The Necessity of having a Guide

Tossed about on a turbulent ocean of repeated birth and death

The embodied eternal  being is lost in a forest fire which is material existence.

The spirit soul that is embodied within a suit of flesh and blood has certain defects,

which prevent them from finding  the way out of  the blazing fire.

These defects are four in number:

The tendency to make mistakes-  who can say that they have not erred?

we repeatedly make errors--why because our sense perceptions are often imperfect.

The sense are imperfect--  we see only so far hear only much

If   given  opportunity we tend to cheat others.

We all cheat. When opportunity comes 

And we  tend towards illusion.

Because of these defects we  need guidance from a living tangible being who can help us

and can see through understanding and revealed lines of Knowledge how to get out of the maze we find ourselves in.

We call them teachers or gurus.

They are not invisible imaginary spirits but are real living people.

There is inner guides also but this inner guide must ring true with the outer guide.

The inner guide represents the outer teacher and is called the chaitya guru-   the guru within.

When you do something that is wrong or bad you can experience this guide from within.

Your heart starts pounding and you sweat you get physical signs and warnings.

Listen to them ,they are not accidental.

Now the outer teacher you might not like to listen to but your inner teacher is always there directing your wanderings.

We can have many outer teachers but listen most to the ones that ring true to our own heart.


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  • Thank you Hellenagreement-0.jpg

  • There is one special feature of Kali Yuga that is the glimmer of hope...


    The chanting of the holy names of god is a  sure fire way to speedily attain enlightenment.Any name of god is fine , but the names Hare Krishna and    Rama have special power.. otherwise how can so many people 

    be doing it and how is it spreading so rapidly?

    In previous yugas there were other systems .. beings had longer lives and more peacefulness and determination.

    There were yoga systems like ashtanga yoga hatha yoga meditation and others...

    but the current world is too disturbed.

    Its too difficult to find a quiet peaceful place to sit down and who can do all those excercises?


  • Tsongkhapa--- Yes the Kali Yuga can get much worse.The main symptoms are mercilessness which has already made its appearance.Kali Yuga is characterized by sinful activities. Mainly hoarding of gold and selfishness.

    People will lose stature and become three feet high like trolls.


    There will be scarcity of rains and no food grains to eat...

    People will take to eating their own children.

    Already they want the right to kill their own child in the womb if its too inconvenient..


    How much worse will it get ?... a lot worse.

  • The_Parable_of_the_Blind_Leading_the_Blind.jpg

    Chose wisely your guide...many have claimed to be "guides'" but unless you chose a being that knows the way out they are useless. A guide must be able to see spiritually the path...

    Just like a tour guide if he does not know where he is going and what lies ahead then it is doubtful they will help you to find your way.


  • i totally agree Eddy and thank you for sharing. 

This reply was deleted.

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