The Universe Says "Hi"...

HIA gentle whisper tickles my ears, eyes now open.An unconscious soul awakens, embracing an endless network of roots, each one full of wondrous gifts.Drawn to my maker, wild energies dance on my mind, HI.Shadows of Love consume the night sky, I listen without fear.Brilliant spirits of light touch my face. My soul flowers, my emotions balanced, HI.Awake, the moon’s translucent light gives life, unveiling rhythmic spirits of the universe, playing wildly, running through the night sky, HI.Focused, my senses activate embraced with love, I am seen.Free to play and explore. The night sky fills with secrets carried by a gentle rhythm, HI.Ever lighter, no more tears rain from my soul. I am life, full of eternal energy forever in motion, charged with passion to pursue timeless knowledge.You are everything and anything. A light that is always on. I am seen and will forever see you. I am alive, HI.My SoulCopyright © The Moon Hippie Mystic. All rights reserved. You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.
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  • Thank You...actually my husband wrote this after my "awakening".
  • "Hi," Universe and Moon Hippie Mystic. Thank you for sharing your poem, it gives joy. Peace : )

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"The Tesla Death Beam was called the Blue Beam project in relation to the so-called Blue Beam project."
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"But of course everyone should make their own decisions..."
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