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Dr. Angela Barnett
[email protected]

We are in a new configuration of physical reality.

We have shifted into the frequency that belongs to us in 2017.

We have shifted into the reality that we are most harmonious with.

It feels like everything is going our way.

We start getting everything we want. There will be no pushing.

The doors just fly open.

We have a supreme lucky streak.

We create whatever we desire.

We create whatever we came to Earth to create.

Old scars will fade away.

We will feel and look younger every day.

We will become healthier each day.

We will watch old problems fade away.

We will see a new reality replacing those old memories when we melt the old away into the light.

Now we will feel support. It will be us with the help of the Wind of Change blowing us forward.

We have help from the Wind.

We have help from all of our multi dimensional selves on this side and the other side of the veil.

Things that were fought against will be accepted with compassion and consideration.

There will be a greater acceptance of things that were not considered correct by the masses.

Doors will open that never opened before.

We can live a long time now and we have help from the Crystalline Grids who have released the Time Capsules of our new Grand Reality.

We will no longer be sick. There will be no distress. There will be no more cellular disfunction.

Your inner self will be listening to you. Start talking to the cells in your body with affirmation of beauty. I am Beautiful.

Signals will be given from around you by spirit. You will be given direction to push on energy in order to see if the resistance leaves. Keep pushing and watch the energy change every day.

More and more doors will open.

The energies will open us into a new reality that will begin a new structure to develop in 2017.

2016 brought the frequencies that shift reality which started a mass awakening in the fall of 2016. The ascension will take place at that moment with those who have prepared for the ascension. The rest of the world will have an awakening.

The world will completely restructure itself in 2017. There will be a new consciousness on Earth.


Dr. Angela Barnett
[email protected]

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