This Is Not Just A Dream; I am Kejraj.

Greetings friends! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am Kejraj.

It is amazing how the vast majority of the populace is concerned with irrelevant matters. And irrelevant is anything which does not further your spiritual growth. Think about that for a moment.

They have no interest in heartfelt expansion. They seek to entertain the mind. Fortunately for them, the Third Dimensional realm offers a very broad selection of entertainment.

Whether it be sports, crimes, drama, politics, if you are still intrigued by any of that, a part of you feels that you need it, to cope(by ignoring) the heavy energies you hold within yourself.

Do you ever not grow tired of it all?

Do you not feel exhausted, by contributing to the old energies with your anger, frustration, and despair?

Most importantly, do you realize that you are supporting a system that was invented not only to keep you limited, but with an expiration date? And that date is not too far away.

It is time to let go of the old, as difficult as it may be, start by releasing the idea of fear, this allows you to open up and understand that there are better realities available to all.

Realities and ways of being which do not serve certain “masters”, but serve you, the people. Where you are permitted to actually enjoy your daily life, with family, friends, and true exploration and growth on your journey to greater awakening.

This is not just a dream, or some “utopian fantasy.” This is the reality of the New Earth, which is ready to welcome all who choose love. All who are open to new possibilities, open to the truth that the purpose of your existence is not to suffer and barely get by. It is to thrive, with every aspect of your being, way beyond the Third Dimensional ideas of money, work, and false freedoms.

It is time to let go, and embrace the Universal shift taking place at this time. Open yourself up to the divine love enveloping Earth, and prepare for entrance into a reality which by human standards is paradise.

All the light to You!

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  • Waves of light are washing over planet Earth. This is humanity’s opportunity to arrive to new realizations, as you bring your attention within, feel the shifts taking place, and understand that stagnation is no longer an option. True freedom, true evolution, can only happen through rising in consciousness. You can fight the dark day and night. But for as long as you remain at their level ''vibrationally'', the war is endless. ~Kejraj
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