THE STAR OF ALCHEMY: Fomalhaut And The Horoscope Of Kenneth Anger (1927 - 2023). The Hollywood

The above photo is Kenneth Anger making music with a sonic wave theremin. This was the same far-out instrument used by Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page in the middle of the song "Whole Lotta Love." This musical instrument was popular with occult artists and ceremonial magic afficionados in the late 1960's .This popularity may have been due to the creepy opening theme of the popular late 1960's U.S. television series "Dark Shadows." For an excellent one-minute performance of this soundtrack with the sonic wave theremin (performed by Carolina Eyck), click Kenneth Anger died recently. He was a known practitioner of the black arts and Aleister Crowley magick (and he always corrected everyone that Aleister Crowley's last name was not pronounced  “Craugh-ley...It is pronounced “Crow-ley. As in un-holy Crow-ley”). He was a part of the Hollywood Babylon we know of today AND was a part of rock and roll occult conspiracies of yesterday. Mick Jagger was hired by Kenneth Anger in 1969 for the sound and music in Kenneth Anger's 11-minute film "Invocation Of My Demon Brother" (which was followed [a few months later] with the murder taking place at the Rolling Stones concert at Altamont Speedway. The Rolling Stones opened the show with "Sympathy For The Devil"). The famous curse of Led Zeppelin by Kenneth Anger took place in 1975 (and was known as "the curse of King Midas" against Jimmy Page. Kenneth Anger called Jimmy Page a miser after Page insisted that Anger pay for lunch, and Anger announced to his followers that he was going to curse Jimmy Page for being a miser by turning him into a gold statue, like King Midas). This incident resulted from Jimmy Page's reported failure to deliver a 40 minute soundtrack for Anger's film "Lucifer Rising." When Kenneth Anger was asked if he felt vindictive towards Jimmy Page over this incident, Anger responded "you bet I do; I'm not a Christian turn the other cheek kind." Page and Anger had an intense relationship that ended in a falling out in 1975, with Anger placing "the curse of King Midas" upon Page (and I've seen occultists do this kind of thing with fallouts, and it always comes back to haunt them later!) Things got weird after the breakup of Page and Anger. First, Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant and his family were nearly killed when their car went off a cliff in Greece. The accident forced the band to cancel the rest of their Physical Graffiti tour and delayed the recording of their next album. When they began the make-up tour, it was plagued by bad luck. For example, Plant got laryngitis after the band shipped all their equipment and instruments to the U.S. for the tour. Page was reduced to skin and bones due to a heroin addiction that got got worst and affected his relationships (and there is even one claim that Page dressed up in a Nazi officers uniform and was doing heroin with drag queens while on tour. His heroin habit got so bad he was chained to toilets by Led Zeppelin's management). Note that "We Do It For The Love Of Music" mentions ticketless fans rioting and drummer John Bonham and manager Peter Grant beating up concert promoter Bill Graham. John Bonham moved from beer to vodka and began drinking very heavily after the Anger curse, and was reported to have mood swings due to his alcohol consumption. Robert Plant’s son became ill and died in 1977. Page and Jones didn’t attend the funeral, prompting Plant to consider leaving the band. Finally, in 1980 Bonham died (with a reported test indicating he drank about 40 shots of vodka). The remaining band members decided that they just couldn’t bring themselves to keep the group going, so Led Zeppelin broke up. But take note: Kenneth Anger's curse on Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin was not the first time he announced a curse on anyone. When plans for his film Lucifer Rising began to go astray in 1969, the lead actor Bobby Beausolei (who played Lucifer) stole cameras from Kenneth Anger and was banished from the project. Bobby Beausolei would be later convicted and sentenced with a life sentence in prison for murder as a Manson family member (and [interestingly] Beausolei would complete the music score for Lucifer Rising while in prison. Anger couldn't find anyone else who would complete it). "To take his revenge, Anger made a magic talisman, one side of which was a likeness of Beausoleil, the other of a toad. On this was written: ‘Bob Beausoleil, turned into a toad by Kenneth Anger.’ ” ... Beausoleil ended up in jail with a life sentence for murder within a year of his banishment by Anger.

Horoscope of Kenneth Anger


Below are my notes on the horoscope above. Drawn in pink below, Kenneth Anger's communications and association with the many magick afficionados in the Los Angeles area (and other places) is represented by the Venus Conjunction Jupiter placement in the 3rd House of communications. This placement is in strong Conjunction with Royal Star of Persia Fomalhaut, known as "The Star of Alchemy." Alchemy is defined as "a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination." Below are what my notes say about Fomalhaut:

Fomalhaut *

A Royal Star. Archangel Gabriel, the Watcher of the South. Great & lasting honours; congenital birth defects, magic, fame, occult, faith, "Star of Alchemy", addiction, undesirable associates

3° Pis 52

4° Pis 00


Venus/ Mercury

α (Alpha) Piscis Austrini
A2 (white) Mg.1.16


In addition to "success with relationships," the Venus/Jupiter placement in the 3rd House may also represent "the congregation." When Anger broke up with Jimmy Page, he reportedly sent out letters to his followers about what Page has done to him ... hmmm ... But it gets better .. Also in pink above, the galaxy of Alpha Centauri (known as the star of Toliman) is rising right over the Ascendant and is in hard Square with the 3rd House Moon ("one's family" or "those who are like family"). This is what my notes say about Toliman: 

Alpha Centauri

Occult and philosophical learning, self analysis, honours; beneficence, friends, refinement; high position; stubborn, cruel; stormy or spoiled relationships with women; need for freedom. Sometimes known as Bungula, or Rigel Kentaurus

29° Sco 36

29° Sco 44


Venus/ Jupiter

α (Alpha) Centauri
G2 (yellowish) Mg. –0.27 var.

Thus, Kenneth Anger's "ceremonial magick" involved 3rd House ruling communications with his friends and his followers in the Los Angeles area (a.k.a. "the environment," which is represented by the Sagittarius Ascendant [with Toliman rising over it]). Finally, drawn in green above, note the star of Zafijava in Conjunction with Black Moon Lilith. Astrologer Vivian Robson claimed that this star was used to confirm Einstein's theory of relativity during an eclipse in September of 1922. I have seen this star prominent in charts of people involved in astrology, psychic studies, and metaphysics; Black Moon Lilith rules activities of a most secretive nature. The same association with psychic studies and metaphysics may be said about the star of Scheat (which is in Conjunction with Anger's natal Uranus position in the 4th House. Note that Edgar Cayce was born with his natal Sun position in Conjunction with Scheat).

Final Word

Kenneth Anger never entered the film industry to become wealthy. He lived to age 96 in Los Angeles, and he had a legendary influence in the hidden seedy areas of Hollywood. But Kenneth Anger wasn't always an outsider of the Hollywood establishment. He trained as a dancer, and even danced with Shirley Temple as a boy. He was in his early years handsome enough to have been a leading man. But he did not want to be part of the system. "There was a possibility of going into the industry, but there was a very unpleasant atmosphere in the early 50s, the ridiculous witch-hunt of reds. I wasn't a communist; I just found it very unpleasant." It was also reported in Hollywood that if you called Kenneth Anger a satanist to his face he would curse you. A reporter from The Guardian asked Anger (on March 10, 2010) if he was a satanist and he said "no, I am not a satanist. I am a pagan. Satanism is another thing." On June 10, 2010, the Guardian Media Group reported revenues fell by £32.6m. Rest in peace, Kenneth Anger .. please ..

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