There was much rejoicing

Greeting brother and sisters,  

 Have any of you heard of the "Trillion Dollar Lawsuit"? If you haven't I strongly suggest you take time to research this most exciting action being taken 122 countries around the world. I do not want to go into detail since I only understand a small amount of the info at this time. Please do some research and speed the word. The time has come to spread our wings and take this planet back it's been way too long.  I anxiously await your comments and input for this is the most exciting info with regards to justice and law that I've heard since the 2008 election (though I have lost most of my hope for change from him).


Be Well and Be aware
Nathan Lawscynell

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  • Yup this story is about a week old. But it is still exciting if its true. Which I truly hope it is
  • Hmm I am a bit confused (not uncommon) I will look into this further I was under the impression that David Wilcock was just putting this together with the help of many others. Refer to for more info. Again thank you for checking in and keeping my info straight.
  • Yes that's fairly old news from Ben Fullford, Nathan. The story I would like to come to light is the story of the Native people/children of Canada implicating the Queen of England. Here is the Source , watch the crown fall and everything else will come to light.

    Lots of great news will be coming forward soon. I think maybe spring time I hope. I'm getting excited for sure.


    Love and Light

  • I am not familiar with Mr. Fulford's story though I will take time to research what he had to say.  Thank you for reading and posting

    much love and light

  • I purposely left no link so the individual could find their own info on this subject.  I would suggest Google to start with and the searching is part of the fun. 

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