This is me, This is who i am spiritually :-D

t is interesting really, i've always been a "spiritual person" i've just more quiet about it lol, well at first i was looking down the path of wiccar but even that had it's down side's i gues realisticall i am just a non-religouse spiritual being lol!
i accept what i see and hear and feel for myself however keep my mind open to the possibility of anything really!
i don't follow a single god, i believe that it's quit possible they all exist for one reason or another because they all serve a purpose, in a sence i follow christian ways since i do believe there is a god (i.e jesus) and hell
and i've been in the presence of a few greek and even egyption gods, and i believe buddah to but i'm not so sure about that one lol
i don't have a controlled enviroment nor a higher iraqie or master to help me that here's so to speak so i don't preform many rituals
i mainly just deal with the eliments i.e fire,wind, water, earth, mother nature and such
i have roughly 5 stone's (rune's) i have brought dragons to life and even met the keeper of the orb (crazy fucker he is, tried to kill me twice -__-) and i have even come to an understanding with hell hounds at my old house (more the point if they fuck with me in my sleep or wake me up or try to push me off the fuckin bed again i'm gonna punch them in the nose :-D, they don't like that!)
odviously a grey aura, i have 1 deck of tarrot cards relating to relationship and life and love life!
i am balance in the sence that i do not practice dark arts but i keep them around and they have thier purpose in life

i have a necklace with a viking shield for protection and a cresent moon with 3 stars down it and one on the bottom tip for not only protection but spiritual guidance!
i have a shape-shifting cameleon as an animal spirit guide (the cheeky lil shit like's to play game's with your shit and loves bright colours!
he can go invisable and make other things go invisable and take on any shape he chooses and can move at 1/10th of a second, only male of his kind that i'm aware of since the female's want to be dominant race and eat the male's during mating season, his name is shifty

i have a main protector who started my spiritual path, a older (not old she gets upset when you call her that!) elder aboriginal witch who looks out for me and shows me what i need to see but don't want to and keeps bad aboriginal spirits away from me (thanks to my ex i had a few who wanted to play match-maker yay!)
i'm still un-decided about astro traveling
but i can feel connections between me and others and can tap into that for information or the feeling of warmth to get them to open up so i can help them!
i can hear people's souls, most of the time i don't know i'm doing it but will magically know things people don't tell me!
i have a few past live's, i'm an ancient soul i was a priest in one of my original live's so i write these symbols that are ancient egyption, chinese, runology and sometime's Mauri to hey, mauri (NZ) being the most common trait!
ah i think that's it!

my third eye isn't fully working in the sence that it needs to be controlled, i have blocked off the visual side of it because i'm living at mum and dads and that's the work of the devil huh lol

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  • witch and stake -__-

    yer i have no idea really to be honest, i mean it's very possible, ow and ancient goes from the point that you said right through until about 100 years into actually base society i.e the pyramids only just being built!
    as for contact you will get that when you need it, my one's come and go as they please :-D
  • it depends, they could be an animal spirit guide or just a spirit guide, you need to keep in mind i'm an ancient soul who's lived more life time's than most put together, my sould date's back probably further than cleopatra and definetly around the time of burning witch's at the steak, i am older than most!
    i only know of one definetly who is older than me (past live's sence!) who we believe may even date back to the begining of time, it's too far back for ANY person that i've (or he's) ever met!
    wich in turn means my MAIN guide will ALWAYS be an animal spirit, in saying that however, i have many spirit guardians who also guide me through life and spiritual world and keep me safe!

    most people have an animal spirit guide, it just depends, it's not really a choice as such!
    as for normality and sanity, where not insane but where not normal either, our minds can cope with this where as others can't, in a blog later on i'll mention this again but, every soul has it's purpose, even the one's that don't agree with us are there for a reason!
  • thank you Shabad, i have many many more to come, there are a few things i keep to myself, but that's more safety measure's for my-self and others in general, but other than that i'm more than happy to share atleast 90% of my spiritual side and i'm than happy to get feedback since i really don't know it all, and have much to learn before i can fully accend, especially since if you don't have knoweledge then how are you meant to control power!
  • ok for one, Katt hi, nice to meet you to :-D
    ow and Rae:
    i have blocked my visual and hearing from my third eye because right now it would cause WAY to much trouble being around mum and dad especially if they see me consintrating on a spirit or something,
    at the present moment i mearly know where they are i can't see them visually but i can tell you everything right down to what there wearing, and i don't hear them i just know what there saying if that makes any sence at all lol
    i do have the choice to re-open my mind at any point to be free of this ruling and free of the boundrie's i am stuck in but not until next year when i move in with lil bro in adelaide :)

    keeper of the orb, ha well his name is laseroth, he's an ancient, originally he was a man (wizard) who went dark after seing all the hate and mindless death that was happening, he was killed by 3 men with 3 books a light book, a dark book and a grey book all 3 combined to keep the balance of the earth and structure and each had his own purpose!, i actually know where these books are since the grey one is mine from a past life, they are exact replica's and are kept very safe, when it's my time to get my book back it will be my time!
    anyway he was killed but his soul just didn't go i'm a bit hazy on most of it, but mitholigy speaks of him, he is in the form of a dragon and is the true keeper of the orb, he manipulate's humans and make's them think they are him (like possesion but a bit different!) after his first life he voweled to take revenge on all humans for the way he'd been treated, so he tried to kill me by luring me in, i didn't know about this, it was my first ritual and near the end afterwards a whole swarm of information and past details came homing in on me lol :P
    he's an over-grown dragon lowest on the food scale but still strong enough to kill ya off if you fall for his bullshit!
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