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The Round Table: Origins & The Council of Foreign Relations (Video) Edge of Wonder

This is a video post. See the video below.

Known benefits of wearing orgonite include:

Helps awaken innate psychic senses; protects against harmful EMF radiation and frequencies; may help people accelerate the processing of their Karma; frequently remedies insomnia; structures water (humans are mostly water so people are being structured internally;) and repels/banishes negative non-physical entities.


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Stillness in the Storm Editor: Why did we post this?

Corruption is endemic to our world. Organizations that gain the trust of the people misuse that trust and are rarely brought to justice. The people have a valid right to know of the activities of its public servants so as to dethrone them once malfeasance or wrongdoing has been identified. The preceding article highlights corruption within public service institutions, revealing a breach of trust with respect to their lawful mandate to occupy said office. It is critically important for the evolution of society that individuals become aware of corruption, so as to unite together and declare grievances in an effort to correct the situation. When those grievances aren’t recognized by those in office, the people now have a valid right to remove the lawless individuals in these positions of power so as to restore law and order. All of this can only be possible individuals to gain awareness of the corruption at hand and begin the process of forming actions groups capable of issuing lawful rebukes. If done properly, the forces that oversee the realms of men will rally to support the people. 

– Justin

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