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The Way of the Grail "The Joining" 3 August 12 - Lady Morgaine

Light Touches - The Way of the Grail

“The Joining”

Transmissions from Avalon Rising - 3 Aug 12

by Lady Morgaine

Blessings, All Beings of the Great Universal Love!

Can you hear Avalon calling? With ravens, eagles, unicorns, butterflies, fairies - heavenly life of relaxation, renewal and divine expression of caring and loving each other from wholeness.

I am here today to further a vision which has been held in the hearts of the priestesses of Avalon and the Great Goddess for a very long time. We come together with no animosity, regrets, judgments or sorrow for all was perfect and will be perfect Forever More. We cannot express to you how delighted we are at this time of the Beloved Ascension into Great Light to be closer to you now with our hearts open for you to partake in this love, for there is always an endless supply to be shining as, with and from within. 

Mother Earth projects Her sacred requests to her Children in Essence. We at Avalon are reverenced by a responsibility to assist in very specific and communal ways. 

All humanity to a certain degree has been aware of and more over been participating in the rejection and decline of feminine energy. This in symbology, the Sword and the Sacred Holy Grail of Camelot was returned to the Great Goddess for safe keeping until this prophetic time. Sequestered as nuns in a monastery our Great Mother with her discerning Sword and Grail of Cosmic Design and Love is returning to this planet called Earth to assist Her Greatness throughout the “time” of light advancement - the continuation of Her Grande Promenade, the Return into Royalty.

Obvious to us in Avalon, all religious practices of Earth peoples were to be revered as sacred without judgment or prejudice toward any. And in this regard, all ceremony of Light, however grande or petite, would forever be regarded as divine offering. 

Partaking of the Grail - a most sacred offering found its way into churches and cathedrals.  Drinking from the Chalice was not only a request  to participate with saints and angels, but was also intended to join together humanity just as the Knights of Old sharing their hearts and minds at the Round Table.  

We would like to address now and encourage you to reinterpret many images of your saints which have been seen as having painfully suffered. To some degree these images and statues were created for you to fear a personal relationship with your Creator and those who dedicated their lives to service, compassion and the expression of divine wisdom. Although a life of Service wasn’t always perfect, living as Divine Peace within held a KNOWING of sacred trust. This trust eliminated all fear of the unseen. From this knowing and trust the angels and saints courageously fulfilled great missions of love and light.

This is the invitation during this very auspicious month. of August. An invitation to release all fears, hesitancies, judgments and doubt.  Although you have heard these words presented in various ways many times, I want to ask certain Lightworkers who have been so committed over many years, even decades, to step out further in a most elementary and simple way, as the Path and Ways of Avalon and the Great Mother are beautiful as a single rose.

The Way of the Grail is about a Great Gift, about it’s receiving and also about its sharing. The Sacred Grail is round like the Round Table of Camelot.  Shared from within its shape and symbology it reminds that all are truly ONE and the ONE is the All. There is no beginning and there is no end to this Receptacle of Plenty Love. The Cosmic Grail Cup is endless, and in a very geometric way is the divine curve which connects all life, everywhere. 

Sometimes from within the passion of a “mission” albeit necessary in its design a bigger message for community may be precluded. Lightworkers  from all over the globe have given to the world and Her humanity many gifts of spiritual awakenings in the form of meditations, prayers and healings.  To these delightful spiritual promoters and all other teachers of truth, love and light we request the joining of your love and light energies with each other, for mass ascension.

 “To Mend the Hoop”, is the cry of the Lakota... their message of the Joining Up. As seen from above, “pockets” of light have been activated around your planet. These individual light centers whether of an individual or from community serve the Greater by joining as one “solid state”... connected light from one center to another to another, and so on. A magical, brilliantly alive divine fractal of Universal Love!

Now is the time to ask your heart how you might do this without a raison d’etre - to simply say “hello, how are you?”  This Joining Up is not just a pleasantry but a needed construction for the Advancement  of your Ra Solar System, the whole Milky Way Galaxy and Beyond. Do you realize a simple phone call or email to a “stranger” will make the difference?  It is true none of you are strangers although most have been living lives of desperate separation. This was due to the patriarchal design which created environments of competition rather than cooperation and now is the hour for a looking toward and alignment within the Divine Feminine energies of love and compassion.

Here in Avalon, unity is preliminary. Unless studying a particular personal lesson, all is created in community - our feasts, ceremonies, gardens, buildings and dressings. In this manner in all ways we celebrate the sacred design of love as it is always in motion from one heart to another which keeps the internal fires burning for all.

I Bless You in your personal Quest of the Holy Grail. For what was once lost is now again Found!  May you always be at Peace, Beauty and Blissful Yearnings for the Goddess and Her Heart!

I thank you... And So It All Is!

Lady Morgaine

High Priestess, Avalon of the Stars!

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