Dr. Angela Barnett Copyright © by Dr.Angela Barnett. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material freely, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included. (TEACHINGS OF THE COSMIC MYSTERY SCHOOL OF THE OMNIVERSE) We have just completed the most difficult stages of our Evolution and preparation for Ascension. 2014 will be the year that is remembered as the turning point in the Human Angelic Raceline Journey to prepare for the return to the 12 Coded Christic Emerald Covenant of the Perfect Universe. 2017 will be the year when the race lines who have been our actual ancestors, soul family and friends from around the Universe will join us on Earth. We will first meet the Inner Earth Eieyani and then the Sirius B Majaraji, and then later, the Azurites and Seres. Many of us will remember our lives as the second seeding of the Seres raceline, who were known as the Egyptions, some will begin to remember more and more of the bits and pieces of their past ten million life times as the complete consciousness that was broken in half by the Quarantine Fence weaves back together through the Stellar Wave Infusions and Activations. In the near future, human beings will be taking classes in orbing, levitating, walking through walls, telecommunication with entities all over the planet, galaxy, universe and solar system. Of course, many of us have already been taking these classes for over a decade. All of these activities require learning how to turn the body into the light body, which is the essence of what our atmic structure really is. This requires becoming One with the Spiritual Self. This requires absorbing all of the dimensional frequencies of all five harmonic universes in order to leave the time matrix that these harmonic universes are within. "Ashayana Deane believes the quarantine not only involves the veil of forgetfulness but also to disassociate ourselves from our divine spiritual heritage as being part of multidimensional universes of higher-conscious forms."(taken from article at The meaning of this, that I have gleaned from studying the Legacy Teachings of Ramtha and the Keylontic Science teachings, including the DVD workshops, is "the veil of forgetfulness," is the Quarantine Fence 9450 B.C. created a separation in consciousness in the angelic raceline, that made us forget who we really were. Our consciousness was actually divided into 12 fragments, which resulted in 12 groups of people being scattered around the world trying to remember who they were. In order to regain their identities, each of them created a culture and language of their own. We were also separated from our souls and oversouls by disconnecting the base tones and overtones of the subharmonics of our DNA. This is why this entire process of DNA restoration requires re-connecting these subharmonics that were broken apart by the frequency fence. The restoration of our consciousness, our memory of who we really are and the activation of 5DNA are all a part of the same process. The fence can only be mended through our participation in the Universal Life Force Protocal of Stellar Wave Activations and Infusions. When I was working on my Master's Thesis in Ethnography and Anthropology and Neurolinguistics within the Field of Education to show how Education is only created to justify the validity of the culture, the language and the society that has been created, I learned that the ignorance of all involved in the process of Education comes from this missing fact that all cultures were created as a result this state of amnesia, which began 10,000 B.C., along with the other sets of disconnection from the Mind of God as far back as 5.5 million years ago. I continued my research six years beyond my masters degrees in four subject areas to complete a Doctorate in Education that provides massive amounts of evidence showing that our true Education comes from a Higher Consciousness outside of ourselves, all Communication is actually Authentic Encounter through Knowing, the courses in the fields of Education are only for the purpose of endoctrination into the given culture, and provide no foundation for learning the true reality that is our divine right to know. We have been mis-educated for a very long time. The Guardians have begun the re-education of the human angelic race. They began this education through Mary Baker Eddy 200 years ago. They began again with Ramtha's School of Enlightenment over thirty years ago. They began with Bashar's teachings, Keylontic Science, and several other sets of channeled teachers, who have each gone through the entire Ascension Process themselves. This education is being shared in the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse teachings to help prepare the consciousness of the world for what the Guardian Races will be revealing to those on our planet in 2017. It is highly unlikely that our old Education Systems will have much validity after 2017. The actual consciousness that was ours before the Tower of Babel (created by the Quarantine Fence) was the Divine Consciousness of the Human Angelic Race. We had a consciousness that was so in tune with each other that there was no need for language. Our language was the God Language and it was telepathic. This is how we were separated from our Divine MultiDimensional Heritage of being Universal Beings who could communicate with everyone in the Universe, in the Galaxies, and in our own Planetary Systems. This Quarantine Fence needed to stay in place until the time came when our Solar Merkaba, Planetary Merkaba and Universal Merkaba could be realigned back into the original time cycle when the 12 Stargates could align with the perfect moment of attunement with all 12 Universal Systems. The mission of the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse has always been to help others learn the true Education of our Universe. It has nothing to do with the Education that has taken place in America or in any other culture. It has to do with the broadening of consciousness to realize that there actually is a reality far beyond what is taught in the schools or in the churches. There is a multidimensional reality that is known through Light and Sound. This education can only take place in those who tune in to the new frequencies that have been given to Earth and to our Consciousness. Crystalai has been collecting the Frequencies of Consciousness that have been transmitted to Earth beginning in 1992, which was the year that the Promise of Ascension was made by the Guardians. Crystal Magic Orchestra created THE PROMISE album in the exact same time period when the 11:11 Fence was being prepared for removal by the Magnetic Base Tones being sent into the Morphogenetic Consciousness field of our harmonic universe. This was the first layer of frequency attunement needed in order to complete the removal of the Fences in time for the 2017 completion. So, you see, this preparation of the grand event of The Promise of Ascension has been taking place in several stages for several years. The Cosmic Twins have been involved in this process since day one. DNA INITIATION THROUGH STELLAR WAVE INFUSIONS The Frequency Activations called the Stellar Wave Activations and Infusions were sent to Earth through waves of Light and Sound Tones penatrating through the Frequency Fences, as if they were not there. It required a Blanket of Consciousness that was Cosmic to penetrate the Fences and remove them. Part of the removal process was actually moving the Earth into a higher accretion level. This required moving the Earth to an actual different place in space and time. The Earth was actually lifted above the 11:11 Frequency Fence because the Zetas placed a rip in the Merkaba of the Solar Shield that could not be restored in time. The Earth was removed beyond the Phantom Matrix in December of 2012. This placed Earth in a brand new time line to begin a brand new reality. CONSCIOUSNESS OF STELLAR WAVES The Stellar Wave Infusions restored the Universal Primary Consciousness of the Earth's Morphogenetic Field. Each set of Waves and Activations brought one more piece of Consciousness back into the Earth that had been blocked out by the Frequency Fences. The pieces of Consciousness included the Pleiadian, the Sirian, the Arcturian, the Andromeda, Orion, as well as the Solar Field. Each of these fields of consciousness needed to go through a process of Infusing the Consciousness into the Biosphere of Earth and then Activation which went on for several years. Each of these stages took several years. The piece of consciousness that came to Earth through the Solar Light Fields carrying the Pleidadian Violet Waves and the Sirian Activation in June, 2008, was the piece of consciousness that is required for the activation of the 5DNA. The picture of me holding the violet orb shows how this Stellar Wave infusion takes place and how it can be used to activate the 5DNA. DNA activation takes place in many stages just like the wave infusions and activations took place in many stages and took long periods of time. Each DNA has 12 subharmonic strands that must each go through a stage of Initiation and Consmmation within the DNA strand itself. The DNA strand cannot reach its complete Consummation - meaning it's ultimate Perfect State that allows it to begin transmitting the Perception field fo the dimensional strand below it, until all of the subharmonic strands in the DNA below it have gone through their Initiation process. So, you see this DNA activation takes a period of time for completion. The reason that many of us on Earth already have 4DNA or 5DNA, and yet we do not see a difference in what we perceive, is because we can only perceive what has been completed one DNA below the one that we have consummated. This means that we actually need to Initiate the 12 subharmonic strands of our 6th DNA before we can percieve what has been Consummated in our 5th DNA strand. ASCENSION DNA PROCEDURE There is one more underlying element to the Ascension DNA procedure. The Human Angelic Raceline has already been given the GIFT of 24 subharmonics. This gift was given by re-uniting the Parallel Universes. Each Universe has a Parllel Spiritual Universe, and each individual has a parallel spiritual SELF. In order to activate the DNA at the 24 subharmonic level, the Human Angelic must become attuned into oneness through harmonic convergence with the Parallel Spiritual Self. KEYS TO BIOLOGICAL ASCENSION So, there are two parts to Ascension. Anyone who activates their 5DNA between 2017-2022 will be prepared to ascend into Tara after death. Anyone who activates their 5DNA through the 24 subharmonics of their Parallel Spiriutal Self and becomes At One with their Spiritual self either before 2022 can bodily ascend to Tara. There are other ways to get to Tara. There will be space ships landing in 2017-2022, who will assist in cloning bodies and taking them to healing temples in Sirius B to prepare for ascension. This is the path that was opened to everyone- including Fallen Angelic Races, because of the path opened in 2008 by the Sirian Council and the help of the Cosmic Twins to be the first to carry demonic entities home through that path. When aDolphino was cloned and taken on the Sirian Star Ship to the healing temples in Sirius B, he was also given the gift of 6DNA upgrade, which would allow him to ascend to Gaia. The removal of the 6/6/6 Seal is required to return the Immortal body which will never see death. The mission of the Cosmic Twins was to activate the process of initiation and consummation of the 5DNA for the masses as they began their initation of the 24 strands of subharmonics into the 6DNA strand in 2008. The final consummation of the 6DNA strand is scheduled for 2017. Those who go through this process of activating their DNA through the light and sound frequencies that carry the consciousness of the Solar, Pleiadian, Sirian, Arcturian, Andromeda, and Orion, are also activating the light within themselves that allows their bodies to transform into this light energy, as is shown in the picture of the violet orb. In the near future, human beings will be taking classes in orbing, levitating, walking through walls, telecommunication with entities all over the planet, galaxy, universe and solar system. All of these activities require learning how to turn the body into the light body, which is the essence of what it really is. This requires becoming One with the Spiritual Self. This requires absorbing all of the dimensional frequencies of all five harmonic universes in order to leave the time matrix that these harmonic universes are within.

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