 8th dimensional, some are sixth, seventh and some are 12th dimensional beings who are now coming to Earth.

However, when they arrive on Earth, they must shift their form into the Fourth Dimension in order to be in this dimensional format that is present. So, they are in a fourth dimensional format. However, they are keeping a veil around their bodies so that it will be impossible for anyone to see them, except for myself. I have seen three of them, because they chose to allow me to see them..

There are thousands of other fourth dimensional space ships in our skies now because they have been here waiting for this Agreement of First Contact for hundreds of years. There are mostly third dimensional spaceships, but many fourth dimensional. There have been many of the Arcturian Za Za present in our skies and many Friendly Greys. The Greys are not our enemies. They are just curious beings floating around observing the ascension agendas. There are many Greys who hang around my house just because they are curious about Mary Magdalene.

send questions to krystalaimagic


These youtubes contain the most important information about the future of mankind
that has ever been recorded. These dialogs are between Mary Magdalene and Elaika, who are both Creator Beings who are on Earth at this time staging the entire Ascension Plan of the Earth and the Universe that Earth is located in. Elaika is a Creator Being in the Fifth Dimension who is orchestrating the Universal Frequency alignments through billions of beings in the Fourth Dimensional Universe and through those on Earth working on Stargates, Vortexes and Ascension Portals. Mary Magdalene are also together working on this project at this time. The Christ Consciousness Light was needed first to come through Mary as she opened the twelve ascension portals and created the Central Portal for the Original Angelic Beings to come to Earth to begin negotiation for first contact. Mary has been inviting and greeting the Original Ones to use her portals since January. In one year they will finish their negotiations and fly through the portals. When their consciousness moves through the Earth, the Consciousness of all on Earth will be transformed and the Stargates will open because there will be a Circle in Heaven of the thirteen owners of the Crystal Skulls which are the remote control devices that will activate the wheels within the stargates. This will prepare Earth for first contact of the Fourth Dimension. Those with third dimensional eyes will not see this landing next year,but those with fourth dimensional eyes will. Jesus will begin his ministry on Earth at the same time as First Contact is announced. He will be teaching about the FUTURE OF MANKIND.

That Future is the Hybridization Program of Gaia that will allow all of our Galactic and Universal Families to become Healed of their Genetic Mutations and return to the original DNA coding of he Original Ones, the man made in the image and likeness of God. The Fourth Dimensional Earth is already here. We shifted into Harmonic Universe two on February 7. Now we are preparing for First Contact to begin. By 2039 everyone on Earth will Turn into Light and Blip into the Fourth Dimension, which is actually a Universe more than a Planet. It is a place that allows Freedom of Travel throughout the Universe. There will be thousands of spaceships using Earth as the HUB of the Universe. This will all begin in ONE YEAR.

All of the details of this Ascension Project that I, Mary Magdalene have been made known through my dialogs with Elaika and Jesus may be found on these youtubes.

The latest dialogs have only been given to paid members, however they will be released as youtubes in the near future. If I forgot anyone please let me know.





Dr. Angela Barnett
[email protected]
(Soul of Mary Magdalene)

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