The Plan by; Mike j Hughes

It is high time that all men and woman of goodwill come together and begin to upset these forces so that no one is effected by their depraved activity.The influence of the moon as well plays a big part in the affairs of human activity, and is the cause of much of the sexual misery now going on in our world at this time.
Many today are morbidly obsessed with the sexual part of their nature and will lift this activity to abnormal heights until it reaches into the domain of the mental body where it does not belong .One of the main reasons for this mass sexual fever is due to the fact that their are now coming into incarnation human ego's of a lower type and who are all passing through the fifth root race from the times of the Lemurian root race where a great tragedy took place involving the mating of early animal man with various beasts of the field, and thus giving birth to human monsters.

It is this depraved and morbid sexual activity that gives birth as well to many diseases such as the A.I.D.S virus that are killing millions in Africa, and to a lesser degree within other places all over the world at this time, and is due to the evil activity from those of the Dark Brotherhood who are still active in many areas around this man bearing globe,.and will increase their activity as the Seventh Ray of 'Ceremonial Magic' make its heavy presence amongst our young people today who are at this time under attack from these lower sexual elementals resulting in all forms of sexual depravity ,such as the monstrosities of homosexuality, and all that is unnatural, and all that is profoundly ill and vile to those of a more wholesome nature and who have a strong contact with their own inner divine nature.

With the coming into incarnation of the energy of Ceremonial Magic we are going to see two types of magicians who will make their appearance in our world during this coming new age.One class of these ego's will be of a very dark and twisted nature and who try to destroy the natural order of evolution and will try to contort the forces of nature according to their selfish and very wicked ways in which they live.

The Dark Brotherhoods are very active in some of the dark places around our world at this time, such as in the depths of the African jungles,Eastern Europe,Siberia,and some of the places around England,Iceland,and the Azores which are left over's of the great civilizations of Atlantis which fell very hard when various forms of both sex magic and black magic that had reached a stage of unbelievable horror,and that some large groups of human beings are still working out that bad karma even up to this day millions of years ago.
Humanity is about to embark upon a journey of self awareness, and to discover the inner light of his own higher self.Much of that which I write about is for those who are nearing the first initiation and who's lives are dedicated to stirring up the seeds of good will within the hearts and minds of men and woman through out the world.

The most important task which all peoples of good will is to do away with the low grade thought forms that we have created over many eons of time, and are at this time overshadowing the human race and feeding off of our energy that stimulates our lower animal passions, being all that is unwholesome and depraved in man.When the great World Teacher Maitreya and the Masters of Wisdom are walking amongst the 'sons of men , they will go about teaching humanity the way to build creative thought forms that will have a very powerful impact for the common good that lies dormant within the race of all men and woman.
We must understand that the dissipation of these old and unwholesome thought forms will take many eons to correct as they have been built over many millions of years to get to the stage that they are in at this time in worlds history.

Human evolution is now at the point where the long development of the mental body is slowly making it's presence known.Many are just beginning to really think for themselves as the more advanced units of the human race are now emerging out of the herd instinct and are becoming fully conscious on the mental plane just to mention that,we have in no way even developed our spiritual nature except for a small handful of high initiates of the third initiation and up.Spiritual polarization begins at around [2.5] degrees initiate and continues up until one becomes a Master of Wisdom at the fifth [5.0] initiation.For more information on initiations then go to [List of].Mental polarization begins at about [1.6]and is the point where man begins to create powerful thought forms that are clear and well defined,as well as fit vehicles for high and spiritual ideas that are all inclusive and very powerful when it comes to the evolutionary Plan for the destiny of our world.

For the first time in 95,000 years we are to have the great elder brothers of humanity inspiring all peoples of the world to construct a coming high civilization that will be based on love,brotherhood ,and as well as the sharing of the worlds resources.We all must come to the realization that we are all men and woman of one humanity and that we must demonstrate this fact onto the physical planes,and in this way it is no spiritual pipe dream or some kind of fantasy, for this coming event is of a very real nature ,and one that is now at this time making an impact all over the world.

The days of the false prophets are now coming to an end as the Lord Maitreya and his beloved disciple in whom we know as the Master Jesus will be apart of the first group of Masters who will make themselves known to all humanity.There are at this time about 40 Masters now walking the earth and are deeply involved with their work of helping mankind to live a life of meaning and of the survival of all that is virtuous in man.The time is coming when we all will see a world going through a metamorphism, and will learn to soar high up into the heavens and into the divine celestial spheres that forever will remain our true home,and some how we all will find our way home. My Loving blessings are forever with you all my dear friends. Godspeed to all who work at bringing the Great Plan alive upon this man bearing planet.Take your brothers need as the measure of your action, and solve the problems of the world .misery,sexuality,and so forth ,will come back into equilibrium.

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