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The Rainbow Bridge of Unconditional LOVE

Tender and warm regards from my{our sacred heart} to you my dearly beloved Ones from my spiritual trip in the India, which I started a few days before..

Many cosmic changes from a couple days from my the older home..The biggest festival MahaShivaratri with one millions visitors done....I had occusion to let flow my loving energy through my eyes, smile to maybe thousand souls.and some pure love I recived..We started to build together the rainbow bridge of eternal rive of the unconditional love
I met many of my soul familie, honoured here as life Gods...we re-membering each of one...they invited me as Mother ...very strange situation , because also the cheep peoples of the streets, places gave me they respect, awe, honor...I just share my love and shine my light...

I found many puzzles of my own journey awakenig it is so fast, but also full pain because I let long time to live all living at the difficult painfull time...we are responsible for this world full illussion...the time to change all world it is now.

THE NOW it is time walking hand in hand together back into the Light ....we are Changes and Examples of Love and Truth in who we TRULY ARE feel it, live it and see others for it...... it is important to keep our focus, be happy, comfortable and stay neutral at the now moments that ever comes..

We are what we think..when we know what we want, everything is possible.We are the first creators of worlds inside....

.I decide be LOVE, share my love, reflect my peace and calm form my heart to outside and co-create the NEW EARTH full unconditional love, abundant joy, eternal peace and harmony

I am working to be ready to filled my promise which we signet together...arrive heavens on the planet Gaia again. .. ... ..
Hugs you bless you, bliss you.... ME-YOU-WE -ONE

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