In time, after much practise, you will have your own style/method. You don't have to worry that it might end up to be different from this. Each one of you, have very unique essences - unique to God - our prime Creator. Just be who you are and trust your heart and act in complete love and it will all be done according to all of Earth's higher purpose.
Notice that his name is 'Waters' - Water is important and we all need water to heal. We're all mostly made of water..shine on!

The World Healing Technique
a message from Owen Waters
Tuesday, 2 November, 2010 (posted 16 November, 2010)

Spiritual service is today's sure path to spiritual growth

In life, you get what you give. By spiritually uplifting the world, you spiritually uplift yourself. People used to gain spiritual growth by becoming isolated from humanity. They would meditate in a remote cave or join a monastery in order to free themselves of the distractions of the world.

However, with today’s emerging heart-centered consciousness, everything has changed. Instead of isolation from humanity, the key to progress is now service to others and that means living in the noise and information overload of the modern world. This article will show you how to deliver effective spiritual service by healing the world.

Never underestimate your power as a spiritual being in a material world. You have the ability to call on the power of spiritual energy to transform the world into a better place.

How to Heal The World

You can heal the world by any of these means.

  • Prayer – by asking God or the universal Spirit for assistance
  • Intention – by visualizing and creating a better reality
  • Healing – by sending spiritual healing energy out into the world
  • Or... you can make a huge difference by combining all three!

In nearly five decades of spiritual research, the most effective and balanced practice for world healing that I ever found is one I learned in my early days in 1972. This time-tested and proven technique achieves remarkable results through the attraction, conditioning and transmission of spiritual healing energy.

The Nature of Spiritual Healing Energy

Spiritual healing energy is a conditioned form of universal life energy, which is an all-pervasive, subtle energy that is essential to life. It comes from the center of the universe, through the Sun, and fills all of the space around you. As a non-physical, etheric form of energy, universal life energy responds immediately to applied mental pressure. This means that you can use your faculty of imagination to apply mental pressure to attract, condition, and radiate this energy.

Create a Positive Outcome

First, visualize the positive change that you want to bring into being in the world. Even though you are healing something that you perceive as negative, it is important to focus, instead, on the desired positive outcome. If you send energy to something negative, you will amplify its power. By sending energy conditioned for a positive outcome, you make that form of healing possible.

For example, in your mind's eye, instead of a world suffering from strife, visualize the people of the world at peace. When you think of world peace, what is the first symbol that springs to mind – a crowd of happy children, a world without borders? Use that symbol, or, if pictures don’t easily come to mind, simply use the words, world peace, as the focus for your intention.

Or, instead of seeing spiritual ignorance and the suffering that it prolongs, visualize people who are becoming enlightened by spiritual understanding. Use the first picture that comes to mind or the words, world enlightenment.

Or, as another example, instead of seeing people displaced and distraught from a recent catastrophe, you could see aid workers being successful in their efforts to bring relief and medical assistance to those people, or use the words, energy to the aid workers.

How to Amplify Your Healing Power

To practice the simple and effective World Healing Technique, close your eyes and sit upright. If possible, let your hands rest in your lap, palms facing upwards.

Before proceeding, take a moment to recognize your spiritual nature. Know that you are a spiritual being living in a physical world. Take this opportunity to look upwards to higher realms of consciousness and ask God or the universal Spirit for the life energy that you are about to use. Life energy is there for you to use whether you ask or not, but the act of asking lifts your mind above the material world and forges a spiritual connection between you and the higher realms.

Be sure to add heart-centered feeling to your spiritual thoughts. Gratitude is a powerful inducer of unconditional love, so give thanks to the Creator for universal life energy, for everything that you love about your life, and for existence itself. This spiritual connection of heart and mind will raise your frequency of consciousness and this amplifies your healing efforts many times.

Breathe rhythmically and evenly, focusing your attention on your breath. Take several breaths and, with each in-breath, visualize life energy building into a vibrant white light within your body and energizing you with its life-giving energy. Now, we’re ready to use the inbreath-outbreath cycle to transmit healing energy for the specified purpose.

Transmission of Healing Energy

With every inbreath, see your lungs being filled with the vibrant white light of universal life energy. With every outbreath, recall your visualization or repeat your intention in your mind and send the power of this love and light out into the world. See this energy as a beam of brilliant white light coming from the focal point of your heart energy, which is located outside of your physical body approximately four inches (ten centimeters) in front of the breastbone.

Perform this as a series of inbreaths and outbreaths for as long as you wish, then relax and spend some time in the afterglow of a spiritual mission well accomplished.

These are the days of action, and that means service to others. Even better, your service to others also builds your spiritual growth. Action and reaction are opposite and equal.

Every time you send your light out into the world,
you take another step forward in your spiritual growth.

The World Healing Technique in Summary
  • Sit upright with your eyes closed.
  • Make a spiritual connection, one which includes gratitude for life.
  • Intend world healing by visualizing the desired positive outcome.
  • Breathe in life energy with each inbreath.
  • On each outbreath, repeat your intention and send a beam of white light from the energy center of your heart to your intended destination.

Courtesy of Owen Waters,

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