8108981461?profile=originalThe Universe Loves You: Combat Stress With A Technique That Works!

By Sitara Ansari, B.A (Hons)


Our universe is continually changing all the time whether we are aware of it or not. Everything in existence is at the place and time it needs to be in, to grow at every level.


This beautiful universe and divine energy never makes mistakes; it simply creates; and in that creation there is a beautiful intelligence merging on all levels.


As humans we are ~micro~ representations of the macro, or larger universe out there. The universe is a relaxed representation of us! If we observe the planets, stars or nature we can see how EASILY they flow with the momentum with the rest of creation. It’s the same with us humans; we need to relax AND allow our inner nature to shine through; guiding us and relaxing us to the beautiful divine flow, despite whatever this reality may hold.


The divine is powerful, loving and most uplifting AND so is our universe, which in every moment is becoming brighter with energetic sphere’s for every loving action you think, do or say, right NOW.

Stress, lies and other negativity around will make you make energy depleting choices.

Whenever you are feeling stressed or anxious with what is working for you on behalf of the universe, you can try the following technique. This technique is sacred.

1. Go to your heart centre, and visualise a golden light of energy connecting you to god/unseen/universal conciousness

2. Call the good angels!
2. Feel the love! (that which the universe holds for you), feel the expansion!
3. Ask the universe/god for all that is always good and in alignment to your purpose
4. Release, breathe deeply in and out

This simple technique when practiced will enable you to combat stress in this life and align to the universal energy.

This causes a shift in your reality, and all that is unseen will be seen by you. I hope this technique is beneficial for you.

The Universe loves you!



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  • ~Lovely~ thanks for sharing Nancy A - I agree deep breathing - the soul of god - is important to reduce anxiety and stress levels! It is true that every act of unkindness in this world is a cry for help out of a "perceived" distress and imbalance. There are alot of cries for help in this world ~ transmutation is the way forward ~ 

  • 8108982290?profile=original

  • Dear Sitara,

    Yes, we should try at least...

    The key is with you only...



This reply was deleted.

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