The Order of Melchizedek

I know the Commander and others here dont go super-in depth here, so I will offer the link to the information, as I am getting it.

The Order of Melchizedek

This 'The Order of Melchizedek' is beyond all that you see here. It isnt like the order of the golden dawn or Rosticru..

[I know Im massicre-ing the name here, but I cant spell it. ]

..(The RosenCross order??) or anything like  what Mr.Crowley found out about the OTO, either. I am begining to hear ties from the OTO to info I just got the other day.

Really dark and sedistic stuff, headed by the Draco shapeshifters and other dark Cabal members. Youd rather not know but need to be aware that our jobs here is hardly over and there are plenty to help both in and out of this worldy realm we live here. Many are still suffering at hands of dark ones. We have made it to the 5th Dimension I believe. The Angelic ones and others are here, as witnessed a few days ago on LIVE WEBCAMS throughout NYC.

All i said was Hello over the radio.

Today, the 4th, IS SPECIAL in another way...we have our SPIRITUAL FREEDOM as well.

Maybe joining with Lord Wolf was a part of this for me..I dont know.He's always seemed to have a Dark Side or appear out of nowhere when you least want him. Something about ANGELIC SPIRITUAL ORDER that appeals to me. Maybe some of you who have earned your wings as it were could elaborate more. You know each place I visit they try and show you around, let you know what to expect, you just dont hear much about this these days Im afraid.

Are people too afraid to love that all they see is harming one another and GREED and LUST? Is that the DESTRUCTION of this place that Lord Wolf sees here and tries to have us work with those in power here to avoid?

I wonder.

And I think there is either something worse gonna happen to wake these people up or the 5D/3D split is around the corner, and most of us are with the 5D side. Some of us have some time yet to learn it seems. I dont point fingers, but when we see others suffering and we just sand by, we hear cries like the other day and just say 'OH...this isnt higher good..its no use..'

Those are excuses to me.

You are telling me that you cannot help your brother or sister in SOME way, spiritual or otherwise? CMON. I know you better.You are here, at the Starseed site, at the Facebook site, with the FREE PRESS...CMON... I know you better.

Ascension 101:

Have you taken the class? Have you learned anything?

Theres two basic principals I see.


2) Help others either WAKE UP or see the light for what it is. Help those with lower vibrations see what you see so they too can be as high as you, if not higher. Both of which principles I see in other Religious orders not anywhere near as effective. Basic Chrisitianity at its best. DO you LOVE OTHERS as CHRIST did ? Your Neighbor? Your Star Family?

Have you even taken the class or just been along for the emotional joyride?

PROVE it. Your Final EXAM is being passed out.Some of you are failing it seems.

Its like Christianity says, try and 'reach out'. Am I asking you to beat Christ into someone? No. And if they ignore the messages of Love, its thier choice. But i see no offering here. What i see(is it me or the keypad here...cant type today..) What I see.. is this 'turning away'. And Pink Floyd sung about this. As a vet this disturbs me more than anything, this turning away. I get it at the VA all the time with the incompetent people on staff.

NO MORE TURNING AWAY. Dont let me see this again please. Im not here to deny people Heaven or whatever awaits.I will say that its a very slow and long road if you dont help your fellow people.

They dont have to be one of US to know what we are all about or represent.

It is the half-truths and dissinformation we must sort wheat from chaff, and some of you are disappointingly turning people in need away as disinformation, when this is not the case at all.

Use a technique I often see with the higher realms, and in the Federation a lot. SIT BACK and watch yourself think about the situation.Observe it from all angles. Dont be so quick to JUDGE. Observe your thought process. I do this sometimes in my sleep. And Im awake like a CAT half the time.Half in, half out.

Didnt the Commander have a lesson on this one? No. GOD had a lesson on this one. it was one of the Archangels ,If Im not mistaken. Someones needs to take heed. I hear a distress call going off LOUDLY. WHO is answering it?

Mother Sekmet gave you some of the tools you need. Do you even care? This really worries me.

I think we need another LOVE meeting.


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  • I agree.  No more turning away.  Our love and compassion must be active, not sitting on the couch with the remote control.

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