The Thirteenth - The Embassy of the Crystal Skull

The Thirteenth - The Embassy of the Crystal Skull
Some legends of the Indians of Central America, the Maya and Aztecs, report of 13 skulls made of crystal, which should have been once brought by aliens to Earth.
12.21.2012 at ending a significant cycle of the Mayan calendar. This situation occurred only twice so far in recorded history - even at 05 June 8498 BC and then on 11 August 3114 BC. Every time to have been serious changes associated with these data in human history. 10,000 years ago ended the last Ice Age. About 5,000 years ago is the science at the beginning of the Bronze Age. According to the prophecy on the 21/12/2012 in a specific location on the territory of the ancient Maya empire, the
13 Crystal Skulls come together again. This meeting is for the further development of the people of the utmost importance.
I know this prophecy, but I had not yet dealt with it more intense, because the focus of my research in addition to Asia are mainly in Europe. Here I am fascinated in addition to historical topics, especially against annual crop circles in southern England. These formations in the cereals have something magical about it. I consider them now as a very special kind of landscape art. As the huge icons are actually occurring, is opposed to various representations to date not been clarified. No wonder that arrive in early summer each year in the counties of Wiltshire, Berkshire, Devon and Somerset crop circle researchers from all over the world to study the phenomenon and to investigate their hypotheses.
In June 2009 I was again among them, the end of May after I had accompanied a small group of interested people to the south of England. At that time, for 11 crop circles had been seen, some of which we visited. A formation that particularly fascinated me - it reminded me of a giant jellyfish - time we could not find it. On it I had it apart now. I also wanted to know how many icons were already emerged.
My path led me therefore first in the tiny hamlet of Honey Street at Alton Barnes. The village is easy to find. Above is located at the edge of a hill, a picture of a big white horse that was gescharrt in the soft ground. How old is this picture, no one knows to say really. In Honey Street, it is a typical English pub, the "Barge Inn. Rustic can not be a guest house. This is where all who have any interest in the crop circles. Since there are hard facts, wild assumptions, critical skeptic, and above all a dozen beers on tap and good food. Here, then all again united. Adrian, the owner of the Barge Inn ", pointed me the way the search crop circle.
Equipped with navigation system, GPS and a detailed map I had arrived only half an hour later with my car surrounded by meadows and fields on a dusty road. Here it should be so. Although the land was flat as a plate, but settled down in the box to the left of me, think at least one symbol. So I strode through the waist-high wheat on a narrow trail, which was probably ahead of me has often been committed. Not ten minutes later it staggered me almost breathless. I stood in front of the desired formation. It was actually the "jellyfish" - an icon of huge proportions. Other crop circle researchers had apparently found their way here. I saw several people commit in the distance the formation. But that I should no further interest. Quickly I began with surveys to find out more about the size of the pictogram. I was quite engrossed in my work, when suddenly someone spoke to me. I had not heard him come. Before me stood a man with long gray hair that was tied in a ponytail. He had an ageless, sun-burned face and was wearing faded clothes. Over his shoulder hung a bag made of canvas. People like him can often meet here in the land of the Crop Circles - UFO researchers search for meaning, way, fools and late hippies. He asked about my background, wanted to know what led me forth. So we started talking, we were talking about crop circles and other phenomena. I told him about my search for the treasure of the Goths in France and my experience with Tibetan healers. Eventually we came to the Mayan calendar and prophecies about the future of humanity to speak. Michael, so called, my caller, seemed to be well versed in these things. I wanted to know whether he had traveled to Mexico. To my surprise he said no. His source of information is of a different kind Michael said mysteriously. Did I want to know more about it? Of course I wanted! He fumbled in his canvas bag and finally unearthed a black skull revealed the size of a child's head. This is "Quauthemoc," the source of his knowledge. How this works because I asked incredulously. As I stood there in broad daylight under the sun and my Wilthsires claimed Compared with all seriousness that his findings from a black stone skulls have to!
"Oh, that's very simple," Michael answered my question. "He talks to me."
"Yes, he's talking about - if I ask him a question, I hear the answer in my head as a kind of telepathy is this Will you try it again."
Aha, telepathy - fair enough, the ghost I would like an end.
"White" Quauthemoc "where my next trip out?"
Michael thought for a moment and saw the skull deep into the empty eye sockets. Then he began to speak as absent:
"You will go back early next month on the road. You will travel to a country, a place where you are very often been in recent years. The place where you travel, is located in the Southeast, on the sea coast. You do not travel alone, but will a group support. You organize namely travel, special trips. The country is India, and the people traveling with you there to learn from ancient books, their fate. Is that right? "
I was floored - I had not told Michael about my long stay in India, nor anything of the palm leaf libraries there, from which the future can indeed be obtained from a person's fate. He could not know that I am travel agent. I had not mentioned. Nor that I early July 2009, again leading a tour group to the fate of libraries in South India. Our quarters there is in the place Mahabalipuram, right on the shores of the Coromandel coast.
Michael noticed my astonishment. "That was not me," he assured me, "he was."
He Quauthemoc the skull.
"Try it a try." Gently, almost tenderly, he put the skull on my outstretched hand. I was surprised by his weight.
"It's made of obsidian," I heard Michael say.
Then came the pictures. I saw green, tropical plains, fields of maize and cotton flower color. White City full of light, huge temples and streets in the shadow of ever green trees which connected the country from coast to coast. Happy people, a good time. Then fire fell from heaven, which is gray-black colored. It was cold, people and animals died, the city fell. As the sun finally defeated the gray of the clouds, new green on the overgrown remains of temples and houses of a fallen culture. Then I saw the ocean in its immensity, a sudden high mountains, villages, a monastery, as I knew it from Tibet. Once again I feel it took a long time. Then people were like me, Europeans. I saw cities, men in black uniforms, felt the visions of high-flying plans and desire for limitless power. But the cities were burning. There was a flight through rubble deserts, the feeling of guilt, shame and disgrace to be in the hands of the enemy. No longer want to live. The kiss of death.
I awoke again in the crop circle of Wilthire. The sun warmed my skin. Michael must have realized how confused I was. I described what I had seen.
"Quauthemoc like you," he meant it. "He has told you a part of its history." Michael and I explained the story as he knew them.
The skull was found after the time of the Maya ruler Pacal. Pacal This is also known from the history. His magnificent grave was discovered in 1952 in Palenque. The details of the grave stone make up today for speculation. So believe the Swiss writer Erich von Daniken, can be seen in these illustrations an extraterrestrial space travelers.
On the Origin "Quauthemocs" Michael just could not say anything for certain. It is not known how, when and by whom he ultimately created. This information has revealed the skull have not yet. After the fall of the Mayan empire came "Quauthmoc" across the Pacific to Asia. This should be done by Buddhist missionaries. a scenario is not so excluded, because of Mahabalipuram in southern India, for example, a 6th to 8 Century, an important harbor, were found during excavations by the British archaeologist George McKenzie in the thirties of last century not only Egyptian, Greek and Roman artifacts, but also jade sculptures from China and obsidian tools, which can only come from Mesoamerica. Until today it is not clear how these items got there. But Indian and Indonesian vessels of antiquity have been able to quite long-distance travel, such an experiment showed in 2003 and 2004. Back then sailed a replica of such a "Pinisi" problems of Jakarta on Java to the mouth of Niger in West Africa. Why should not these ships have been able to also cross the Pacific?
"Quauthemocs" journey finally Tibet in a temporary end. There, the skull was apparently kept for centuries in a monastery. Michael's description left no doubt. The Tibetan monastery Tashi Lungpo, the Black Abbey, which I know from my travels from his own experience. Tashi Lungpo is considered the seat of the adulteration Lama, the temporal head of Tibetans.
Here is the skull have any one of a series of guest gifts, which honored the adulteration Lama a German embassy. These were most likely to Tibet, the German expedition under Prof. Dr. Ernst Schaefer, who explored the country from 1937 to 1939 in the Himalayas. The expedition was partially paid for with funds from the infamous "ancestral heritage". In return, the skull are finally comes into possession of Heinrich Himmler. He was one of the objects that are among the personal belongings of the Reich leader SS when he was arrested by the Allies on 23 May 1945 were located. Michael ought to know, because his grandfather was at Himmler's arrest here. He then took the skull from a reflex him inexplicable in itself. Later, he left him to his grandson.
Actually circulating in the literature about the crystal skull repeatedly opinions that say that Himmler had possessed such a black skull. He is there as the "Berlin" or "Gestapo" means skull.
"Now Quauthemoc will continue his journey with you," said Michael. "He has just told me." He gave me again the skull from whose empty eye sockets patterns to me seemed suddenly a keen eye. Again, I was completely overwhelmed, and looked only at a few moments for me to thank Michael for the unexpected gift. But he was not there - he was just gone.
Again I looked Quauthemoc. This time I felt as if I hear a deep sonorous voice. "I'm Quauthemoc. I am the thirteenth.'m Advantage of my potential to serve the people. Help me to wake her. And then bring me home!" I saw in my mind's eye a place in the land of Maya, whom I had known only from pictures. And then a number of exploded in my head - 2012!
Glastonbury / Wilthsire, Dresden, Saxony, June 2009
Thomas Ritter
The skull was submitted in June 2009 in the mineral trade act "Stone Age" in Glastonbury a short review. Accordingly, it is made of obsidian with various inclusions

It weighs 1.5 kg and has the following dimensions:
Circumference of the skull - 35,00 cm
Width of the facial skeleton - 8.00 cm
Height of the facial skeleton - 11,00 cm
It was during this investigation, no mechanical processing marks found. On examination of images of people present reported strong positive emotions, and even by a telepathic exchange with the skull "Quauthemoc.
The term "Quauthemoc" comes from the Nahuatl, the language of the Aztecs, meaning "eagle swoop Santander. This name was also the last Aztec king. He was assassinated in 1525 by the Spanish conquistadors.

For more information about "Quauthemoc" and individual meetings with him in it are:
Thomas Ritter, Round of 14, 01 728 Possendorf, Tel / Fax: 035206-23399,">Mail:, Internet:
Used literature:
Gilbert, Adrian, 21.12.2012, Kopp, Rottenburg, 2007
Morton, Chris, Ceri L. Thomas, tears of the gods, Kopp, Rottenburg, 2008
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