The Way of Love Vol.1 by Yeshua


Volume 1 The Way of Love October 24, 2014

Dear Ones,

You are love. The Creator breathed the breath of love into you from your first breath. The Creator creates only through the power of love. It is not possible for Creator to create anything outside of love. As such, those of you who believe Creator is responsible for your crimes and tragedies, look to your fellow man - not in derision or contempt or judgement, but in Love, compassion, and forgiveness. Those of you who blame another might truly look to yourself for whatever your current challenges are. If you are experiencing difficulty, reflect on what part of your thoughts or intentions are being reflected back to you. Are you loving your neighbor as you would like to be loved? Are you helping your sister - with a listening ear, help with the children, or by validating her for her new path in life, her being true to herself, or her commitment to spreading love, as she understands it, through her relationships, creativity, or her example? Are you supporting your brother in being the man you know he can be or allowing him to get side-tracked with petty dalliances, competitions, rivalries, and false loyalties that diminish his manhood under the guise of manliness and fraternity?

Dear Ones, the time of living your life for others is at an end. It is past the time of living by a clock, for a paycheck, or any other way that requires that you are untrue to you. When you are truly true to yourself, you are living in Godliness. Godliness, among other things, is a state of trust that all you require will always be provided for you. If you are in fear of not being able to support your family if you leave a job that you abhor, you are not trusting your relationship with your Higher Power. Know that when you let down the gauntlet of love, the forces of the universe will act in unison to see you realize your highest and best. If you believe you need to stay where you are for the sake of your family, your organization, your community, your company, you are not being true to yourself. You are not allowing the true heir to your position to step into that place. You are blocking not only your own divine path, but that of another. If you have given your best and you are no longer inspired, joyful, creative, or even caring about your role in this place, it is time for you to move on. If however, you are still excited to learn of the new developments, people involved, trajectories of how everything will play out and you still enjoy your job, role, place, then by all means stay and continue to feed and be fed by this place you call home, work, community, or avocation. Know that living according to your divine guidance is always rewarded with greater ability to hear and heed divine guidance. You are always being guided in every moment of every day, with every breath.

And so it is.

In love and light,

Your Beloved Yeshua

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