Dear Starseeds,


There has been an especially chaotic and reactionary energy joining the evolutionary Light, since the TIMESPLICE of the 28th October,2011....see my earlier blog on the topic of this timesplice...

We have seen the results all over the world and also here on this microcosmic reflection of the world's, on ACC...and the heated tensions we have endured in our personal lives. Including, deaths, losses, illness, breakdowns, breakups, conflicts and general chaos in all spheres of human endeavour ...


What happened when the Elohim Timelords SPLICED TIME on the 28th October 2011, is that they merged all the formerly parallel timelines, into one stream of the temperal unified field, a timetrack which leads to planetary ascension....BUT, one of the formerly parallel timelines was EXTREMELY DARK and has now been absorbed into this timetrack, upon which we reside and we are having to transmute ever greater degrees of darkness into the LIGHT....but it's stressful, chaotic and dehabilitating, as we are very painful emotionally and mentally, as all seems in freefall....

So, in summary, energy behind the recent stresses directly relates to the time splice of the 28th Oct, which merged some highly antagonistic dark energy from a prior parallel timeline, into union with this timeline we are on, that leads to planetary ascension...What this action by the Elohim and Timelords has achieved is to allow a merging of more darkness into the growing LIGHT and thus the greater fear and resistance of the dark manipulators, and their motives for our being attacked....


Through our microcosmic actions here and the macrocosmic actions of the Elohim in space, we are helping to implode the reality matrix itself, which the dark was so desperate to maintain...

The energies of SYNTHESIS have made this particular Timesplice notably potent....and the Aquarian constellation provides much momentum for that form of merging or tapped by the Timelords themselves...

Many starseeds naturally would love to get away from Earth at this time of tensions and feel the draw of love from our own beloved people.....who send much compassion to us and know of our recent pains and stresses...

Also, the dark controllers who fear us have a particular hatred for the Sirian people from Samanet, because of the pivotal role played by the Sirians within the GFL.


To compound this, the dark cabal are becoming more alarmed at their own chaos and loss of control, so are lashing out at Lightworkers across the planet with added malevolence...So now the actual reality matrix is imploding and all seems insane....but that is to be expected....

Also, simply being starseeds made us targets recently, for the activities of various dark occultists and dark agenda agents, working for the imploding the dark fears loss of control over all..

In spite of the chaos, I'm assured that all is in divine order and the DIVINE PLAN is on schedule for a speedy completion between now and late 2012...Consolidaing the timeline into one singular destination...


Selamat kasijaram zau.. (Sirian for "be blessed in the love and joy of spirit...!")


Col. Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew (Eastern England Sector)

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  • Nostradamus did view the future from his own time, but what he saw after 2012, was a darker timeline, which we have avoided partially now, by intertwining several splices into a mixture of very dark and very light...The Lighter timelines are now overwhelming the very dark, within this singularity.....The Light is winning the war.....
    The darker timeline would have seen a Hillary Clinton victory in 2016 and a no-Brexit EU referendum, that same year...A North American Union in 2017 and the Great Reset by 2020. This would have suited the dark cabal enormously...It would have meant a war between the USA and North Korea...That too was avoided, post timesplice..
  • 😞A very painful process to traverse a singular timeline, comprised of several spliced lines, some of which are EXTREMELY DARK....and thus we see the VERY BEST, alongside the VERY WORST of events and inter-human relations...However, it is all worth it in the END...This timeline will lead to Heaven upon Earth..
    And so mote it be....!!
    Selamat kasijaram zau.. (Sirian for "be blessed in the love and joy of spirit...!")
  • Ten years on, we are seeing greater turmoil, as the singular destination synthesizes darkness into Light, at ever increasing rates...Ascension is now unstoppable, thus we see darkness scrambling to control the world, with ever greater frenzy....
  • Hey honour for me to be of help in this way....Cheers, Drekxy

  • This makes sense to me... no wonder ive had a weirded out life ... but the past year has been like a nightmare... lol my friends were wondering why i had a hard time whilst their's has been to put it "normal".

    Thank god / source guiding me and helping to bring the light shine :)

    Thank you for this article !

  • Oh my, Tamera, you are so right... in and out... up and down.  Lol, and I have no emotional skin to protect me... I cry at the drop of a hat, I am an gooey sentimental mess these days.  This song reminded me of you, but when I heard it waterworks welled up and I had to stop it or embarass myself by sobbing like a child. 


    Everything feels so profound, doesn't it? 

  • Lady Tamera, look after yourself, my dear....we can't have you falling down the stairs now...

    There is DEFINATELY an integration of dark vibes going on around the world and it does present itself in people's lives as chaos and sometimes please be careful, my friend......Blessed be, Drekx x

  • Tam!  My goodness, I hope you are feeling all right.  Yes, it's been intense for a while now hasn't it?  Today feels much better though energy wise... not so many hostiles about.  It's been nuts dealing with low vibers... part of me wants to merge with them to make them feel better but the other part wants to hide from them until they go away. 

    Lol. so did you like the lesson in physics, Tam?  hee hee, you should check the site out, it's awesome.  Also, I put up a video on Triangles regarding the astrological forecast for 11/11, you may interested in it.  Lol, I think my brain may be a little melted, I watched three of the Police Academy movies yesterday- lol, don't ask me why :)  I do like my cheeze.

  • Tiam,

    The incoming Aquarian Ray is defined esoterically as the 7th ray of ceremony, magic, ritual and order....

    It increases in potency, and thus waxes in contrast to the waining 6th ray of Pisces....the ne that defined the last 2000 years of church domination...."devotion to the ideal."

    Note the 7th ray is one of order and magic....the ray of the WHITE MAGICIAN........on a higher turn of the evolutionary spiral, such that the previous Aquarian dispensation was 26,000 years ago and was defined by the Black Magicians of Atlantis, who were it's exponents...

    So esotercally the true New World Order is far greater than the domination of a materialist clique of elite banking families, such as the Rothschilds and Rockefellers.....

    The true order of the seventh ray of white magic.....Which is the exemplar for the unfoldment of the Divine Plan in this current and developing epoch....

  • Hey, it's sweet Aly......always a pleasure my dear....  :-) Yes the dark energies are being assimilated and are on course to being absorbed by the LIGHT.....this should make ascension smoother...
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