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THE NATURAL INTERSTELLARE CONNECTION LINES......there are connection lines between stars

If one draws a line between the gravity point in one star to the gravity
point of the next star,one normally gets the most efficient communication road
between this stars. This is also the shortest way. A star is in fact a living
creature with it's own consciousness. This consciousness is at a very high
engonic level (energyplain 6 or 7). On this levels there are
connection lines between the stars. This lines exist also on lower
energyplains but they are originally created at energyplain 6 or 7. This
connection lines connects directly and indirectly all the stars in the galaxy
together. They work in the great perspective as channels for the collective
consciousness belonging to the galaxy. A thought can travel along this
channels between the stars. A thought can travel via a star to reach it's
destination. The via star can in this case act as a repeater. This repeaters
can join it's own thoughts with the original thought,creating a more complex
thoughtpattern. This will at the end increase the intelligence in the
galactic thought process. There are similar connection lines between different
galaxies. This intergalactic lines are connected to each other in the gravity
centres of the galaxies. Star thoughts can be sent to other galaxies because
the stars are inside the galactic aura. The sum of all the star thought builds
up the galactic consciousness. The sum of thoughtpattern from a planet can
influence the starthoughts of the star the planet orbits. This will again
influence this star thought communication with other stars. In the end it will
have a influence of the galactic mind. A communication between on planet i one
solar system to another planet in another solar system can be routed via a
connection line between the planet and its sun. The the sun can act as a
relaystation routing the communication on the communication line between the
stars until it reach the receiver sun. From this sun the communication are
routed to the receiver planet. This communication road functions with great
amount of data and information on higher engonic levels. The information can
be at such a spiritual level affording the stellar logos to link it because of
this logos high spiritual development. It exist another way to communicates
via this connection lines. This is the indirectly modulated way. The
disadvantage here are that the communication only can occur by certain star
constellations between the 2 solar systems. The principle here is that the 2
planet must be at the same time in the line between the planet suns. On uses
here the interstellar connection line as a carrier modulated by a sort of AM
modulation. The information will then be transported on lower energyplains
than the original information travelling along the connection line. This will
prevent interference with the star thoughts. Creatures living on a planet can
be influenced by the starthoughts in the channel when the planet pass into it.
Person with high spiritual development can read the starthoughts travelling
between the stars. They usually only reads the information exchanged between
the neighbour stars. It happens that connection lines are not in use. In this
case there are no high energy waves travelling along that line. It's then
nothing to modulate on. If a planetary logos ask it's solar logos,it happens
that the solar logos put's up a interstellar connection line with only
carrier. This carrier can be used by the planetary logos for modulation. The
planetary logos can communicate directly interstellar,but usually the
information are routed via the interstellar connection lines between it's sun
and other stars. The channel set up by a solar logos has greater strength than
a channel directly established by the planetary logos. The Earth will be in
modulating position to different stars at different times during the year.
The maximal communication window to a star can last until a month. Certain
types of spaceships use the energy in these connection lines for generating
propulsion forces. This ships will then ride along this lines. The most
common method is that the ship creates it's own "line" between itself and the
target star. If one uses the natural lines the amount of highenergy are
greater ,allowing the ship to go faster. By spacetravelling to other galaxies
it's a advantage if one can use the energy inside a galactic connection line.
This would simplify the construction of the spacecraft. Interstellar
communication lines can cease to exist and new one can be created by the
nature for specific purposes.

This starsystem are a communication connection point for our part of the
galaxy. The Sirius hierarchy has a superior responsibility for the
development in our solar system. In December every year ,the Earth pass trough
the interstellar connection-line between the Sirius-system and the Sun. By
certain methods it's possible in this timeperiod to establish communication
between the Earth and the Sirius-system. It's possible that Jesus Christ was
transferred from the Sirius-system to Earth by this connection line. The
pyramid of Cheops is a great antenna who can send and receive waves on higher
engonical plains. It can have the same function a radiotelescope has on our
energyplain. The construction of the pyramid enabled the energies from the
Sirius system to be focused inside it at the right time. This worked in
ancient times,but the movement of the landscapes on Earth has disabled this
now. The communication line between the Sirius-system and the Sun passed right
through the pyramid at the maximum peak of energy. The energy was condensed in
the kings chamber inside the pyramid. If a person was in the chamber during
this,the frequency in the person was changed to a higher engonic level. The
person would then mentally be connected to the Sirius-system. It was possible
to teleport bodies between Sirius and Earth at the energy peak from and to the
pyramid. This teleport could occur on all energyplains (the physical
natureplain included). Usually the etherical body and higher was the subject
for teleport. With this in mind the Egyptian kings was laid in the pyramid
just after their death. They hoped that their higher bodies would be
teleported to the Sirius-system preventing them from reincarnation on Earth.
To day the geological condition has changed so the energypeak inside the
pyramid are not intense enough. The use of the pyramid can today not be as it
was before. The Earth magnetic field has moved according to the pyramid. This
will also cause in a lower energipeak inside the pyramid than it was before.
Today the communication line between the Sirius-system and the Sun peaks at
the Titicaca lake. Under this lake one of the most important UFO bases on
Earth are located. It's possible that crew exchanges on this base can take
place when the Sirius energy peaks inside it. Then it's possible to teleport
directly from and to the Sirius-system. When the pyramid was in use for that
purpose on can think that both the Earth and a Sirian planet was entering into
the connection line at the same time. On the
Sirian planet was it a pyramid with exactly the same height as the Cheops
pyramid. A pyramid emits waves who's wavelength is half of the height of the
pyramid. This waves exists at a higher energyplain where they travel faster
than the speed of light. The teleporting was achieved in the moment the 2
pyramids pointed at each other. If one builded a pyramid in space this could
be set to have permanent peak of sirian energies,by placing it in an orbit
around the sun who corresponded with the connection line between the
Sirius-system and the sun. It would be an
advantage if a black h*** with a diameter of 5 Cm was placed under the
pyramid at correct distance. A artificial magnetic field must also had been
made around the spacepyramid. If the pyramid is placed on a planet,the planet
itself acts as a mass point. The advantage in using a small black h***,is that
the energy will condense more intense in the kings chamber. This because the
black h*** has more gravitational intensity.

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Comment by Krishna Kalki on November 29, 2011 at 4:30am
This is very interesting and new information that I never thought existed....not even in my dream


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