Thinking About Fear and Love

I have a couple of odd concepts brewing in my head about what it means to be a part of the whole of foreverness......God or Prime Creator or maybe its just infinity of all possible infinities, to be a part of that foreverness of Divinity and Creation can only invoke Love. I mean i think about the almost countless generations we have lived in fear of the concept of begining and ending, makes me sick to my stomach thinking about the palpalness of the fear i've always lived in, the fear of blackness is the only way i can describe it, but the only alternative was fear of Heaven or Hell, yes i said Heaven because we are taught to think especially in western society the God is a vengeful God and lets face it who wants to go to Heaven where a vengeful yet all loving God oversees, would probably feel more like prison. So it seems that the path to righteousness has alway's been rooted in fear of not only whatever God might be involved, but of the opposing force involved as well.......

But the simple concept of being apart of the whole of Divinity and Creation and the foreverness of it all invokes a sense of peace and Love, to be apart of the Divine, which i wonder if it is some how seperate from creation in the sense of Divinty is the cause and Creation is the reaction.......Know doubt an entire race of Divine beings that we are will certainly bring change to the universe once we truly know what it means to be apart of forever of all things and possibilities. Creation can only happen in the midst of Love, think of the Love we will find once we find our way back to the Divine US and the creation that could spark in the midst of the infinite amount of Love....

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  • well i seem to fit the description, though i wonder about the symptoms, seems all of generation X fits the i constantly fight with doubt, part of that fear i was talkin about, seems i find alot of comfort in that sence of a science-spirit link though, the little that i know of it, the thing about the conscious mind putting together the construct of the physical world around us, taking into account that all matter is made of basically pure energy and its are collective conscious minds making sense of the this physical world we put together in the midst of being temporarily shut off from the source or Divine......crazy stuff......makes you wonder about the apple sauce sionide eating crazies.......brings a whole new look to everyone around us, like you wanna say "hey man, we're part of the whole brother, i bet you if we all tried hard enough we could break on through to the other side like Morrison said"....but you'd be labled a crazy and this life as we know it must go on till we're ready to link up like a big ass captain planet....excuss my way of dealing with the aspects that seem mind boggling........seems as simple as a concept can be still takes a discipline of mind that is surely harder to attain than i give credit......still i know this has to be the way, its the only way that seems right.....Thanks Dandy Leila a source of comfort certainly
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