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Seems like when your chasing something it never works out. When your looking for love, you never seem to find it. When you're chasing a hand in Poker, you usually don't win the hand. Or when a relationship moves too fast and then suddenly its over. I notice this because it seems as if the more I search for "happiness" or anything I may perceive as the key to my happiness, the result is always the same. It's failure. I'm slowly begininning to realize why that is. The truth is somethings just can't be rushed. Just enjoy things how they are at this very moment and trust God's will. Listen to the quiet voice, no not the ego's voice which is very loud, but the one that throws in a quick suggestion, that you almost dismiss, but then for some reason you listen to it. Some may refer to this as intuition. I have realized that the more I seek, the more I lose, the farther I am away from where I was meant to be. Most of the time the mind lives in the future. What you want to do after work, what you want to do on Saturday, or even just thinking about the future of a relationship. Since we think about the future a lot, we tend to rush ourselves into a situation to get fast results, or instant gratification. Well, most of the time it's a bad idea, and it never works. What I lose everytime this happens, is the truth. I have been running around blind but only because my eyes were closed. I have realized that all that is required is faith and patience. Enjoying a moment for what it is, instead of planning the next moment, may help us to discover another open door that leads us to where we are meant to be. Give it a try once. When you are driving in the car, take a moment to quiet the noise in your mind and just be in the moment. Bring all of your attention to what you see in front of you. As you look, don't judge any of it, just observe it. Don't give it your opinion; just see it for what it really is. Then turn to your other senses. What do you hear or smell?
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"Here is something funny. Unfortunately, this can only be found on German, but look at this, that I saw when I was a child and I was born in 1978.
Is this supposed to be a light ship?
A diamond?"
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