its time for truth iam sun gods the alfa and omega iam establishing my kingdom on earth right now surender to the thing taht are reel and truth of you will vanish from existance
realities of the Prophetic Kingdom Seekers of The Heart, The Lovers of the Prophetic Reality As ancient as time itself , seek to be a servant of the light and lovers ... all » Praise and Glory.
atheism monotheism polytheist is all just dangerous supertition
the thing that will vanish from our society
with the change of consciousness
Newtonian psysique
the theory of Darwin
genitic control of life
the notion of random evolution and coeincidence

Use your Power by Holding the Vision of a Beautiful World, even in the midst of chaos.
Those who know about the rice experiments, the water crystal experiments, or the cloud disappearing experiments or have manifested things....truly understand that your intentions/envisions/words affect your surrounding and the world.
During these high energy and more uplifts to come, the speed of manifestation has increased drastically, even in the midst of many different frequencies or conflicting frequencies. Understand that whatever you empower with enough energy manifests.
The Etheric Realm is where thoughts and things play first. In this realm, thoughts ARE things. Holding a vision of something shapes it on the Etheric Realm. When it collects enough energy, it manifest into physicality (analogy: when things are loaded with energy and are heavy enough in the etheric, they drop to the physical.)
Therefore, it is important that the lightworkers and awakened ones hold a VISION of the world they want TO SEE TO MANIFEST....because the light quotient of awakened ones is 10 times that of the un.awakens. The Etheric Realm is your playground. You are the creators of the world you want. You are Masters of creation/co-creation. Therefore, the world you en.Vision most dearly/clearly with enough energy

its the rise of the 7 intergalactic rainbow alliance the world will soon be a a enchanted kingdom happy happy soon all will be smile as a non ending joy awake in all people of the world 


1.Are we alone? Since the dawn of time we have being asking this question-searching the heavens and the holy scriptures and the shamans for some answers..we have mapped the galaxies and named the there any life out there? is there life on Mars?- or in the Goldilocks regions?...the Pleiades-Andromeda-Alpha Centauri?...are we ALONE?...ITS TIME TO FIND OUT...BUT HOW? Are there OTHER worlds-life forms-dimensions-parallel universes?...

2." When the Earth is sick and dying there will come a new tribe of peoples from all nations who by their words and deeds shall bring healing to this planet...and they shall be called the warriors of the rainbow!"

3..AND this tribe will be called warriors of the rainbow- or enlightened golden beings travelling through time and space like flashes of lightning creating pyramids of power-energy- communication...Long long ago this Star-world visited our planet according to many Hopi legends and gifted us with maize or rainbow corn...but there is much evidence of a visitation on this planet around 5000 years ago...we have the Aztec and Mayan pyramids-the giza pyramids...and much other unexplained technology that was way ahead of its time and which mysteriously today has disappeared...Are there enough people on this planet to make contact ?who can be brought together to link up with these star seed generations...

4.We,therefore as the rainbow family of living light do hereby invite all light beings of this intergalactic consciousness to manifest a community of the enlightened-"AN ECLECTICA"" on Earth -as it already is in Chile in 2014... in the spirit of universal planet EARTH!...
We, the citizens of Earths Rainbow family of living light call upon all beings throughout the milky way and beyond to gather together in northern Chile in December 2014 near ALMA,South America for the worlds first INTERGALACTIC RAINBOW GATHERING IN DECEMBER 2014.This time and place will be confirmed at the next WORLD RAINBOW GATHERING IN THE VISION COUNCIL. We invite all colors of the spectrum to explore the final frontier.

5.We welcome every celestial and terrestrial light to resonate in harmony for one
month or more in this greatest of adventures; this greatest of gatherings!...
We want to create a space on Earth for a universal celebration of love-light-peace
and joy. We welcome all beings of light to share their knowledge -their
stories-their wisdom- vibrations and visions...and of course their HOPE in this
sacred place ( just south of the Nazca drawings in southern Peru)So bring your

6.We are ready for the rainbow revolution-here in our hearts..we are ready to
learn to love - to listen-to forgive-to unlearn....we invite all illuminated
beings in the universe in good faith this great interplanetary symphony of us to reconnect with our lost relations in the stars and
beyond......our ancestors and all living beings everywhere in all dimensions ...

7.By our prayers - thoughts dreams...we invite you all to come to our beautiful
blue planet...we hail you all- welcome you all to our glorious -magnificent
nature-our rivers -seas-oceans...and
...animals...birds... and we synchronize our frequencies with the GREAT SPIRIT
and welcome you with our open channels of light...power...and love...

- come in peace to our little Earth- help us grow in Oneness with patience and
perseverance in this Golden age of Enlightenment...welcome home

8.We invite you all to our First Intergalactic Rainbow Gathering of Enlightened


answer your inner call

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    falow the revolution crew of doctordream the racun king

    caroline mysss eric pearl gerald donnell . simran singh . llewellyn vaughan lee
    sonia barrett . mitchell gibson , lynne mctaggart marc chauvette where is the knowledge that start the paradimshift hacking the dreamland bringing the shapeshifting reality into the aquarius age its happening be ready

    IN LAKESH namaste

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    Revolution Radio at was founded in 2011 to provide an alternative internet talk radio venue for voicing opinions and finding solutio…
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