There was more than One Atlantis

I read the article (at and it highlights something that ive found Really interesting...

There are multiple versions of Atlantis.


So far ive basically heard 2 different kinds of versions of atlantis.

One of them is the one described in the article - the people were advanced but still more or less people like us, those who were in the spiritual hierarchy had the special powers and could heal people and manipulate matter. About 60% of the population had the kind of spiritual talents that we have and about 40% had more profound abilities and were responsible for the running of the society.

Then there was the other kind which is even more like our society - where the focus was primarily on technology, and there were probably 20% of the population who were into the Metaphysical talents, with a very select few who could perform the exceptional feats of mastery.

All versions of atlantis were destroyed by the collapse of the main Island continent but the reasons were different. Atlantis #1 up above was destroyed by the Misuse of the Earth Crystals, which was the primary source of their power. Atlantis #2 was destroyed by a collective of Other Nations on the planet because the Atlantaens had become warlike and were enslaving people, so druids and sorcerers got together and with their combined power destroyed the atlantaen continent.



In the Atlantis that I am from... let us call it Atlantis #3... the people were more powerful... they used technology but they didn't need to because everybody could use their Mind just as well.

Using technology was like, if you were lazy, or needed to do something but you didn't want to do the work for it because you were interested in something else at the time.

Brute labor was almost unheard of to be needed, instead everyone performed services for each other that were valued. Nobody had a want or need that could not be fulfilled, either because you could provide for yourself or there was someone else out there who could quickly amend that need.

There was no money, simply an understanding of a Balance that needed to be maintained. Everyone had a strong sense of personal Integrity, which was like a kind of patriotism, and because of that everyone shared equally.


People could Fly or Teleport at will.

They moved extremely heavy objects with their mind, they could change materials from one type to another just by focusing on it. It was not out of the realm of possibility that someone could move an entire Mountain... or have a Castle floating a mile up in the air.

That's how they built their massive structures - the practices of which were still carried over in limited form for the first (oldest) megalithic structures, such as the Great Pyramid of giza. (this was confirmed by Bashar)

People knew how to craft metal and synthetic objects alot like we can, but then again they could just pour Water into a mold and just turn it into Steel with alchemy. Though a proper Balance was still required, and to do your part to maintain the balance you'd just go turn some other steel object into water.


Babies were grown in artificial womb complexes, very few people actually had babies naturally and when they did it didn't hurt and there was no chance of a mishap.

At a later time this proved to be one of the chief forms of Abuse when the darkness arrived, because they could generate slaves that way...

...And most importantly could punish Reincarnating souls that had crossed them, before by mutilating the body they would come into, probably turning them into a Laughing Stock that was to be publicly tortured and ridiculed their whole lifetime (and they could prolong their life indefinitely).


The Atlantis that I am from was destroyed By God because of the misuse of the innate natural Powers and knowledge of the Atlantaens because they had fallen under the influence of the darkness.

Which also produced the fall into density and the destruction of the natural portals to source energy, which depleted the world of creative energy and caused the Metaphysical Talents people used to use to be extremely difficult to perform (the "magic" of the world had been destroyed).


When the Atlantaens were convinced by certain extraterrestrials to investigate the energies of Darkness (known to us as the "knowledge of good and evil") a schism started in their society.

There were the people who didn't want things to change, there were a few people who somehow or another knew the danger, and then there were the people who were seduced by the darkness.

There were hardliners on both sides, but by and large nobody understood the danger and because this was a New Thing and everybody was Curious. It was the newest fad, something they had never experienced before, and it spread like wildfire.

(its like how back in the late 19th century the discovery of Radiation inspired so many snake-oil cures and devices that consisted of Radium and other radioactive elements, causing untold amounts of damage but it was one of the hottest things at the time - - and it was only after decades of deaths and sickness that people finally figured out it was Harmful)



As for the History of each atlantis...

Atlantis #1 was created by the seeding-process that has been explained by a number of channels. Extraterrestrials came to the earth and seeded it with their own dna.

Atlantis #2 was formed by humans that simply had developed their technologies and society over thousands of years (starting about 120,000 years ago or so). At some point its possible that the people were genetically modified to be capable of using spiritual talents.

Atlantis #3 was a Creationism story, which existed completely in non-linear time. So its actually impossible to determine how old it was since time basically didn't exist, until the fall into density.

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  • This is very interesting.

    Are the three Atlantis' each in a different dimension? Do you think we are moving closer to balancing the dark powers on Earth? And do you think we are moving towards a more evolved state of being?

    When I was a child, I envisioned a floating tropical island world. I lived in a cave. There were sacred caribou like creatures of which were a source of life. Your description of Atlantis reminds me of these visions.

    Thank you for your post

  • Interesting post Sirgalahadwizard,

    perhaps this link would be of some interest to you as well:

  • Nice article sirg. The legends of atlantis sounds true.

    Density dropped because of the war between Lemuria and Atlantis, than Earth became dense because they used atomic weapons. Earth became unstable, unbalanced. As a result, volcanoes formed, there was much tide waves, and earth quakes. Big earthquakes.

    In the Legend of Atlantis, they say that the earthquakes after the war between atlantis and lemuria, there was earthquakes upto 50 on the richter scale.

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