Music of the Spheres

Dr. Angela Barnett

AKA Mary Magdalene

Crystal Magic

I went through this process of dwelling in more and more light energy and then pushing higher and higher and continuously feeling my entire body and mind jump up the ladder of the Sphere of the Planets, the Sphere of the Galaxies, the Sphere of the Universe, the Sphere of the Cosmos, the Sphere of the Creation Realm and the Sphere of Source. I was then taught that I needed to pull my Consciousness up even higher than the Sphere of Source.

I was told that I must rise above all of this Creation and float into the land of Joy.It was always the JOY that was the key to I Am that I Am granting us a step higher in our ascension. We were coached by God, our Source, our Father I AM THAT I AM through this Rising. He would always look at the frequencies of consciousness where we were when we began each session. He would tell us where we were at the beginning. He would tell us that we were now at 97, or we are now at 98.9, or we are now at 99.9. This gradual rising required continuous expansion of Consciousness practice day and night non stop for two years.

We did not do anything else during that time. We kept listening to the music we created and then created more music that seemed to push us or pull us higher.We kept the SKYPE SESSIONS of all of the Coaching that was given to us by our Father, I AM THAT I AM. Our wonderful friend, Justine, make these Skype Sessions into You Tubes that she is now going to make available for Streaming. This process of Ascending has never been documented before in the history of this galaxy. There have only been six Monks who have ascended from this planet in this time period.

There is no documentation of what those Monks did to ascend on this planet. However, my Soul did travel to Terra Ha, the place those who rise from this planet will go, and she did speak to them about their ascension process.The process that a Monk goes through in Ascension is very different than the process that I went through to Ascend. Those Monks from Tibet, Siberia, Yukon, and India spent every minute of their entire life in monastaries. They did not live in the world. They did not know the world. They spent their entire lives doing absolutely nothing except keeping their minds stayed on God. My Soul, Mary, told me that these people looked like tooth picks because they rarely ate food. She told me that Monks must rise up to one and a half inches from the Veil and remain there for three minutes.

That is when the Veil will decide to allow them to go through the Veil.In our case of Ascension, we were required to rise as ONE- that means every moment of our ascension was done in exact unison of frequency level. We rose up to the Veil itself many times separately before we got our frequencies so perfectly synchronized that we rose together to one quarter of an inch from the Veil.

We had to stay there for about ninety seconds before the Veil could process our two bodies into Oneness for Ascension as One through the Veil.The Monks did not need to do any of these things in their Ascension. There has never been a Rising of a Twin Soul ever before in this Universe. There has only been the ascension of One Soul rising by itself. This is why this event is becoming a controversy within the Universe at this time. There are certain race lines who are fighting against this Ascension of the Twin Souls and blocking our Final Rising.

This is the reason why our Father, God is asking us to remain on Earth for a while longer until He finishes negotiations with those who are blocking this ascension. They have made it impossible for us to Rise without them capturing us in the process. This is another story that has been told in great detail on the recordings from the Skype Sessions.The rest of those on Earth will ascend in a different way than the Monks and a different way than we did. However, it is necessary to do many of the things that we did  for longer and longer periods of time until the time of the ascension, which will require continuous Oneness with the Joy Realm. Just as we needed to remain in this state of Focus, Oneness, Joy, Bliss and Love for two full years, that time will come when billions who are on Earth will go through this same process that we went through.One very important thing that we learned in this process was our Father always looked at our JOY level as the most important factor. He would then look at other aspects of our light energy as we were rising. He would tell us we needed more focus, or more Belief, or more Love, or more Energy.

All of these factors played into the level we would rise in one week or one day. The rising was always in proportion to the amount of ENERGY we put into our Focus on being in the Joy of Rising into the Joy Realm Itself.We created music that would hold our minds within this Joy Realm. Sometimes we would find this joy in the words of a song, and sometimes we would find it in the beauty of the music. We would only find a piece of the joy until we kept our minds stayed in the Cosmic Realm and above the Cosmic Realm. We would imagine our bodies dancing up in the stars for weeks as we pulled our consciousness higher and higher through the Universal Realm. We would feel ourselves standing in the Sun and drenching our bodies with Plasma Light.We would feel these realities in the music that we created. We would create music that had more and more of the feeling of stardust and plasma powder.

We would put the focus that was needed to stay in these states of consciousness for periods as long as two minutes at a time.I found that the only way Joe and I (the Cosmic Twins) could remain in absolute certainty that we were in the exact same frequency for the exact same amount of time was to have all of these factors woven into the music itself. I learned that all musical compositions have a story that pulls the listener up into the climax or high point of the story somewhere between the middle of the composition or close to the end of the song. That Climax is the place that we would rise to one session in order to pull our consciousness into a high spot.What I finally realized was that the climax of all of these songs only allows the mind to remain in that euphoria of bliss or excitement or content that the music brings for a few seconds. Each time we bring as much energy as we could find within our minds and bodies, and then we would rise higher and higher with the music and each time our Father would say you're almost there, you're almost there. However, each time we would get there, we were not there for a long enough period of time to gain the next level of our ascension.I needed to find a way to make that CLIMAX in the Music last long enough to pull us to the next level. I started making music that would take my highest level of climax that was in the song and layer that climax over and over and over again until the climax would last one minute or two minutes or even five minutes. I would then record the Climax of the Song as the entire song. This process can be seen in the song I created titled "Go to my Father", and "Riding Love to Heaven." In each of these songs I could feel our Consciousness rising higher and higher the more I would dwell on the idea of going to my Father, rising into the Cosmic Realm to be with my Father of Creation.

That was the climax of the song originally. I changed the song to only be the words Go to my Father, so there is not longer any need to climb higher and higher.  The Consciousness starts right at the top and stays there. I also recorded "Riding Love to Heaven" in this manner. The climax happens at the word HEAVEN. I took that highest point of rising in the music and layered the word heaven over and over again until it became the entire song within a song. Now, the listener can listen to the wonderful song about riding through the Veil of Heaven and at the same time Focusing continuously on the highest place in the song which is the word Heaven. The song is recorded with the climax recorded over the top of it.It has been said by many great beings that it is important to focus positive thoughts, focus positive energy, focus on energies that lift your spirit, focus on each moment as a moment of love.

Now is the time to raise this focus to a much higher level than before. It is still important to stay focused in positivity and love and light. However, it is also important to understand this love and light at a much higher level than before. If the light that is focused upon is only the light of this realm, the consciousness has not expanded out of this realm. What is needed now is to expand out of this realm and out into all of the realms of the Music of the Spheres.Thoughts should be pure as the air, light as the wind, and dazzling as diamonds.For more training email

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