The quest to find my Identity

My whole life has been nothing "Who am I and why am I here?" for the simple reason I know where my soul originated so I dont need to question that. But I need to question what is my mission here on this planeI love to help others, I fight for what is just and true to form, I frown upon those who are taken advantage of.I love people and I always have. I can hate a persons ways but I cant hate them as a person I never could.I love all animal life and dislike those that cause them harm for personal gain,I have always loved the goodof the world. And wanted so badly to destroy the evil that infects it.I would save Gaia single handly if i couldbut i know it will take more than just me to do it.I have always been told by many that my chi is very very strongand that I'm a good soul, I dont get big headed about it I just smile and say thank you.So I wonder Am I anAngel Sent here to be a light to others or am I Seraph here to help others see the light and destroy evil forces that plague manyas well as be a light in my own life?I would believe more so a Seraph or warrior angel type why? Back in 2003 I was given a gift from a good friend of mineand it was a necklace with a pendant of triangular part of the key of Solomon on it. I asked her what is this and she toldme "When the time comes you'll know" and i hated that, the fact of not as time went on I was taught aboutenergy work.dream control And meditation and learning to listen to my first instincts . And tapping into my own inner power.My lessons this way went on until one day in 2006 I went to her for my last lesson and it theres no lesson, just her telling meI was no longer in need of training from her because I learned very fast and my next phase will be coming soon andthat i was ready to move to that next phase. She gave me a cellunite wand and told me what it was for and that i will needit soon, I still have it.I told her thank you and that i will use them when I need to and just to clarify my teacher was a good friends motherwho happen to be a 3rd generation witch(white). And now this year my 11:11 comes to me and I find out about AC and the pleaideansand doing all i kind of research and found that sugilite is very good for harmonious balance over all and repelling negative energy.SoI went out and bought a Sugilite crystal( which strangly enough was in the shape of a cresent moon)to wear on a pendant but the shop owner had no wire wrap for pendants she was out .so I went home to see what i could fashion my stone to .While I was looking for something for my stone i had just joinedthe manifesting angels group on AC that morning. And while looking for something for my son I stumpled acrossthe triangle piece of the solomon key and whats strange about this piece is that it has the name mi ca el in it.all this was coming about while i just reading about Seraphs and then I remembered the name mi ca elwhich was the name of the archangel out of the bible . And at that moment, something told me to take my stoneand afix it to the triangle and when i did this and put it on I felt a surge of energy flow and complete calm all at the same time.Now I wait to see what else will be revealed to me.:) Namaste
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