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                                                         THE SEMINAL ATOMIC CONSCIOUSNESS


Cleve Backster, made scientific research with sperm particles and found that "The sperm cells were found to be  extraordinary capable because seemed to identify to your donor  and react to his presence, ignoring the other s** male subjects.  These observations suggest indicate a kind of total memory that reaches the cell, and therefore that the brain may be a switch mechanism but not necessarily an organ for store memories. "


We clarify here that for effects  of the Great Work, must not be removed or even a small drop of the sacred sperm of our body, as these processes of transmutation take place within our own human laboratory. Fornication It's serious (seminal ejaculation in any ratio or amount), as well as adultery, for the alchemist: Could burn the laboratory and ruin  the Great Work  for life ...


From the opening paragraph, remove this conclusion: sperm cells, its atomic and subatomic constitution, also have  his own conscience. And if the seed of Man, is the most select that are in this beautiful machine, there is also the most Select   of the Atomic Consciousness.


Know that there lives the Alchemist Atoms of the Great Work is REQUIRED to become aware of the huge responsibility we have to our seed and urgent necessity to know the ATOMIC  DIVINE LAWS directing the Alchemical process.


He could not, therefore, an experimenter monster of the materialistic science, massively and harmony, without violence, subject the DIVINE ATOMIC LAWS to  their whims of Laboratory "... Science without Conscience"


In the sacred sperm are Atoms godlike very high:


In the sacred books of the East, among others, there are some that are known by the name of "Upanishads" In "Brihadaranyaka Upanishad" printed in the University of Oxford, on page 136, Volume 1, reads as follows:


"He who dwells in the Semen and within the Semen, the Semen know not, whose body is the Semen, the semen does not know, whose body is  the Semen and governs the Semen from the inside, this is the YES , inside dominator , the immortal; Invisible, but seer ; Inaudible, but  listener; Imperceptible, but perceiver; Unknown, but knower. There is no other seer out of it, no other listener out of it, no other perceiver out of it. This is your YES, inside sovereign, the immortal. Everything else is wrong. "


The Fire of the Holy Spirit has for living space the Water of the Holy Sperm. It is for this reason that in "The Gnostic Gospel of Philip" the texts of Nag Hammadi, is written: "Semen of the Holy Spirit."


It is vital that the Alchemist  understand that should not to spill even   a drop of the sacred sperm is due, as shown in the "MUTUS LIBER" (an old edition) Plate No. 14 in the end appears Perrenelle (wife of Nicholas Flamel) showing  if the mercury drops outside the container, ie if ejaculated, is not get  indicated unity  on the plate by her husband, but the horns (a symbol of impurity and demonic work) indicated by the gesture of Perrenelle.


It is well known that one of the terms is called the Prime Matter is "Antimony" Comes very great interest regarding what Basil Valentine, in his "Triumphal Chariot of Antimony"  express  let´s reference to it:


"Know, then, the readers, that all things have in themselves the -operative and vivifying Spirit which dwells in the bodies, nourishes and preserves them . The Spirits of the elements are not lacking, that they live by God's will, whether good or bad. Humans and other animals have in it the living and working Spirit  which leaving, corpses are  those. The herbs and plants contain in itself the Spirit of  health would otherwise be useless to the medical use or its preparation Also, Metals and Minerals carry their  impalpable Spirit, which containing all the power and virtue of those, because without the Spirit  things are dead and not showing any enlivening operation itself. Know Well (the reader) that THE SPIRIT IN THE ANTIMONY IS  which all things in it are hidden and that it is is extracted , he leads them, but invisibly, as in the magnet (mercury) is hidden a  invisible virtue , which in my Treatise on the Magnet, I will try  broadly. The Spirits are of two kinds: Intelligent and unintelligent. The Intelligent ones , endowed with reason, when they want are understandable and incorporeal, as are the inhabitants of the elements, being some seductive fiery fires, other lucid ghosts: air, air inhabitants, the aquatic possessing waters, and also the land that are appearing in mines of metals, called men of such mines. These spirits understand, KNOW THE ARTS and can change his form ... "


"The other Spirits of the world and are surprised not spontaneously are those hidden  in man, animals, brutes, plants and minerals, which have operating life, which is demonstrated by its operations and with the power to heal, when, for the sake of art are separated from their bodies. Also, THE SPIRIT OF ANTIMONY demonstrates and communicates the men its virtue "


That is why our VM Samael Aun Weor  that is by the way the Planetary Logos of Planet Mars in his "Treatise of Sexual Alchemy" says emphatically:


"23--In the Semen  exist an Angelic Atom that governs our seminal vapors".


" 24--That Angelic Atom  rises the vapors of our semen into the spinal canal, for the Angel (atomic  in us) redwood forest use it to open the door Inferior of the medulla, so that the divine Princess Kundalini get in from there "


In "The Creation of the  Intimate Psychological Sun or The Doctrine of Direct Path"  VM Samael Aun Weor, regarding the nature of Antimony, teaches:


"The Antimony is not merely a substance as pretend many. In Alchemy Antimony goes further. It is one of the autonomous and self-conscious part of our own Being inasmuch as our own Being has many autonomous and self-conscious parts. Antimony is one of them, is an Alchemist (our atomic Alchemist) That part works actively fixing Gold into Mercury ".


Here, then, in the Sacred Sperm, is the Atomic Alchemist, THE SPIRIT OF ANTIMONY  by Basil Valentine. Right there in the Semen are other Atomic intelligences , some subordinates  to Antimony and others that have  higher  hierarchy than this one . But all these atomic parts godlike, working hand in hand in the Great Work, provided the practitioner does the work well done and according to the canons of the Holy Alchemy.


Fulcanelli, appealing to the Kabbalah Phonetics, suggests this mystery of Antimony at the end of Chapter IV of "Louis D 'Estissac"


"One of the important characters of Pantagruel, the scientist, is called Epistemon. And the Secret craftsman the spirit locked in a crude material (common mercury or first mercury), translated the Epistemon (Antimony) Greek, because this spirit is able by itself to execute and perform the entire work, with no other contest than the elemental fire. "


Where, in another section says:


"We must still, questioning nature to learn from it and under what conditions the rule which will operate its many productions. The philosophical spirit would not be able, in effect, to be content with a mere possibility of identifying the bodies, but it demands the knowledge of the secret of its preparation.


 Transcribing the invaluable and unique teaching of V.M. ARCHANGEL Samael Aun Weor, in his latest book "The Pistis Sophia Unveiled" transmitted us:


"(James is the blessed patron of the Great Work.)"


"(Who Study of the Universal Epistle of James will understand the principles of the Great Work.)"


"(The Father of all Lights through to our own   Inner James teaches the mysteries of the Great Work.)"


"(It is therefore James, one of the autonomous and self-aware part of our own Being.)"


"(James-Mercuries, is closely related to the  transmuting Science  of Yesod-Mercury)"

 Let´s make a little parenthesis here for the well of the beloved readers it is important to explain a little about what Jesod is according the TREE OF LIFE  such is  10 Hebraic Kabalistic Sephirots: going from the top to the bottom and that goes like this: KETHER : The Ancient of the days “ , the first LOGOS , SUPREME CROWN. Second is CHOKMAH:  the Wisdom, second LOGOS, THE SON-THE COSMIC CHRIST. Third is BINAH: the Intelligence, third LOGOS: THE HOLY SPIRIT. This form the first triad and is LOGOIC whose gravitational center is in KETHER. That is a mathematic point in the unalterable Infinite Inmense, Space. After the Divine Triangle comes the second one formed by: CHESED, the Innermost ,the Royal Being, the Love: ATMAN from where emanate the two polarities that are: GEBURAH: The Female Soul, the Divine Soul: BUDDHI.  the other one is the Human Soul that is THIPHERET( the one encarnated ) this second tried is ETHIC. This triangle is of the Pure Spirit: the Indostanic Trimurti that is: ATMAN, BUDDHI, MANAS, The gravitational center is in THIPHERET that matches with the Causal Plane. Twin flames… This Triangle is Known as the Triangle of the Son just for the reason that the Second Logos: usually manifest through the Human Soul. The Third Triangle is formed by: NETZAH that is the Mental Body : Victory, then comes HOD: The Astral Body: Splendor. The comes JESOD: Etheric Body: Fundamental: Sexual Basic Principal of the Universal Life . and is the MAGIC Triangle, because here is performed the Higher Magic. MALCHUD is the ten Sephirots that is the Physical Body: Kingdom.



"(The Fundamental book of the" Great Work "that James takes in his hands, is the Apocalypse.)"


"(Unquestionably the Revelation is the book of wisdom that only understandable to the Alchemists)"


"(Only workers of the Great Work can understand the Apocalypse.)"


"(At the top chemistry, this is in Alchemy, is found the secret science of the Apocalypse .)"


"(The laws of the Superior chemistry, or Alchemy, the principles, the order of the Magisterium of Fire, are deposited in Revelation.)"


"(James within each of us is the blessed   Patron of the Great Work.)"


"(James is another autonomous and independent part of our own individual being.)"


"(Each of us has our own James.)"


Another section of the same work, the VM Samael says:


"(The spirit of the gold is in the  SACRED SPERM.)"


"(Antimony is a part of  the Being. Fixing the Great Alchemist gold in the Superior Existential Bodies of the Being)"


In her tight cathedra "Knowledge of Being"  VM Samael teaches:


"Unquestionably, there is one (a part of the Self) which is responsible for Alchemy and Alchemy and in Alchemy is called ANTIMONY , but this is not one of the twelve powers". (The twelve apostles atomic)


"What there is  a specialist in Alchemy, which, I am sure  obey the Antimony, which is precisely JAMES THE MAYOR, the Blessed Patron of the Great Work. He obeys Antimony, in the sense that it is ( James) transcendental charge of Alchemy, of the Great Work. "


The ATOMIC ANTIMONY  is the Great Alchemist of Notre Dame de Paris ...




"There is  not something hidden, that shall not be revealed: nor hidden thing, that shall not be known and come to light." (Luke 8:17)


But everything has its time and its measurement  because "Everything is beautiful in its time, and everything is tasty ripe."


Unveiling THE FUNDAMENTALS of the Great Work was RESERVED to whom corresponded . This work was strictly respected by Sons of Art, despite their deep longing for trespassing the imposed limits, in his love for humanity.


It is necessary,  before, to know  THE SEVEN TRUTHS, on the Budha Maitreya and Kalki Avatar  of the New Age of Aquarius sacred word, V.M.S.A.W.


"I, SAMAEL humble servant of the New Age (Aquarius) have taught only FIFTH TRUTH; Listen men ! : THE FIFTH TRUTH IS SEXUAL MAGIC. GABRIEL was the Avatar of the first race (The protoplasmic Polar Race); RAPHAEL was the second (the Hyperborean Race); URIEL was the third (the Lemur Race, formerly located in what is now the Pacific Ocean); MICHAEL was the fourth (Atlantic Race, which then occupied what is now the Atlantic Ocean); I, Samael Aun Weor AM THE AVATAR OF CURRENT FIFTH RACE (the Aryan Race, which began after the Flood); ZACHARIEL will be the sixth (the Koradhi Race ) and this means the ORIFIEL will be of the seventh  (the Lilliputian Raza) ".


"There are Seven Truths: I, Knowledge of pains and miseries of this world; II, knowledge of human fragility; III, knowledge of desire and sin; IV, knowledge of the human mind; V, the tree of knowledge (the Mysteries of S**); VI, human consciousness; VII, the tree of life (the BEING) "


"Are Seven AVATARS and Seven TRUTH , each teaches a terrible truth. JESUS ​​CHRIST is not Avatar, is more than all, is the Savior of the World, head of all souls, he confirms the teachings of the Avatars and expands. He will come at the height of the aquarium and shall confirm what Samael gave you so on in other races; then  the Kingdom of God will be accomplished as He declared to His servants the prophets. " ( biblically speaking)


Among the Sons of Mother Science, Alchemy, who came closest to touching this "unspeakable" Arcane was the Master  Fulcanelli; clear, not daring to pierce the veil of the Sanctuary. But let´s  that the student learns by the very Word of the Grand Master, city of Heliopolis, SOLAR MAN, which is in its priceless Works "The Mystery of the Cathedrals" and " Philosophal dwellings ":


"Ours is not to explain what the ARTIFICE used in the production PHILOSOPHICAL MERCURY. Feeling much, despite all we have to request the " sons of science" should imitate the example of the wise, who have tried prudently this famous WORD . "


"This explains why writters have been so reserved with respect to the PHILOSOPHICAL MERCURY whose successive phases the operator can follow, understand and manage their taste. If the technique claims a certain time and effort demand, as counterpart is extremely easily. Any layman who can keep the Fire the run as well as an expert alchemist. No special expertise is required or professional skill, but only the knowledge of a curious ARTIFICE constitutes the SECRETUM SECRETORUM “, which has not been revealed and probably never will be. "


"Before going further, let's say this ARTIFICE UNKNOWN - that from the chemical point of view should be qualified as absurd, ridiculous or ironic, because his inexplicable action defies scientific rule - marks the crossroads at which the alchemical science departs from science chemistry ".


"And the mystery surrounding our second operation is the largest of all, affecting the DEVELOPMENT OF PHILOSOPHICAL MERCURY, which has never been taught  openly ".


"However, our teachers in Art take good care to draw readers' attention to the difference between the existing fundamental vulgar calcination, as embodied in chemical laboratories, and practicing by the INITIATED in the cabinet of the philosophers. This is not done by a common fire, absolutely does not need the help of reverberatory , but requires the help of a hidden AGENT, a SECRET FIRE, which, to give an idea of ​​its shape, more like a water to a flame. This BURNING WATER  is the vital spark communicated by the Creator to inert matter; It is the SPIRIT locked in things ,the IGNEOUS RAY , imperishable, locked in the bottom of the dark , shapeless and frigid substance. We touch here the highest secret of the Work; and we would be happy to cut this Gordian knot in favor of the aspirants to our science - reminding, ow !, which detained us  with this same problem for over twenty years - if we were allowed desecrate a mystery whose  disclosure depends upon the FATHER  OF LIGHTS. Even if it pain us, we can only point out the pitfalls and advise, with the most eminent philosophers, perusing ARTEPHIUS (The Secret Book of Artephius) of PONTANO (Of Lapid Philosophic) and the work entitled EPISTLE OF IGNE PHILOSOPHORUM ".


Indeed, THE REVELATION OF THIS ARTIFICE was RESERVED TO THE LORD OF THE FIFTH TRUE, at FIVE OF SEVEN, To the AVATAR OF THE FIFTH RACE (the Aryan Race, which began after the Flood and will finished in order to make way for the sixth Race), the BUDDHA Maitreya, Venerable Master Samael Aun Weor.


The Lord of the Force, the RED CHRIST, V.M. ARCHANGEL Samael Aun Weor, with his WORD , vivid expression  of  the VERB INCARNATED , expressed as follows:


"Obviously, we must learn to prepare the MERCURY  OF THE WISES. The Secret of the preparation of Mercury was never revealed. Not Even Fulcanelli revealed. But TO THAT ONE THAT IS HERE WITHIN just within this insignificant, worthless person, HE HAS HAD TO DISCLOSE SUCH SECRET. Obviously the preparation KEY of the Mercury, is precisely in a delicate and simple ARTIFICE  that you already know. LINGAM-YONI CONNECTION WITHOUT EVER SHED THE GLASS OF HERMES TRIMEGISTO, the Thrice Great God Ibis of Thoth. This is all SECRETUM SECRETORUM  that serve of basement for the preparation of the Mercury of the Wises. "


Lucky will therefore be the Finder that draw near unto the Living Source of this teaching of the Master; more, I wretched than that, you change your birthright for a mess of pottage; will be even more undignified than that miserable having led the Throne of the Tem-ohp-ab, and appalled at the terrible mystery, was expelled from the sanctuary into the outer darkness where there is heard but the weeping and gnashing of teeth.


Hays, for here, at the Threshold  of the "Mysterium Magnum".


The Archangel Master Samael Aun Weor, in the fourteen chapters of the first part of this work and the first of the second, revels to us with a wise and simple language  and classic at once , processes the Philosophical Mercury in THE WORK OF THE SUN.


There the Master not only reveals himself as Great Scientist of HIGH NUCLEAR PHYSICS OF the Pharaonic School, but also as  ALCHEMIST OF FIRST ORDER.


True disciples of Hermes as "I Fratelli di Heliopolis" and "humble workman" will recognize this.




This is therefore the Doctrine of VM Samael Aun Weor: THE DOCTRINE OF THE DIRECT ROUTE IN THE WORK OF THE SUN.


It remains to convey the following:


"If you get yourself  at the ARCANE INTELLIGENCE will merit the title of Adept; but  know well: it would be in vain that the Wise Masters would like to reveal you the Supreme formulas of the Consciousness and Magic Power. The Hidden Truth could not be transmitted in a speech. Everyone should evoke, create and develop itself. You are IMITATUS, that is, the others have placed upon the Way. Strive to reach ADEPTUS, ie CONQUERING THE SCIENCE BY HIMSELF. In a word: THE SON OF HIS OWN WORKS ".

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