The Question was asked about an Akashic Reading that was given. It explained the reason that the husband could not get a job was because of something terrible that he had done in a past life. This question was asked by a person who had also purchased an Eternal Life Album.

I would like to share my answer.

First of all, I also do an Akashic Reading on everyone whom I create an Eternal Life Album for.
The difference between my Akashic Reading, which is actually an Ekashic Reading is this:

The Akashic Records are the Physical Illusions that were encountered as a result of being cut off from our original God Matrix.
The Ekashic Records are from the Ekas. The Ekas are the Spiritual Universe. This is where our spiritual parallel self resides. This
is our perfect self. This is the same self that we are, without the illusions that were planted into our cellular memory.

The Eternal Life Album collects all of the True Spiritual Records of who you really are and melts away the Akashic Records.

The problem with these old teachings such as Akashic Reading is they are based on the very ERROR that was planted in our templates by
Fallen Angelic Races. They are not who we REALLY are.

The Ekashic Reading of your husband is this was the year for his Re Invention. The year for him to become awakened to what his TRUE PASSION in life Really is.

His path was actually very clear in my reading. The Very Fact that you both chose to have your Eternal Life Album created shows that you are clearly RE Inventing yourselves.

You are both going through a Re Birth. The first step of the re birth is to review, to recycle, to transform all of the old beliefs of limitations.

The Key point of the Manifestation Workshop is

Make a List of all of the things that you want in your NEW REALITY

By writing the list. Saying the list, Visualizing the List while listening to the Eternal Life Album, you are Re Inventing yourself. You are writing the Ekashic Records of your New Preferred Reality into your Cells and your DNA.

The List

I have always been fabulously wealthy. I am fabulously wealthy. I will always be fabulously wealthy.
I have always had the perfect job or occupation that allows me to fulfill my Dreams.
I have always created my perfect life.
I have always had the unconditional Love of my God.

One of the things that we have been taught by the E.T.'s who have brought the truth back to Earth is the fact that we
each have the MIND OF GOD. The Mind of God is centered in the place called the medulla oblongata.
It is the spot right below the skull. It connects into the Stem Cell.
This Stem Cell. This one spark of Source Consciousness is deep within the Thymus.
The Thymus is the Gland that creates IMAGINATION.

Manifestation is all about IMAGINATION.

We must learn to imagine the occupation that makes us EXCITED, JOYFUL, PASSIONATE, BLISS.

Each of us is an Individualized God in  and of himself. Each of our Higher Selves is our God. Our Higher Self Creates, Manifests our Desired Experiences into our Movie Screen of Reality.

What is difference in the years of 2014 and 2015 is the fact that 2014 was the year to Re Invent oneself. To Discover what we
really want to be and to do.

To learn that we are so very much more than we thought we were.

Our Mind of God- which is actually our Soul, wants a NEW EXPERIENCE.

The NEUTRINO actually carries those new experiences to Earth. The Neutrino carries all of the Consciousness from our entire Cosmic Matrix into the Earth's Atmosphere which is available to our Consciousness.

We can use that Cosmic Consciousness to bring in New Ideas that Truly Excite us.

Your Husband's new job must be his Passion, his Love, his Bliss.

His higher Self will not allow him to have a job that does not REFLECT HIS TRUE BLISS.

The JOURNAL part of the Manifestation Textbook asks you to re-write your entire life.

The reason for this is to remove the AKASHIC RECORDS.

Those memories of past lives are nothing. They are the wisdom that must be turned into the Light Energy of the Neutrino so that it can allow a New Reality to appear.

That Reality cannot appear until we create it in our imagination.

The First Thing that we all need to do, including your husband is



And BELIEVE that this is the new Version of yourself.

Write it onto your DNA.

The DNA requires past, present and future.

I have always had the job of my dreams.
I have the job of my dream
I will always have the job of my dreams.

What our HIGHER SELF really wants us to learn is the fact that we don't actually need a job at all, we just need to live
every NOW MOMENT doing exactly what we WANT TO DO. WHAT WE  Love to Do, and the Higher Self- the God of our Being

Our true Supply is our Higher Self creating the Reality of our Supply.

Part of your list should always be
God has always paid my bills
God pays my bills
God will always pay my bills.

To order your ETERNAL LIFE ALBUM go to

In contemporary AKASHIC RECORD readings, the readers have been using a formula that is based on the 8th dimensional harmonic. Those Channelers are taught to go 8 inches above the head to connect with the Akashic Records. Those Channelers are also taught to move their Consciousness into the Earth to absorb the Consciousness that will align them into the Frequencies of that person whom they are doing the reading for.
In the NEW EKASHIC TEACHINGS, the EKA is the Pre Light and Sound Creation Field of the Spiritual Creation Phenomena of Light and Sound Creation. The Eka is the Spiritual Parallel Universe of the Veka Universe.
The REQUIREMENT for Biological Ascension is to become At One with the Spiritual Self. We become at one with our Spiritual Self by absorbing all of the Light and Sound from the Eternal Light Field of all 15 dimensions of the Earth's Matrix and then Blend that Light and Sound into the Full Light and Sound Spectrum of the SPIRITUAL EARTH's Matrix.
The difference in the OUTCOME of AKASHIC RECORDS readings and the EKASHIC Records of the Eternal Life Spiriutal Parallel Self is the Pre Light and Sound Frequencies that are collected from this complex interdimensional Electromagnetic Sound Field contains the PERFECT FREQUENCY SIGNATURES of all of the Selves that you have ever been.
The AKASHIC RECORDS searches for those Patterns in the Life Times of the Old Souls that have recorded your journies in one or two of your lifetimes.
The EKASHIC SESSION aligns you back into your Spiritual Self in all Dimensions, in all lifetimes in the planetary, solar, galactic, universal and cosmic time lines of your existence.
We must complete this alignment back into the ALLNESS and the ONENESS of all that we have ever been in order to perform the REBIRTH into the AKASHIC RECORDS of the ORIGINAL PERFECT Man made in the image and likeness of God. We must use this Complete Formula that moves the Physical Body completely into the Ascension Portal of Pre Plasma Light and Sound Vapor or Crystal Liquid Light Vapor, in order to allow our Cosmic Template to re-create our original perfect bodies.
When I create the ETERNAL LIFE ALBUM I first go to Source Consciousness field and ask Source to hold the 12 coded divine blue print of the individual (the name of the person who ordered the ETERNAL LIFE ALBUM) inside the flame of eternal life creation that the idea was originally made from. (This name Frequency Signature is obtained differently than it is in the old teachings of the Akashic Records because the Akashic Records Channeler is only searching for one lifetime of that Soul Essence).
The Formula that I was given to create the ETERNAL LIFE ALBUM was given to me by a Cosmic Team who knows everything about everything five years before it happens on Earth. The Consciousness with whom I am communicating with me already knows everything about each person's infinte lifetimes even beyond the 5.5 million years in the Earth's Matrix. They often prepare me to create albums before the order is made. They direct me to create orders without knowing the name of the person. The person's NAME is the FREQUENCY SIGNATURE of this Life time of the Soul and only this lifetime.
The Consciousness of the COUSHIC records created from the EKASHA Field of Spiritual Reality is a Phenomena that is very similar to the AKASHIC RECORDS; however, the Records are actually movies of all of the Lifetimes of an Individual within all 15 time matrixes within the 15 dimensional time matrix of the Earth.
So, we are talking about the Etheric Essence of Spiritual Reality at the moment of creation from the Mind of God who creates a new reality every nano second.
The old AKASHIC RECORDS create a light portal from 8 inches above the head and then into the Earth's records.
The NEW KEYLONTIC SCIENCE teaches the Healer to connect Consciousness 36 inches above the head into the Cosmic Field of Pre Light and Pre Sound of the 14th and 15th Dimensions of Heliotalic Silver Pastel Violet Flame Creation Energy. This field of Consciousness is Perfect, Always has been perfect and always will be perfect.
When the EKA Body is being connected to within the Earth, we take our Consciousness down into the Earth's Crystal Heart deep within her Vortex and then travel deep within this funnel into the 13.5 Cosmic Core of the Earth's Iron Core. This places the Light Portal of the Akashic and Coushic Records through the Vortex and into the Consciousness when the breath is exhaled. Whereas the old Akashic Records were found in the Earth's Iron Core of a Fourth Dimensional Realtiy Field, we must travel deep within the Vortex into the Stargates that are a hub into all realities.
When the Akashic Reader helps the patient to find the Life time that has created a continuous problem in their life, the answer that is found is an answer that comes from the Astral Realm. When the practitioner attaches consciousness 8 inches above the head, they are moving into astral consciousness. That Consciousness is only 4th dimensional substance that contains all of the problems that exist on Earth. So, of course it is easy to find the source of our problems in that layer of Consciousness.
In the method of using the ETERNAL LIFE Frequencies of Consciousness, we are not searching for the problem, we are returning the PERFECT SELF that we were created to be. The problems that were placed in the Astral Field were placed there to keep us locked inside of the Earth's Matrix.
The Frequencies in the 14th and 15th dimension were created to give us ETERNAL LIFE.
We are each made in the image and likeness of Source. That image and likeness is a negative of the picture of the idea that Source is creating. That idea is held within Source Consciousness and rebirthed into creation every trillionth of a nano second. When the brand new image and likeness is imprinted on the idea, the idea is reborn as a brand new image with the new thoughts and ideas of the new experiences encoded within it.
I hold that idea within the Source Flame. That idea is already perfect and it contains the 12 coded divine blue print of angelic raceline.
That old idea that was created billions of years ago must go through a rebirth at this time. We are all being reborn into a new harmonic universe, a new space and time portal. Each time we are born we come into the planet through a stargate. Many of the stargates attached to Earth were destroyed and we were disconnected from many of them. Now, we are being placed in a different time portal where we are back in alignment with all 12 stargates, which allows us to obtain the 12 subharmonics in each of our chakras.
These 12 subharmonics comes from combining the spiritual coding from the chakras outside of the physical body with the chakras within the physical body. In order for an entity to return to a place in the universe, there must be an essence or a frequency signature of that entity left in that place from the time the entity left the place in the universe.
In order for our bodies to become realigned into the eternal life domain of the harmonic universe, I take the idea or the image that is within the Flame of Source and create a light body image of that idea. I place that idea within a flame. I use a candle flame. Within the flame is the complete spectrum of light, the entire rainbow. The flame includes the hertzian, infra red, visible light, invisible light, x ray light, and gamma waves. The idea is held within the complete spectrum of light of Source Consciousness.
That idea that is whole and complete walks through the candle to the other side and returns back with the connection of frequencies of the spiritual side- the blue body self. The idea becomes complete as it connects with the blue body.
The idea must also be taken in to the Inner Earth realms of the Cosmic Domain. I take the idea into the Etheric Core of the 13th dimension and then into the 14th dimensional of the Spiritual Etheric Heliotalic Light Domain of the Cities of Light, the Inner Earth, and then down into the Crystal Liquid Light, the Mirror light of heliotalic frequencies. This is the location of the Etheric Star Formation that was placed around the area where Earth is located now. That Star Formation is called Urtha.
This idea within the Source Flame must have its frequency signature implanted within the Cloud Cities, Cities of Light, the Star Formation, the Aquafarian Realm of Urtha. The idea does not exist there because most of us haven't been there before. This place was created by the Aquafarians from the Aquinos Matrix millions of years ago as a refuge and an escape chamber for this time. Since we were never there before, we must leave an imprint there so that in the future we can go there.
Crystalai and aDolphino went to Aquafaria to leave this seed of their frequencies. However, when they went there, they were met by a family who took them to a crystal palace. They were told that they built this palace for them long long ago and it has waited for their return. So, there are in fact, a few of us who have been there before. That is why it is necessary to link frequencies of those who haven't been there before through the frequencies of those who have been there.
When the client is being put through the eight hour healing sessions, the old damaged codes within the chakras are transformed by having the frequency signatures of the individual returned to the original perfect divine imprints. This coding is imprinted in each of the chakras to align the 12 subharmonics of the perfect raceline back into the individuals template.
Each cell in our body is supposed to contain this divine blueprint that was created in the image and likeness of Source. As the clients idea body is taken into the crystal liquid light of Inner Earth and into Urtha, the heliotalic frequencies emerge from the skin and the skin becomes the shining.
The healing takes place from the within, beginning with the blood crystals transformation, the bones turn into sound frequencies and the skin turns into light.
Each one of these steps of transformation takes a great deal of focus, alignment into the allness of Source Consciousness, a continuous holding of the idea within the flame of transformation. Each time I focus on one specific aspect of the entire healing of the body, there is one tiny little breath involved. Each time I can feel and hear that the breath is perfect and the healing is complete, I record that breath.
I layer each of the breaths of transformation for that one specific individual into my recording mechanism. By the time I am finished, I usually have five hundred or more breaths. Next, I weave these breaths into the formulas and frequencies of codes of atunement that the Guardians and Source direct me to. Each individual is given a different set of codes and formulas. These codes come as frequencies and I breathe them. Some times they are heard as tones of God Language and sometimes they are pure breaths. Each recording comes out very different.
I am giving this guideline to help my readers understand why this item costs the price it does. I am sure that there are not any Reiki healers out there of any reputable nature that would give you eight hours of healing sessions for three, four or  seven days in a row for this price.
Once a client returns from a Reiki or Sound Healing clinic, that healing will sometimes last a day or a week, if the client is lucky. That is because the old Reiki technologies are based on the Chi of an energy that has been blocked from Source for eons of lifetimes. Taking an energy that has been broken from Source at the Cosmic level and trying to do the repair work at the Planetary level just does not fix the problem.
This problem that is blocking our eternal life system happened billions of years ago, and the guardians have been working on fixing it for billions of years. There are many problems in each level of creation, far beyond the chakras within the body. The frequencies must be realigned clear out into the Universal Spheres, Cosmic Spheres, pre sound and light realms and the allness of Source's original idea of creation.
So, we are talking about a healing that would last as long as a band aid, or one that is complete and lasts for eternity.
Ascension -Connection between Consciousness and the body. Ascension isn't just about being a good person, going to church and getting forgiven by Christ and then going to heaven. It isn't that easy because there is a direct link between the consciousness of your spirit and the atomic structure of the body.
The part of the spirit that is embedded into the atomic structure of the body is called the JARI. It is a part of the spirit body. If the JARI is trapped inside of the atomic structure at death, the body will not ascend. It will continue to be trapped on the Earth and will continue to return. This is what we did for the last ten million life times. Our JARI has been stuck inside of our atomic structure.
We must make sure our Jari is free from the atomic structure in order to ascend out of here.
We must transmute our spirit body out of the atomic structure in order to ascend. Once we have done that so many times that there is no quantum left in the body to ever ascend out of it, the person has entered the path of FALL. That person will need to return to Source through space dust return -ashes to ashes dust to dust. That is what would had happened to this planet and everyone on it if we hadn't been given the assistance of the AQUARI MAtrix.
The path of Fall means the person just won't remember anything. They will return to Source and start over again.
In a normal system there is an eternal flow of energy giving an eternal source of eternal life.
So, we take this perfect formula of creation and rebirth that was given to us by the Guardian Races and we record it because it is made of Frequency Signatures. The breaths carry the frequency signatures and they are recorded in perfect harmonic convergence. Each of the frequencies transmutes into the highest frequency of Source Consciousness in order to hold that reality of the divine code for ever.
The songs within the ETERNAL LIFE ALBUM each contain specific frequency signatures, dimensional portals, weaving and braiding of codes and tones from the Cosmic, Universal and Galactic light and sound that align DNA into the rainbow bridge of the full spectrum of light in order to lay the foundation for  the transformation into the multidimensional 12 DNA template.
The words UMa A TrI Ena A EKASHA
are the God Language that connect our perfect Illuminated Light Body into At One Ment with our Pre Light and Sound EKa Spiritual Creation.
When we say these words, and when I sing these words on your albums, I am creating the at one ment with the 14th dimensional pre light and sound of creation with the pineal gland in the brain.
The Sun image which is the 8th dimensional Consciousness actually exists at a 23 degree angle that would stream into the forehead and into the throat area. The 8th dimensional frequency activates the thymus, thyroid, seed atom and mid brain.
When the Candle is used, the Full Spectrum of Light of all 15 dimensions is activating the mid brain. That is why the Candle turns Blue. When the Brain shifts into Frequency Specific, it begins seeing in Infra Red, it is seeing the other side of reality-- the spiritual invisible light spectrum.
Each section of the album streams in hundreds of different breaths from Cosmic Angelic Consciousness  through the ELOHIM OF HEARING to draw together 12 subharmonics into each DNA strand, and then 24 subharmonics and then 48 subharmonics. Each of the subharmonics represents one frequency signature of the Individual in their reality in this time matrix and the parallel of this time matrix and the spiritual parallel and the parallel of that time matrix.
 Each of the Frequency Signatures is woven together through the specific codes and tones to lay the foundation that activates  the rainbow bridge  into Source Consciousness.
The Etheric Frequencies are the Eternal Life  songs sung by Cosmic Entities including Aquafarians and Elohim Angels to describe how they create kingdoms through the magic of light and sound. The songs are braided through the frequency signatures of all five spheres and fifteen dimensions to lay the foundation  into the 24, 36, and 48 DNA Consciousness.
The next layer of breaths lay the foundation that connect consciousness into the 15th dimension of co-creation and manifestation. Breaths of Source are ignited when Consciousness has lain the foundation through Christic and Cosmic Frequencies.
The ETERNAL LIFE ALBUM is a personal HEALING SESSION. It could be likened to what would be expected if one of you went to a Reiki Healer or Sound Healer for healing sessions. It could be likened to having eight hours of healing sessions per day for a week. To order your ETERNAL LIFE ALBUM go to
It is similar to AKASHIC RECORDS reading because it is the created by Entities of Pre Light and Pre Sound working directly through the original Divine Blue Print of the ORIGINAL IDEA of MAN MADE IN THE IMAGE AND LIKENESS OF GOD.
This divine blue print of the original structure of the HUMANOID form made in the Infinite VOID of Source Consciousness was made ETERNALLY PERFECT.

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