The RE-Emergence of the Divine Feminine

The RE-Emergence of the Divine Feminine

By Rebecca Cherry

As the Divine Feminine spirit continues to awaken within each one of us through her gentle and compassionate voice, the winds of change will continue to break down the old paradigm of the
global patriarchal dominated systems.

While on one hand, this process can seem daunting and even overwhelming at times; it can become effortless, if you can allow yourself to simplify your life. Each one of us are being called to do just this, and in doing so, you will release the struggle and begin to move into living authentically, and in harmony with nature and Mother Earth.

Living authentically is what the Divine Feminine is here to re-establish on our beautiful planet, Mother

Earth. We are all being asked to wake up and live harmoniously with our Nature, thereby creating a new Heaven on Earth. Mother Earth herself is waking up after a long period of allowing mankind to run rampant with their rampage of pillaging and depleting her of the bountiful natural resources she so lovingly has provided through the eons of time.

However, Mother Earth in her great wisdom is also aware that along with Humanity, we are moving towards an entirely new existence, and if we are to succeed, and survive, we must work together in harmony. Mother Earth is a vibrantly alive and great being of magnificence, not a mere rock holding
its spot in the galaxy. She is wise beyond comprehension, and she has willingly allowed Humanity it’s game of monopoly to be played out to the extent of bringing her, and us to the brink of total destruction.

She’s waking up, and waking us up along with her, so that we can make the necessary adjustments before it is too late. We are on a date with our intimately entwined destinies, and Mother Earth is capable of ensuring her survival, even if it means that some of us have to go. What do I mean by that? Well, when Humanity begins to value life more than greed, power and control, then the natural disasters will stop. Mother Earth is gently trying to wake us up with her minor rumblings along the way, and as she knows very well that life doesn’t end with the perceived death of the body, from her
perspective, shaking a few thousand, or millions, or even a couple of billion of humans off her back doesn’t seem like such a bad thing.

And, if you behave yourself, maybe you can come back when you learn to play nice again. It’s more like a little tough love and a serious time-out from a Mother who wants desperately for us to wake up and stop killing each other, and her in the process. It seems reasonable when you consider the alternatives, especially when it could very well come down to whether or not she, and we survive the current crisis that Humanity has brought to bear down on us both.

So, it’s really up to us to wake up to what’s really happening, and you don’t have to look far to see

it. What will it take for enough of Humanity to start making real changes, and begin to live harmoniously with nature and the planet? What will it take for you to make some simple changes, or maybe even some major changes in the way that you are living, and begin to live more simply and in balance with nature?

We are all being asked to change the way we view life and what we require to live our lives well. My guess is that it’s not going to include shopping malls and more technology, but simply living in harmony with each other and our planet.

Like any good mother, The Divine Feminine Spirit is also warm, loving, embracing, gentle yet strong with a fierce determination to protect her children, and in her great wisdom, she will use her strength to set us straight, so that we can grow up to be our best and brightest that we can be.

As the Divine Feminine energy continues to reestablish herself on Mother Earth, through each and every one of us, (yes, you too guys), we will all begin to experience a new freedom and release from a male dominated world of bondage based on control through fear. For those of you who are women, you will want to utilize this RE-Emerging of your own Divine Feminine strength, will, and even sometimes, fierce determination, in every way in your own lives.

As women, mothers, sisters, daughters, grandmothers, and every other role that we women play in the world, it is our time to stand up and be heard, and to reclaim our rightful place in the world. It will be up to us to ensure that the children of the world are safe. It is what we are being called to do now with the RE-Emergence of our Divine Feminine Will.

It doesn’t require us taking to the streets, chanting slogans and carrying banners, only to recognize, reclaim and begin to reinvent the world, from the inside out. As we transform ourselves, the quiet revolution begins. Through expressing our newly reclaimed Divine Feminine Will, we will inspire others to do the same, and the sparks of light within will begin to ignite other sparks of light within, and so on, until each one of us, in our own unique way, makes a difference in the way that only we can do. And by doing so, each one of us will directly contribute to creating a new world of Abundance,
and ensuring the health and safety of our Mother Earth and everyone who lives upon her.

On the other hand, if you resist making changes, and continue to look and depend on the outer world

through the religious, governmental and societal structures to provide your security, you only will find the fear that will continue to hold you in place as a slave to the empire that is crumbling. It is time now that we wake up to the truth that we are individually, as well as collectively, the Creators not only of our World, but also of ourselves, and in every way.

So, be brave, be courageous and do not fear change and the unknown. Live your life as the grand adventure it was intended to be; a life well lived through the many experiences of your expansive and unique ability for creativity and expression, not one of mere stagnant repetition and mediocrity. Go out and make a difference in someone’s life today. Take a chance and live the Passion and Joy that resides within your Heart. You’ll discover that that is where true happiness and fulfillment reside.

In the not-too-distant future, you will look back and be amazed at what you accomplished, and that together we birthed nothing less than a New Way of Living, and an entirely New World in the process.

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