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The Universal Law of Sacred Purpose By Kathleen W

Sanat Kumara, Keeper of the Universal Law and our Planetary Logos, guides us to a place of balance in alignment with heart, mind and will, teaching us the Universal Laws, how things work.

At this time in the history of Gaia, the Council of Love has refined 13 Universal Laws for us to work with. Sanat, or Raj as he likes to be called, describes the first one, the Law of Sacred Purpose:

“We want to explain your Law of Purpose. Everything throughout the universe has purpose. And you can break it down and you can put it under a microscope but every atom, every subatomic particle, everything has purpose.

“And that is something, to a great extent, not by you, my beloved lightworkers, but by the general population, that has been forgotten. So it is my job and yours to remind them.

“The Law of Purpose includes, embraces, embodies self-determination and choice.

“Now within that, is when you are in alignment, with the Mother’s plan, there really isn’t a lot of choice but there are variations.

“How does this law work? And understand what I say, that the Law of Sacred Purpose is the same for the atoms that compose a table, a planet, the hair on your head or the lack thereof, your blood, your skin, your heart, your mind, and your entire being.

“So you are an integrated person, a human, that has many of these fibers and particles coming together in divine purpose to serve you, to assist you in the fulfillment of who you are, of what your promise is, of what your heart’s desire is, and what you choose to do.

“Now, how does this work? And I want to be a very practical teacher. You know, this learning that I share has been incorporated on my planet of Venus for a very long time. But in the beginning we had the same struggles, we had the same questions, we had the same queries and doubts so do not worry about this.

“Leave the worry to us today and simply allow this knowing to float within thee and to be anchored deeply not only within your heart but within your very bones.” (1)

He goes on to explain, what it feels like, to be in alignment with sacred purpose:

“Knowing your alignment with your sacred purpose is like red light, green light. You often say, ‘I feel like I am in the flow when I’m trying to create, what I’m thinking, what I’m feeling, how I’m pursuing things. It’s simply clear sailing.’

“When it is clear sailing, it’s because you are in alignment with your sacred purpose.” (2)

In other words, it feels good, when we’re in alignment with our sacred purpose!

And if we don’t know our sacred purpose, how do we come to know it?

One way, is to call upon Raj. He would like us to call on him, but calling on your favorite guide, archangel or ascended master in meditation is fine, too.

As one breathes and sinks into meditation, in the heart space, some see their sacred purpose written on the walls of the heart temple, or for some it wells up as a knowing that deeply resonates, and as Raj says it feels joyous:

“All law, all Universal Law, including especially, the Law of Purpose, is birthed from love. Plain and simple. There is not a law that is not of love.

“And therefore any thought, any action, every opinion that you have that is less than, is not in accordance with Universal Law and not in accordance with Law of Purpose.

“That is why it is so important, my dear friends, to know, to come to understand and be joyful in the knowing of your sacred purpose. And it is unique and particular to you.” (1)

By surrendering to our sacred purpose, allowing, accepting, ego reassured and appreciated, our hearts can open to complete love of self in balance, and it is easy to operate in the higher vibration.

Finding Sacred Purpose


From mind,

Into heart,

That golden temple.



In the space,

In the stillness,

With Raj.


What is my sacred purpose?


In the space

To the heart.


Welling up,




Alignment with One.


(1) Sacred Purpose InLight Radio Show


meditation in the radio show ~ 15:00 min ~ 48:10 min

transcript(s) from Radio Show



(2) Linda Dillon, Chakras As Portals Handbook and CD. 2014, page 10.

chakras as portals & cd

Channeled by Linda Dillon © 2014 Council of Love

The Universal Law of Sacred Purpose, January 7, 2015

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Comment by Atthewm on January 20, 2015 at 8:31am
I was thinking a lot about my purpose and where I am at earlier today. I like this post, thank you


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