The Miracle of Forgiveness and the Illusion of Separation

The Miracle of Forgiveness and the Illusion of Separation

By BenArion,

(This is NOT a channeling)

I know that I am responsible for my projections towards people and circumstances, no one else. You can heal the Duality Mind and this is what this article will hopefully bring forth, and hopefully some resistance too, because then I am serving My fellow brothers and sisters. Love is about forgiveness. With this article I want to broaden your horizons of Belief. I want to go beyond the "talks" about the Galactic Federation and the Cosmic awakening. I want to dive into what I will call "Hardcore Spirituality".

People often just hear what they want to hear, we can only see and hear what we want accept within our frames of perspective, and we tend to reject anything else as untrue or even dark. This is duality. In fact duality is also just an illusionary idea. We believe that there are right and wrong things within this world, when it’s actually a Grand unconscious mind Soap-opera. People act and behave as they do because they don't fully understand that we are One Mind playing that we are Different Ego-minds.

People feel threatened because they believe that what they are can be taken away from them, but it cannot, it is an illusion.

I am warning you that this is going to be a hardcore article, and some will not like it. What you see within this world is an illusion, yes you say the word illusion because it’s not real, because it’s not truth. A dream is filled with what we call dream symbols, and you know that all of these symbols show you what you believe about yourself. We really think that all the Hate and differences is someone else, but it’s our unconscious mind projecting itself. Do you feel guilt or afraid of your own unconscious mind? This is what makes it so real, because you feel afraid and you feel it can hurt you. But if you know that what you see is within you, you can choose to forgive what you see and feel, because it's not yours. It's your belief that you are separated from GOD, which makes you feel guilt and fear.

If you did have a “so called” conscious dream at night, would you engage and believe in all the "Dream symbols" appearing in front of you? Within this dream you could think, “oh no I'm a victim and I believe in what I see”, but you may realize that what you see is a projection of your own mind, and when you discover that within the dream you would tell yourself, “but wait I'm not here, I'm at home in my bed and I'm safe…so I will forgive these Images within my mind”.

And you may also tell someone within your dream that you are safe, because you are not there, they may look at you and say "you're crazy". This is how reality is; it’s not more real or unreal than a dream. You think you're “here” but you’re just a projection of mind, you are actually with GOD, Always.

In the moment when you realize that you are the dreamer you know that you are the cause of it and not a victim, so you change focus. But if you're unconscious of the realization that you're dreaming, you will believe in your own projections and feel lost within them. Someone who has awakened from the dream will still be within the dream world, but not "of" it as you say. So wake up from Your OWN DREAM!

Freedom is knowing that "Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lays the peace of God." (From the Teachings of a Course in Miracles)

Everything you see out there in the world is actually a representation of your conscious and unconscious mind in symbols. Those events, people, and circumstances that make you feel horrible or disgusted are actually a part of your inner suppressed unconscious mind, and you think that it's a separate mind outside of yourself, but it’s actually a mirror for what is within you, but you project your Guilt, Fear, and Judgment towards these outer events, because it makes you feel better about it, because it’s not yours. You are only judging yourself, a part of yourself that you don't want to acknowledge within you. Your mind won't be healed through judgment or guilt.

There is no guilt and there is no Judgment in truth. That is something we made up.

You think on one level that you would not do what you see your brothers and sisters do to each other, but in truth it's in your unconscious mind revealing itself in events, but you've denied it’s there; you think it’s separate from you. So instead of you acting these fears out within your life, you see it "outside" yourself as someone else doing it. The only way to be freed from what you don't like, the hatred and so on, is to forgive what you see around you, because this will heal your unconscious mind, and it will be taken care of for the highest good of all. This is Applicable on every level. Forgiveness is the Key. You transmute the collective Mind through Forgiveness because the Mind is Holographic in nature.

All the Wars, all the hatred on this planet, is actually a part of your unconscious mind that you view as another part or “angle” of yourself in the One Mind acting out all of your inner fears, darkest beliefs, and so on. You can’t escape it by Blaming the “other”. Separation is just an illusion, even distance, time and space is illusion, but this Experience, here and now is "designed" this way, to make it feel "real". It's not unreal, but it’s not real either. Can your mind grasp this....that it is both? It’s neither this nor that, this is also a trick of the mind.

Do you think you will be free from the illusion of duality if you continue to believe in separation?

You see Fragmented parts of your own mind within this world; bring them back to yourself through forgiveness. Judgment will only keep you stuck in the illusion of separateness. There are no others, there is only one mind, fragmented into what seems as different "minds" or souls. These are only symbols or words, people call our individual experience a lot of different things. It’s like different companies, selling the same products, but they "have different" logotypes.

GOD does not promote itself through any advertising agency, but GOD will help you to Find your-self within Duality through all of the Symbols available. This is Why forgiveness helps you to "un-brand" the mind, going back to a Naked state of being-ness, beyond labels and Concepts. So you will be given the Symbols you need to "Awaken" from the dream of separateness. You are here to Find that you are YOUR OWN HOME and that what is outside yourself is within you. Duality is just a Grand play that we've gotten lost in, because we think it's separate from us.

The Ego mind is like the Most awesome Advertising agency on the Planet, it wants to brand everything, with its own Motion picture commercials, logotypes, packages, colors and so on, and make something to become what it is not. It’s only a "Fancy" wrapping that we very easily get lured into. People don't want to hear that all of what you see in the world is illusions. There are a lot of companies on planet earth today that package their products so that they look great, but in truth they are Really Empty and shallow, with no value at all, we only give it value due to our inner projections. It's a Great Trick! The illusions of the separated ego-mind is no different, it will do everything to keep you stuck in this idea that the world is "real" and important.

Enlightenment is when you can be in this world but not “of” it, and you can see your brothers and sisters as another you.

We all are afraid of accepting that the world is just an illusion, and we all think that the problem is someone else's. People cannot be Awakened from the dream too quickly, they would not be ready to accept it, they would actually want to return to the "dream" rather than wake up, because they are not ready to let go of it. It is as it should be. Ascension is just an experience of Evolving into more Graceful and harmonious states of being, but it’s still just an expression, it’s not more real or unreal than any other experience, it’s just different levels of awareness. You are like an Icebreaker working with spirit within consciousness, you make it easier for other people to "access" their hearts and awaken. We talk a lot of energies, that's beautiful, but god is Even Beyond energy.

We don't want to hear that our lives are an illusion, because we have invested so much belief in our body and this world, and even beyond this world. We should put our Trust and Hearts in GOD within us.  That is eternal.

It’s not wrong to be physical, but you will become more "lightened up" as you say and play with it, as it should be. Because you know that GOD is your true State and your physical state is just a play expressing itself as symbols. What you see as someone else doing something you don't like and can’t agree with is actually another you, projected from what looks like a different perspective. So all the Blame-Fear Projections you make towards these people’s actions is actually towards yourself.

You are that part of yourself that you don't like out there. Your only way to become Free, is to Forgive. Would you ever judge your Brothers and Sisters that are you? There are no exceptions to this truth. All hate within this world is actually a call for Love, so you can love what you "think" you see by forgiving it.

This reality is like a "movie" being filmed from many different angles, where each mind is a unique camera angle. The mind is like an advanced Movie projector.

Would you judge yourself if you knew that every angle was a part of "you" within this movie called life? It doesn't really matter who is right and who is wrong, it’s all illusionary costumes to trick the mind.

Some people aren't ready right now to hear that this world is "made up" and an illusion, and that we have to change the dream, to correct it. It will still be a dream, but what if you decided to wake up from the Dream and understand that you are the dreamer of this universe and even beyond? What if you could forgive everyone, no matter what they had done?

This is not something you learn in one day, it’s something you practice until it becomes a habit, and eventually you don't have to forgive anymore, because you are forgiveness and Love. Through forgiveness you change the whole world. One little event of forgiving someone, will cause ripples in the Eternal NOW moment throughout all "Timelines". Your spiritual awakening is about stepping out of time by choosing forgiveness, and realizing that there is no one out there that has done anything wrong that you should judge.

Judgment holds you here like Glue, it makes it even more real, but by forgiving you will be Free, and you will come home to the ONE heart of God. You will not find truth in the World of Forms, Gurus, or Ascended Masters. The Masters know that they are simply way showers to GOD; they speak to your heart as One, not to the Ego. There are many symbols for your own awakening. You have to forgive everyone and therefore "heal" the illusion of separation. Either you choose to see everyone and everything as "separate" or you choose to look through the eyes of Christ. Christ isn't a religious statement that is owned by Christianity.

Christ is just a Symbolic word for Our oneness in God. The illusion works that way; it will always do its best to lure your mind into being occupied by duality and into thinking that good and bad is the True nature of God. God cannot be anything other than Whole, Complete, Love, One. But the Ego projects its own guilt and fears onto others, because it’s not willing to Forgive its own "illusions" of separation. It feels a lot better to blame someone else, which you will think is Freedom. As long as you continue to blame anyone for anything, you will not be Free, you will be glued to duality and separation.

Forgive yourself every time you run into what we call "obstacles". This so called obstacle is merely a symbol for your unconscious mind. It’s a mirror and it will show you what you need to forgive to "feel whole".

It’s like healing you're unconscious fragmented mind….it is done through forgiveness.

Yes, everything in the world that we see as moving images is just "symbols" for our conscious and unconscious collective mind. Just like a dream, when we dream of things we fear, we will see it as "symbols" in our dreams, but it’s just a dream, would you really consider what you experience in a dream, as real? You would know it was your mind that projected itself into a Dream, and within a dream, you don't see with your eyes, you see with your mind, because you are in your bed sleeping. If you could become aware that you are in a dream (conscious dreaming), you would forgive everyone, because you would know that what they do is not "real". It feels real because it was designed this way, but this reality is Mostly empty, we give meaning to the Symbols, by projecting our inner "values" onto them and call it real. It's just a projection of our mind.

We perceive dimensions as higher or lower, but really there are no higher or lower dimensions, just different states of "awareness". Cosmic beings in the 5th dimensional consciousness are more aware that we are all one, and know that the body is also not real, only Spirit is real.

We are great story tellers and yes, the Earth has a plan, but it's up to each and everyone what Dream they choose to manifest...So there will be as many Dreams as there are "minds". The "goal" is to re-mind the minds that we are all the same mind, and that we are One, and to wake up from the Dream and LIVE WITH GOD Beyond time and illusion, but we may project our self into "this world" to support our Brothers and Sisters, because we love to play. Life is a play, some take it very serious and some take it very lightly...What matters is your Relation to GOD, and not the relation to the physical world.

The ascension of this earth is a wonderful event, but it’s just like any other dream, a more aware dream. You can totally wake up from this dream, as you would wake up in your bed, and realize that it was just something you "temporarily" engaged in…And realize you never left god, because you are not in this world, as it would seem, you think you are within this world and that you are doing things, but in fact you are IN GOD, and projecting yourself into this world, just as you dream something at night, but you're truly in your bed.

You can’t find "IT-THE TRUTH" in the world of duality. It’s just a mind-distraction, A never ending Rabbit Hole that will keep you busy with all kinds of illusions.

What you see and experience within this world as divided is your Golden opportunity to forgive and move beyond the illusion of effect and start to understand that you are the Cause of it. Your mind cannot hold onto things within this world that have been forgiven. It will simply "be undone". You engage in something you think is Real, but it’s just a Symbol of your divided mind. How you look upon others is how you will look upon yourself. There is no Other self, there is just I AM.

You will become so humble that you understand that you know nothing about anything, and let go of what you see as True or Untrue in the world, because you know that LOVE IS WITHIN YOU and this is what you will be sharing, no matter what people may think or not think. You're living in an illusion, trying to teach people what truth is with illusionary symbols, is quite funny. But a teacher always gives hints and points towards the Self, where everything stems from.

Imagine that you wear two pairs of glasses at the same time, do you see though the Clear glasses of "spirit" or do you choose to look through the "illusionary splintered mind"?

Whatever we want to escape from cannot be accomplished if we are not ready to truly forgive. It's is your judgment and blame that makes it real. Forgiveness is a miracle that will enter your life.

All things I'm speaking about are metaphoric symbols as written text, and are not representing truth in any way. Images and words cannot mirror truth, they can just "point" the way towards what is already within you. Words are duality, words are limited, so understand that I'm humble towards you as a reader, you are the Way and you are the Light and I know you.

The word Dream can be interpreted in many ways. To dream can feel real or unreal; it all depends on your perspective. When you are aware of your GOD nature, it will not matter anymore, you will be in the WORLD but NOT OF IT as you say, you will only be love and heal the world by your simple presence, because GOD will shine through you. You aren't afraid that nothing is real or unreal, because you will Be so "in the moment", like an innocent child traveling through eternity. You are a CHRIST, a Child of God. Yes this sounds really "biblical", but I can’t put it any other way, so don't misinterpret it.

You will truly start to see other people for who they are by listening from your heart without your Ego trying to gain attention by being in the spotlight to feel important.

You will care for people and they will feel that. Your "self" is unimportant. You will give from a space of unconditional love, not from a limited Ego idea of love.

You can only find true peace within yourself, not in the world, therefore always forgive. People who don’t feel good are too attached to the Ego and the World. I have gone through it and I won’t go into details, but I’ve received my "part" of forgiveness lessons and what it taught me was SIMPLY: Only Love is Real.

We think life is about energy and different dimensions, but energy is illusion, just as "this world" is an illusion. It’s a part of this universal "dream". There is an even Greater Dream beyond this universe. People are afraid of the idea that this world is not real, because it seems so real. When you have a dream at night, and when you wake up, you just say to yourself "everything is fine"; it was just a dream and go about your day. You may reflect on the symbols within your dream and you will "interpret" the symbols depending on your state of consciousness.

Yes, we will have brighter and more aware experiences of our GOD nature throughout myriads of worlds and experiences, but the only TRUTH that IS cannot be found in symbols within the world, only if you can forgive the world, will you Be free and not limited to projections within a Dream world.

Ascension is not about going somewhere else or changing anything, it’s about waking up from the dream and "helping" others to wake up from the dream, and helping them realize that we are ONE, playing that we are many. It's so simple, because in Oneness there is nothing to Change, it doesn't matter what you work with, because it’s not real, it’s just you who wants it to be real. You can wake up from the dream of Judgment and separation. How much you even want to change people and get them to understand they will reject and even deny your help. It’s called unconditional love to accept this, to Be LOVE, but to not force it onto others. People will get all they need from Sprit when they are ready, through their guides... etc.

For in fact it is We who actually help ourselves, we think we get help from someone out there, like a guide or a friend, but it is you who are giving yourself help. Separation is the biggest illusion there is, it’s like the biggest trick you can think of, but it’s also a Beautiful gift as long as you live within it consciously through your heart. The Duality mind will always create "extraordinary" things to make you believe that the world is truth.

All the levels of reality are really spectacular but they are just "symbols" for Truth.

You can’t go anywhere else, because there is nowhere else. It’s the space-time illusion that creates our “so called” reality, there is no “out there”, there is no Other one...

You are already there, and this can be realized through the practice of forgiveness, because this will help you to release the glue between you and your ego and connect you with the Truth of the I AM. So it’s actually a gift for me, if you judge me, because then I AM something that you can forgive, and we can be ONE. I won’t judge you for judging me, I forgive you.

Remember that a lot of what we hear in channelings etc. are just symbols that we are ready to hear and can "act" from. It’s either true or untrue; it’s just a "mirror" for our minds, so we can confirm what we believe in. But I think it’s time for you to believe in yourself and do what a master would do. Right now, it does not have to be anything fancy, just something you Love. You cannot fail in your mission, that’s also an Ego idea, that we can fail and do something wrong.

We are sleeping Christ beings, all of us. But we have put a lot of layers onto it, like, you are a “starseed”, you are an “indigo”, and so on, but we need some kind of Symbolic language to communicate with, and the Different Councils within this universe know this. They have to give us "Symbols", because they cannot give us truth that we will understand.

You will come to understand that forgiveness will make you wake up from the "collective dream" and that there are multitudes of Worlds dreaming itself into being through eternity.

So which Dream are you dreaming, and what dream do choose to participate in? Or you may even choose to awaken from the dream completely? Through forgiveness we Unwrap the layers of denial and Judgment. LOVE is your TRUE home, all else is illusion.

The Ashtar Command and the Galactic Federation are symbols projected from our Collective mind. I know the Ashtar Command cannot be offended, because they Know that Labels are only tools for consciousness, it does not have value, it’s just a way to reach us. I am well connected with Ashtar Command, but it’s nothing that my EGO clings to, it’s a heart to heart contact, which is beyond judgments, labels, and names.

People are frightened and love to have Labels given to them, but that’s also an illusion. Labels aren’t real; they are only a Costume worn by Christ. Dreams don’t limit themselves, dreams are eternal and there are as many ways as we have imagination.

I’m actually "Voting" for Open contact with our galactic brothers and sisters, they are a reflection of us. They ARE US. And they also know that we are the "voters", and we vote through our hearts. Galactic Civilizations throughout all dimensional planes know that they are an eternal spark of the ONE. They also know that there are as many realities as there are Divided Minds or Souls. You will find peace in the knowing that there isn’t just One way to experience.

We are here on earth to "Dream" what we want into "reality". And people will continue to dream and create separation until they are ready to FACE THEMSELVES and wake up. Reality is just a definition and an agreement, and we will create new agreements of what Life is in a "higher" expression, and therefore experience a broader perspective of WHAT IS.

This is what is happening now on earth. As a collective mind we will rise to the occasion and express our self within another tune or level of all that is. But remember that what we experience is still projections and isn’t where you will find truth. It’s just that we co-create in oneness instead of duality.

Some really think that there is only ONE way and that all else is Wrong. You will even wake up from the dream we call the universe, and move beyond ALL dimensions, TIME AND SPACE, and be Aware of the Dream we call you and me and all the others. Some people really enjoy to Live in Duality and all its Dramas, they love it and wouldn’t want to leave it no matter what, and there is nothing wrong in that, others will feel that they don’t need it anymore and want to Create and experience other things. So ascension is for those who are ready, it’s nothing "super special" that will be forced on anyone. It’s just a natural thing.

Yes the mind is caught in duality and through judgment we make it real and we stay focused in this world. Forgive yourself and forgive the world, I mean true forgiveness. This will loosen the glue of the Ego and you will KNOW GOD. I will repeat myself, because it’s needed, the mind needs to hear things many times to get it as you say. People believe that there is a Good way and a Bad way to live life, but none of these are real, only LOVE IS REAL. GOD IS, and is even beyond the concept of energy and this "temporary" universe.

Just because this life is like a "dream world" does not mean it’s better to live in a higher dimension than here and now. Higher and lower are also Illusions. All the tools, like meditation, crystals, and mantras are only tools towards self-realization, that GOD IS. You will find your way home through forgiveness.

But we have to realize things step by step from the Level we are at now, creating from our hearts, but I’m just pointing to the "GOD THAT IS" as a re-minder. I’m not saying don’t care about this world, I’m just saying that there are Many levels of truth. I know within my heart that there are no Ultimate truths, and GOD IS.

Everything you believe about others, everything you project at others come from your mind and has nothing to do with the world. People will "play" their roles in this dream until they are tired of it and understand that it’s not real, that Duality is just an "unending game" projected by the Ego-mind. Don’t wait for any revolutionary changes, BE the revolutionary change yourself and Forgive the world and yourself and "return" to GOD. You won’t stop existing, but you will not be glued to Duality any longer and become lost within it, you will BE IN THIS WORLD BUT NOT OF IT. This is Ascension.

If you become angry when reading this forgive yourself and start from there, whatever comes to you when reading these words has nothing to do with the words, it’s a projection from your mind...Forgive yourself and you will become aware of the "illusion". It doesn't matter if I’m right or wrong, what matters is that you can forgive it and know that truth isn’t found in words or physical symbols, IT IS within You.

You will become like Jesus, he lived and knew about this world, as it truly was. He knew the "secret of secrets", that there is NO separation. That we are Reminding parts of our self to come home as you say. Jesus even stated that This world is just like a dream, and he did know that everything within this dream was "not real" or important, he pointed towards GOD within us as truth.

For me "personally", I understand that this reality can be compared to a dreamlike state, and that we can be conscious within this Dream called "life". I can actually feel that matter is very empty, it does not have value in itself, we give it value through our "projections". We dream a collective dream, and we think of the people around us as someone else. We can wake up from this dream through forgiveness.

You have to become forgiveness and live it, this is coming to you in many lessons, where you may feel ready to “throw in the towel” as you say, but it’s not anyone Else's fault, you feel this way because it’s a lesson in forgiving yourself. Everyone is innocent on this planet but people will continue to blame until they understand that what they see within the world is within our "unconscious" mind, but it looks like someone else is "acting on it", we need to heal it, through forgiveness.

There is no separation. I can repeat myself many times concerning this. Darkness is an illusion. Darkness is only a projection of your deepest Fears on this "movie screen" called life. We make it real, because it’s in our "unconscious mind-script". And this is not a movie where we are separate; it’s a movie where we are all one. What you hate and deny in others, you hate and deny within yourself, but your ego will never agree with this. Every person is a symbol of what you need to Forgive, to Be Free of your Unconscious mind.

Through forgiveness we release it and even undo it, it’s like we "cut" it from the film roll. 

I'm feeling that everything I have written throughout the years are only like "carrots" luring people into their own hearts truth, where my words don’t matter anymore. I’m just like the carrot in front of you that try to grab, but you will realize that this is only a "part" of the game, we all give each-other hints.

I'm very humble in my role because I know that there is nothing to learn or teach other than to wake up from this Duality Ego Dream to GOD realization. GOD is so much more than a word, it’s a complete state of BLISS and you will feel things you cannot describe, you will not feel that Living in illusions is Boring, you will feel that GOD IS TRUTH and that illusion is just like a dream. And you will feel it’s natural to be a light and way-shower for your Brothers and sisters in humble gratitude, you are only helping Yourself...

All these ideas about ascension into the 5th dimension are absolutely beautiful, but it does not matter. What matters is that you Look at yourself and Forgive yourself and every human being that is different than you and does not agree with you. Don’t get stuck in the "waiting" scenarios, accept that Your life will unfold as it should.

If you forgive and Ask your GOD HEART to show you only truth and highest wisdom, it will be given, but it will come to you when you least expect it. LET GO, LET GOD! If you felt the sensation of total Oneness you would just feel as if time had stopped, and you wouldn’t have to Change anyone. You are GOD and you shine through every ones hearts, it’s even beyond Joy. It’s beyond the beyond. Instead of getting lost in worlds within worlds within worlds, and dreams within dreams and so on, you can Focus on your relationship with GOD, because this is WHO YOU ARE.

The higher dimensions are just a more aware state of being-ness, it’s not better than being here. When you are WITHIN THE HEART OF GOD you will feel complete, whole, peace, love, bliss, and you will feel at home everywhere, no matter where you are, no matter what happens in the world. Because you will know that what you see and what you are cannot be separated. Would you judge yourself? It’s like splintered minds within GOD that are "on their path of remembering". Embrace those parts of yourself within the world that feel lost. You will be a traveler within Dreams, but you will always be at home within GOD.

You cannot be better than anyone or higher than anyone. It may seem like that, but that's because the "illusion" is structured this way.

The more you judge the state of this world, the more you will feel trapped by it....

Forgive it and you will feel it isn't real, but you give it fuel, due to the fear of Letting go of it. Everything, including all the terrible experiences in this world is a projection of the "unconscious" mind that belongs to all of us, but we want to blame others, rather than to Forgive the world and ourselves. As I’ve said, people could be terrified if they understood the truth directly, they would not understand it, they would close their minds even more and become even more confused, that's why it’s being presented with all of these carrots of "spiritual paths" or techniques that feel comfortable, but it’s only a "tool" to get to the next tool and so on.

Some truths have to be given in portions. We even have to forgive our-self for what we believe is “true”, because we cannot know Truth, truth is always expanding. We learn and remember through practice, but our Ego thinks it can practice later and that we first have to learn.

If you can accept and embrace that you don't know anything about something, you are Free, because there is nothing to KNOW within illusion of form, but our egos really want to believe that there is something of importance here to Achieve. We aren't here to Save anyone or to desperately convert anyone into their hearts, as you cannot force a flower to Grow.

You are here to be a Conscious dreamer and put it into practice; everything else will come as fruits of that.

SPIRIT knows itself already and wants you to come home, but you are given Symbols that you can understand within this world, to "bring you back" to self and GOD-realization.

We have all heard that we should just accept our feelings and be with them, but we all have an unconscious mind that needs to be healed, the only way to heal it, is to forgive the Judgments you project onto others, the world is within you, so you hold the illusion of duality by Projecting blame. By forgiveness you heal the unconscious mind.

So see every external happening as an opportunity of forgiveness, because it’s a symbol for what is within you, it will set you free. To be honest I feel it’s really hard to forgive some of the madness on this earth, but the more I practice forgiveness, the more I understand that it Frees me from the Illusion, and it also heals the Collective unconscious mind. We all affect each-other, the mind is holographic. Even the Law of Attraction is Illusion at one level; people will not like me now... just kidding.

Everything is illusion but at what seems like different levels. Through forgiveness and healing your unconscious mind you will attract whatever you need, without even thinking about what you need and why you need it. Attracting things, because you "think" you want it, is not always necessary, it’s just a form of denying who you truly are. You don't need to attract GOD to yourself; you just need to awaken from the Dream. It’s always our unconscious mind that decided what we attracted to us. So we can try to attract whatever we want, but it will never come, until we forgive.

We all have a conscious and an unconscious mind. We all have unconscious reactions, which include dualistic beliefs systems. This is no one’s fault, we are equally innocent and the mind can be healed by practicing the habit of Forgiveness. Your projections into the worldly events are not truth; it’s just an unconscious projection of your mind that feels guilt and separation. You will understand more and more that the world is not what you think it is, there is not even a world Out there that is real, it’s just a repetitive Ego mind script. It repeats itself over and over again, but comes in different expressions and forms.

To heal your unconscious guilt and separation, forgiveness is the key, because everything as you label as "their fault", “their problem”, or the “blaming” of others, isn’t coming from someone out there, it’s a projection from your unconscious mind, but it will disguise itself as "symbols" in the world, so this illusion can continue, the Ego-mind is a talented "story teller" and wouldn’t reveal itself to you. The Ego identifies itself with the Body and the Story. What you truly are is ETERNAL SPIRIT. So it’s your choice to engage with the Ego-mind or the inner guidance of "Spirit". The truth is that even the higher dimensions are merely symbols for GOD, but GOD is beyond symbols, but it projects itself into this universe at a level we can understand it.

New Age teachings have many symbols, it is not truth in itself, it’s just symbols for what you are able to accept in the moment and understand. That’s why it’s called illusion, because you’re not seeing GOD in physical reality, you’re just seeing an Empty projection. Love is not out there, it’s Within you, never separated from you. God can be felt if you Fully understand that you are innocent and that everyone else is innocent too, for indeed no one has ever done anything wrong, it’s just the Ego-mind that keeps this wheel of Illusionary Evolution spinning.

Love is the Only truth and that’s why forgiveness is like a "shortcut" to awaken from the dream of Duality.

You may say, “but I believe in the horrible things out there in the world and I want to heal the world”....but that’s also an illusion, because you cannot heal anyone outside yourself. You can only heal the world by forgiving it. You believe that all the Madness out there is truth and is a part of the learning process, and a part of this duality experiment, but it’s just the Ego-mind doing its thing, just as it has always has done, but in different ways and forms.

You can’t stop it, because you are the only one that can UNDO it by going beyond it. Forgive what you see, because it will eventually reach everyone when they are ready to let go of the "madness" of their own story and trust in spirit instead of their Ego.

And your Forgiveness process will also Heal the minds that you think are out there, because this universe is Holographic, it’s ALL NOW. You effect future and even past outcomes through your commitment of forgiveness.

I hope I’ve pulled the roots of the most common spirituality and new age beliefs, because that’s what I want, I want you to step out of your comfort zone of the "me" and the "others" and understand that there is no one else, and that the Ego-mind is like a crazy carrousel, that we believe in and that we think we can change. The carrousel of the Ego-mind makes us feel disorientated and we cling on the Ride as our life depends on it. But in truth your life cannot die, so depend on eternal spirit and let go.

The Ego-mind will just create a larger and even more "extraordinary” stories of Spirituality and enlightenment that you can feel secure in. But all comfort zones, all fears, all beliefs will surrender to the Eternal Spirit within us, not until then will you find true peace. The Ego will feel hurt and it will feel as everything is falling apart, but it’s just a decision to choose to view life through spirit, and you will come home to GOD-Realization in your own unique way.

It can be compared to taking a "toy" from a little child. The child will cry because it feels important to them, but from your perspective you know that it's just a projection of importance that this child has placed on the toy. Only from your perspective is this is easy to understand. Sometimes from our perspectives and beliefs, it is the same as the child. We will feel a separation if someone says that what we experience or place value on is not important, but from a "higher" vantage point we could see that what we hold onto is not truly important, even though we won't acknowledge that at all times.

Every teaching, word, image, etc. on this earth are symbols for the Christ Within us, no symbol is more true than the other. It’s just a way for your mind to reflect itself within the illusion of diversity. The interpretation of the symbols is dependent on which Glasses you wear and look through, either through the Ego-mind or the Eternal Christ-Spirit. There is only ONE eternal Christ within us. Meditate on the LOVE of Christ and you will be guided.

Don’t let yourself be distracted by the Everyday Loop of the Collective-Ego-mind; it will keep on spinning with its own agenda which is the idea of "Separation & Duality".

God or Christ isn’t Out there for you to Find, God is silently waiting for you to let go of the struggle and return Home. What is seemingly out there is just a Confused-Ego-Mind trying to mimic Truth, creating Levels within levels, worlds within worlds and so on, when in truth you don’t need that.

It’s not wrong to experience this world and all its levels of Mind-States, but it’s not truth. It’s all a matter of choosing to Be the core or choosing to experience the "layers". If you know the core, you will know that nothing is really important, because what you truly are cannot be removed. IT IS! The layers are Symbols of the Eternal core of LOVE. If you would choose to be awake within this dream called life, you would not Fear the world and believe in Duality, because it’s you who creates duality, by seeing everything as separated from your true self.

Train your mind, it’s like daily meditation to forgive everything and Look through the Eyes of Christ.

When it becomes a habit, you will simply heal the world, because you see it as whole, you will be at Peace because you are the cause of Peace. People will fight and start wars until they find peace within themself and understand the illusion of separation. So don’t expect anyone else to change just because you’ve chosen to awaken.

It does not matter if you speak of what peace is with someone who is in fear; it has to play itself out. Everything you see within this world is there because we believe in it as some level. But you can step out of it and BE A CHRIST within this world and it has nothing to do with the Ego of Duality. You will see everyone as Christ’s and see the true light within all people, no matter what they have done. You are only forgiving another part of your Unconscious self.

So be aware of your-self when you see something you want to judge, and when someone tells you that you’re wrong, Forgive them and know that this is not important, no matter what level of duality presents itself, it’s not truth, it’s just a symbol. It’s better to feel at peace more than being right. You can’t have the right answer within the illusion.

People will not understand what Christ is until they open their hearts to Unconditional Love and accept that separation is an illusion. So the next time when you see a drama, know that no one of them is right. They are just stuck in the "Ego-Unconscious-Mind" and yes, it feels very real. If both parties where conscious of the truth they would be at peace, because they would KNOW that what they were doing was just a "Duality Projection".

So let people “play” that they don’t know, that they are not worthy. You can only let them KNOW truth, whom they are truly ready to receive, and that will usually come from within them as some kind of surrender, because they don’t want to fight the fight anymore. And this is good, because within this "surrender" from within, you allow Spirit to Show you truth. You as a "person" can be a symbol for truth, but you should never force it on anyone else. So BE THE TRUTH OF THE WORLD SILENTLY IN YOUR HEART.

People will think that what they are holding onto is important, but you will know that it’s just a temporary "symbol" for the Mind to awake from its own dream. People will be offended if you tell them that what they believe in is not truth, and I don’t encourage you do that either, it’s not necessary because it’s a part of the "Dream". You can’t teach love to someone, by giving anyone "symbolic truths", but you can point the way to the heart, and one step at a time, you will WALK WITH CHRIST.

There is nothing wrong with teaching people about the different levels within Illusion and so on, but the core of who you truly are is LOVE and you will feel the love within your life when you start to forgive. You will Heal, you will teach, you will create your own unique symbols for truth, from your experiences.

Your Projection of Words and actions within this world will be a Symbol for others to awaken from the "dream of Duality and Separation". It does not matter what you do exactly, what matters is LOVE.

To clarify the word illusion; illusion serves its purpose where you are right now, everything feels real and you will never be forced to awaken from what you think is truth. What is real and what is not real is all about perspective. Christ will awaken you from your sleep, what you think is reality or truth will not be what you thought it to be. Some would actually (as I mentioned before) not be ready to know or hear truth because it would frighten them, which is also an illusion. The ultimate fear we have is Death, and it’s a part of the Unisonous Ego-Mind.

Forgive the fear in the World, the Death and destruction is a part of your unconscious mind, there is no separation, between you and the world. Through forgiveness you will walk with Christ and you will bring Understanding into this world with clarity, instead of running around in desperation and fear of "Fixing" the problem. People will feel the love and you will heal the Collective-unconscious mind through you.

Re-member the Ego-mind will always want to Evolve, it wants to be complex, it wants to Learn and learn even more, it will never get enough. The Christ within you knows that "knowledge" is illusion and that knowledge is "made up". LOVE is the true knowledge, because LOVE IS and will never be replaced or upgraded. GOD is eternal I AM and you always know that this "light" is there for you, no matter what. Forgiveness will undo the "patterns" of resistance and you will be more and more calibrated with the Christ energies.

Love is even beyond energy, but within this universe, its interpreted as LOVE energy. Meditate on Christ each morning and before your go to sleep and you will start to notice, subtle at first, but you will come to insights just by this simple Way of connecting.

It is when we have surrendered and forgiven all of our illusionary projections and beliefs of separation that we can truly operate within this world in a less attached way with the understanding that nothing is important, and actually feel and understand that everything is Equally important.

There is nothing to win or lose within this game of duality. Your service will matter even more when your service comes from a place of unconditional love.

There is no "me" that wants to Be seen and loved, you will be here to love the One. We will be able to see the world as it truly is. I know from own experiences that Going through all of these layers of illusion is really painful to the Ego, and in the end it is not "My" will, but "Thy" will be done.

The more you understand and feel your Christ nature, the more you will be able to interact within this world, as peace, as Love, and go about your day to day no matter what is "seemingly" happening out there. The mission is to bring all home to "self" instead of distracting our-self with the Changing "Outer Chaos". As a whole being we will be able to Help where it truly matters….we will engage with the "illusions" in a way that exposes them without effort, just by BEING truth.

You can’t lose something that is whole, that is complete, that is already Love.

I'm not trying to offend your belief system of this universe and all its levels, I'm humble and want to share that "truth isn't out there" as you say, it is Within you. The way we feel and think about others is actually how we feel and think about ourselves. So be aware of your thoughts and feelings, Forgive them and give them to GOD. And in the end you will Think, Act, and Be as GOD.

How you personally interpret my symbolic Words in this article is totally up to you, I’m just a symbol of your conscious and unconscious mind. The words are holographic in nature and will be translated differently, depending on your Perspective.



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  • Well put together. I only have one suggestion. The next time you write try not to use the words, you, your, people or all. Go figure it out.
  • My goodness, Ben-Arion. You wrote quite an article. Clearly you were very inspired. You are very "deep." And you are right, everyone reading this will have a different take away from your words. Certainly very well thought out. I am impressed with your passion.
  • I enjoyed this presentation very much. Thanks for putting it together.
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