The Rainbow Body by Christalis

The Christalis Avatars have guided me to delineate the components of the Rainbow Body for practitioners or anyone interested in this development in our ascension process. These major components are being explored with mudra, movement and meditation by PanHarmonic Practitioners. Join us in this study.

The Dream Bodybubbles out to our left. There are five rings or layers to the Dream Body. The first layer we are generally familiar with for it facilitates our normal dreaming experience. The second ring enables conscious dreaming, where normal reality shifts into a heightened state or normal reality shifts. The third ring has to do with lucid dreaming, where one wakes up in the dream and has command of their experience. The fourth ring is shape shifting. This is when someone has command of their energy and is able to shift into a different persona or appearance and hold that frequency. The fifth ring of dreaming occurs when we wake up in a new dream or reality and are able to exist there.

The Purpose Bodyexudes from our right side. There are five stations of purpose: right, forward, backwards, up and down. These address our current reality, our personal history, the intended future, heightened consciousness and depth reality. We want to participate in this realm of experience with purpose, confidence, sobriety, impeccability and controlled abandon, relating sequentially to these five stations of purpose.
The Corridor of Deathexists from the root chakra to below our feet. As we clear it, it becomes a conveyor for the Kundalini. This allows us to participate and benefit from the awakening of the planet, rather than maintain ourselves on an isolated journey.

The Repository of the Kundalini lies buried deep within the planetary consciousness. It is awakening and beginning to flow. One must clear their Corridor to effectively experience and benefit from the rise of the Kundalini.

Our Magnetic Centeris located in and behind our solar plexus…and beyond. Meaning, it is a gateway into parallel universes. It acts as an attractor, magnetizing reality into being.

Of course, the Rainbow Body has seven chakras. Each chakra contributes to the Rainbow Body both in frequency and light. Each chakra is essential in the operation and balance of the Rainbow Body and is intimately linked to one specific Avatar.

The Soul Star is our link to higher consciousness. Located above our Crown chakra, we have access to higher consciousness at all times. It is also our gateway to the Christalis Star.

The Christalis Staris located in the higher vibrational states above the Soul Star. It is here, there and everywhere and yet anchored in a more accessible state above the OM Pavilion. It is a brilliant manifestation of the Christalis Light Body, a unique composite of twenty cosmic Avatar frequencies. This is where we best entrain for ascension.

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