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When a polytron moves with high velocity through space, a doppler effect is
created in it's energyplane.  This means that the swingproduct of the polytron
is changed with respect to the normal frequencies of that energyplane.  If the
doppler effect is big enough the swingproduct of the travelling polytron
approaches the gravity frequency.  This causes the polytron to massively
attract gravitons (particles which are oscillating at the gravity frequency).
One can say that the mass of the polytron increases in an uncontrolled way.
At the speed of light the doppler-shifted frequency of the polytron will be
in phase with the gravity frequency.

The solution to this problem is to compensate the doppler shift by outphasing.
Aboard a spaceship this is done by using special materials in the front and
rear of the cigarshaped mothership.  The front unit keeps the swingproduct
frequency down as the ship approaches the speed of light. The rear unit raises
the frequency of the swingproduct to prevent time dilation between the
spaceship and the planets.  These phase-compensating methods can permit the
ship to exceed the speed of light.  This method is called system B for
interstellar travel.

Another method is to bring the entire ship up to a natureplane on energyplane
2.  This means to move the ship along the energy dimension far enough that
graviton binding is released.  This causes the ship to disappear from the
physical natureplane and appear on a high etheric natureplane.  On this
natureplane the maximum speed is the lightspeed multiplied by itself.  While
the ship is in this mode it is totally invisible to any humpnap instruments.
This method is widely used.  The limitation of the method is that the crew
must be developed enough that their consciousness can work properly within
the person's etherical and astral bodies.  If the crew is not developed to that
level they will loose consciousness while the ship is in the high mode.  When
the ship returns to low mode the missing gravitons are reinstated and the ship
appears as from nothing seen from humpnap.

When the ship is in high mode it can go right through mountains and other
physical things without causing interference with those things.  In this mode
the ship travels through the Earth to reach the underground bases built by the
space people without being detected by Earth military.  In high mode the ship
can travel faster than light without difficulty.  The propulsion method is the
wave method where the ship is put in phase or counterphase with respect to
waves in the cosmos.  The system which switches between high and low mode is
called system C for interstellar travel.

There also exist other methods of interstellar travel.  One of these methods
is to manipulate space and time itself so that the ship is moved trough space
without needing to directly travel the normal physical distance.  This method
creates shorter paths through space by bending three-dimensional space itself
in a fourth physical dimension.  In advanced systems using this technique you
can jump from one spot in space to another without using time between jumps.
The ship can effectively enter a plane which is time-independent.  From this
plane a frequency picture which is in harmony with the target area is emitted
from the ship.  This causes the ship to teleport instantly to that target
area without loss of time.

With this method it is also possible to travel forward and backward in time.
For time-travelling the frequency picture corresponding to a special historical
event must be emitted in combination with the frequency picture to the target
area.  This will cause the ship to teleport to the right space and time. The
timeless plane has it's own time dimension which is independent of all other
time dimensions.  Inside the timeless plane you will find that you are floating
in a white fog.  It isn't necessary to eat and you do not grow older.  Your
thought activity is normal and you can move your body within the space you
occupy.  By mental power or technical equipment you can teleport from the
timeless state.  This system is called system A for interstellar spacetravel.

This system is used by the Pleiadians.  Their method is to accelerate the
spacecraft to near the speed of light.  When the right speed is reached, the
ship is frequency-shifted into the timless state and then teleported over a
distance of many lightyears.  The new Pleiadian method doesn't require
acceleration to lightspeed before teleporting.

The Zeta Reticulis also use a modified A method. They use three combined rays
of gravity to create an intense gravity field which is strong enough to bend
space in the 4th dimension.  They don't access the timeless plane directly but
make a short-cut through space.  When they then travel physically a few
thousand Km they are in fact travelling several lightyears. They amplify the
gravity frequency in certain gravity amplifiers which are phase-shifted 180
degrees with respect the normal gravity frequency.

Their method is a cross between methods B and A. To access the gravity
frequency they use the element with periodic number 115. This material emits
a copy of the gravity frequency at energyplane 1.  This frequency can be
amplified with ordinary electricity-driven energyplane 1 amplifiers.  In a
gravity amplifier output unit the energy is converted from energyplane 1 to
energyplane 2, which then generates the propulsion energy.

If you make a momentary (movement) via the timeless plane, you will not
experience a intermediate condition.  The energy limit needed for momentary
travel is lower than the energy limit for entering the timeless space and
remaining there until you teleport.  If you use a lower energy rate than this
critical limit you teleport automatically.  With this in mind it is possible
to create a special spacecraft which has a so-called annulative (impulsive
teleport) propulsion system.  This spacecraft will oscillate in an out of the
transport state periodically in a serial of hyper leaps.  The distance you move
in the transport state depends of the strength of the initial high energy force
injected into the propulsion field just before the hyper leap. The ship only
needs approximate 0.5 picosecond to jump.  The crew will therefore not register
this jump at all. The ship can, for example, move 1000000 Km in each jump
100000000 times a second.

The propulsion mechanism could be a condenser which is charged with the right
high energy power.  This condenser is discharged by a "thyristor" mechanism
which is triggered by a frequency of 100 MHz.  The energy of each discharge is
transfered to a transporter converter which initiates the ship's jump using a
power field that is in some ways similar to the field in a black h***.  When
the jump distance is set to 1000000 Km and the trigger frequency is 100 MHz,
the speed of the ship is just above the speed of light squared. The actual
physical speed causing the kinetic energy can be much lower.  Seen from the
physical side the ship can perhaps move only at 100 miles/hour or stands still.
The propulsion speed is therefore artificial and has nothing to do with normal
natural physical laws of movement.

There is no limit how fast a ship can move using this method.  By increasing
the jump setting and the trigger frequency its possible to travel intergalactic
distances in short times.  You can also undertake inter-universal
spacetravel.  In order to leave our universe and travel to another universe,
the energy injected into the transport field must be greater than the
escape-energy from our universe.  The escape energy is 15 Zontal-S for our
universe. In this kind of ship both the jump setting and the trigger frequency
can be varied. The trigger frequency must be over 100 KHz. Over this frequency
level the crew will feel nothing from the propulsion.

An advanced ship of this type is able to scan the target point just before
jumping.  This happens in the picosecond-time the ship is in the timeless
space.  From this space it is easy to observe every point in the universe.
If there is an object at the target point, an extra amount of energy is
injected into the field, causing the ship to jump a little longer to avoid
the object.

A system-A propelled ship will have the kinetic energy it had when it began
it's travel.  Since all planets are moving with respect to each other, the
ship's kinetic energy with respect to the target planet may be much larger
then the kinetic energy with respect to the planet from which the ship began.
Before landing the ship must balance this energy.  This braking can be done
by using a system B propulsion system, braking the ship by antigravity waves.
If one doesn't do this the ship may collide after the system A propulsion
is turned off.  This will occur even if the ship lands using system A.

The ship can be standing still by means of the A system by jumping to the same
point in every jump.  This makes it possible to land with the kinetic energy
potential.  Another method is to balance the kinetic potential by direct ITM
after a system A landing.  If the system is turned off without this balancing
the kinetic energy can be discharged all at one time causing the ship to
collide if this energy vector is pointing down.  If this vector is pointing up
the ship will take of immediately.  If you travel to a planet in another galaxy
the kinetic energy potential will be so great that you must use direct ITM to
balance this energy.

In another method of system A travelling you don't need a ship at all.
By this method you use a hand-held transporter at the size of a small walkie
talkie.  By pressing a button you can with your inner eye (clairvoyance) get a
picture of the target area.  By pressing this button the box injects energies
into your aura that enables and amplifies your natural clairvoyance.  In the
clairvoyance mode you can search out new places.  When you have found a
suitable target you keep the picture of this place clear inside your head
while you press another button.  This button registers the place you had
in your head in the box memory.  The box then calculates the coordinates for
teleporting to this place.  When the box has done this an indicator on the box
tells you that the system is ready.  By pressing a third button you are moved
momentarily to the timeless space.  Then the box transmits the frequency
picture which harmonizes with the target location.  You are then rematerialized
in the target location immediately.  This happens so fast that you will not
feel the moment when you were in the timeless space. The target can be anywhere
in the universe, from a neighbor's house to a planet in another galaxy. The
time the system uses to dematerialize and materialize is the same independent
of the transport distance.  Right after arrival at the planet in the other
galaxy your kinetic energy potential to that planet is balanced automatically
by ITM.  In the box you can store coordinates to many places.

It is possible through meditation and other esoteric training methods to
develop the power to do system A jumps without any technical devices.  In this
case the ability is programmed into the structure of your higher bodies.
The Pleiadians have a ship they call variation 5.  The ship uses this method
to jump via the timeless space to another target in one big jump.  The big
Pleiadian mother ship also uses this method, which enable them to jump over
distances of thousands of lightyears in a single jump. The timeless space is
common for the entire superuniverse.  Its therefore possible to jump from one
cosmos to another. The energysource must in this case be beklimatization
energy, by modulating the zontalray by unatomic vibrations inside a special

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Comment by Krishna Kalki on November 22, 2011 at 10:44pm
Brilliant Information on Advanced Technology used by the Extraterristrials ...good knowledge to have before First Contact.
It is amazing how they can travel Planet to Planet, Galaxy to Galaxy, Universe to Universe and in the near future we will be able to do the same when we meet up with our brothers and sisters from outer space


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