THE Ultimate 3-D Virtual Reality Game

Serapis Bey, August 10, 1996I am Serapis Bey. Greetings, my brother. You know me. I am around you quite frequently these past few years. I come within the Light of the Totality of Light.I represent the Fourth Aspect of Creator's Spectrum. I represent purity and balance. The Fourth Aspect is balanced by three on each side, thus making up the seven. Picture me as the stabilizing fulcrum at the center of the balance bar. I encompass all of the Aspects of Creator and I coordinate and direct, in a balancing capacity, the natural flow of Creator's energies.Ones on your planet are in great confusion as to what is real in what is not. There is only one reality that is absolute, and that is Creator's reality, in oneness with Creation.Your perceived reality is based upon and limited to your current experience in the physical dimension. One of the conditions that you ones agree to PRIOR to going down there is that you must enter the game or play without conscious memories of your past experiences.This is for a reason: This makes the experience of illusion more real. IT IS THE ULTIMATE 3-D VIRTUAL REALITY GAME that you computer programmers envision but cannot quite reproduce in your physical domain.The relative reality you ones experience is but a reflection of mirrors. The reflection is of holographic nature, and two or more holograms interacting within a holographic environment (universe) have similar rules by which to operate, thus similar realities.But—are these realities really real?Relatively speaking, they are real to the ones experiencing them—especially when ones have not awakened enough to realize that there has to be something greater, a Source or Creator.Once ones realize that they are a soul operating a body, and that there is a direct connection to this Higher Source, then and only then can they realize that there must be more to the experience than just existing.This is when you ones start asking the questions: ”What is really real?” and ”Why am I here?” and ”What is my purpose?” Only a souled being will have this inner curiosity that drives them to a seek out the answers to these questions.Know, please, that this is not an easy path. The adversary does not want you to wake up, and will try his hardest to keep you ones doubting what your heart knows to be true.This is the reason for all the inner confusion you ones feel. As the final scenes of this current play unfold, chaos shall increase exponentially, and only those who are well grounded in the Higher Reality of Creator shall be able to function without the emotional trauma for the impacting ”reality” of change.The reason for experiencing down there in that compressed existence is so that you, as an individual fragment of Creator, may more closely examine and unfold your inner purpose, that is, your unique aspect of Creator's thought. The experience allows you to focus on personal growth within the whole. You have an opportunity to fine-tune certain aspects of your being, and thus learn lessons that would otherwise only be a conjecture of thoughts and theories.There are many reasons ones choose to enter the third-dimensional experience. You can be assured they are all growth-related. Ones expand their awareness or the awareness of others.Many enters the ”game” as young souls and get trapped in the experience, and must continue, lifetime after lifetime, to play out their karmic debts until they grow to the point that they consciously realize (remember) the greater reality.Ones are always sent as Guides and Wayshowers so that those souls who are ready can have the clues they need in order to see the Higher True Reality.Ones are often offended by the term ”game”. Life in the third-dimensional expression is often referred to as a game of strategy, such as chess. And rightfully so. When you can take a larger viewpoint, the experience is very much a game.For example, ones may argue: ”Well, life is serious and this is not a game! What about all the people being murdered and children being abused?”Do you ones not have video games that your children play which show animated characters being blown up and, in a sense, killed? And you say: ”Well, that's different. Those are just games and are not real!”. Oh!?You ones must realize that what you are experiencing down there is very much like a video game. Your soul-you is the only REAL part of the game.Your soul-you is what registers the emotional trauma and frustrations—AND THOSE FEELINGS ARE REAL! Your heart area on the body may vary well ache when you experience these things, but in reality it is the soul that feels the pain.You ones must realize, please, that when dark ones blow airplanes full of people out of the sky, they are playing their own war games. Realize also that the darkened ones consider YOU as pawns, thus very dispensable.These dark ones do not have any trouble viewing life as a game, for they cannot feel what you ones feel. They do not care about how their actions impacts others. They can only see their own ego desires and will do whatever they can to fulfill these self-centered desires.Wake up and realize that YOU are a valid player in this game, for in as much as you wake up and take your active role in this play, you will wake up others—and thus do your part to awaken the masses.The adversary knows that his only hope is to keep the masses asleep long enough to enslave them to a point where they cannot change anything. In REALITY, the only thing he is doing, at best, is buying the illusion of a little more time—for he knows that he has lost, and that God and God's people will win.So when you ask; ”What is really real?” know that the soul-you is REAL, for such is the expression of Creator's thinking, and thus is Creator Himself. The God-force within is that which draws you to these messages of Lighted Truth.We of the Hosts (and this includes Ground Crew) come to wake up our sleeping brothers so that they may grow—and thus we all shall growThe true value of the efforts that make all of this worthwhile is only recognized when the individual fragments returns home with the gifts of experienced knowledge, within the Oneness of Creator. This is the one way Creator chooses to expand in subtle but infinite ways. Expansion of the whole is the TRUE value of the experience.There is nothing of physical matter that has any true lasting value. It is an illusion that will, in time, disappear—only to cycle around again later with different players.And the old players will then be the Guides and Wayshowers for the newer players and slower learners. This is the upward spiral of Infinity, the spiral of growth that fulfills the heart of the soul.Be at peace. And may you create that which fulfills the inner desire of the heart, within the Light of Creator and Creation.I am Serapis Bey, Teacher and Wayshower. In the Light of the Infinite Source, blessing to you all.
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