The Matrix Goes Over The Cliff

The shift in consciousness we're experiencing could go essentially one of two ways. Either enough people wake up quickly enough so that the Great Realignment can happen more smoothly or the matrix escalates the way it is doing now, and drives the global situation off a cliff edge. At this time, it looks like the second option; with escalating violence in the Middle East, the unpredictable Ukraine confrontation, the worsening Ebola outbreak, increasingly chaotic climate change, Ferguson MO, and the inexorable growth of debt-fueled consumerism. It looks like humanity is sleep walking into darkness.A synthetic reality is practically upon us - an almost complete over-ride of the natural harmony of life, which Gaia and Benevolence are now 'fighting' to realign. The take-over has been so effective; we might assume it was designed that way. Unfortunately, the majority have acquiesced to it. However, it's no surprise when we consider the intricacies of it. Homo Sapiens is a hybrid species, specifically designed for this system - that's why even when you're awake, there's a dependency on it. That's why only a full evolution into a new form is going to suffice.The problem we're facing is that not enough people are prepared to change the way they're living. Because of the hybrid conditioning, the majority are not yet ready to turn their backs on the corporate giants. Like for example, the food chain - particularly the meat and dairy industry - the number one culprit of global greenhouse gas emissions, larger than the sum of all others put together. So what can we do?Above all, we have to begin to stop apportioning blame and pointing the finger. These darkening clouds would mostly all go away, if enough people took back personal sovereignty, consumed consciously, and stopped fueling the industrial military complex through unconscious behaviour. The trouble is, that the vast majority is so addicted to the system, it's all-too-easy to turn a blind eye, especially when hopelessly distracted by the day-to-day problems of living in the matrix. So the system is not going away any time soon. It is the outer reflection of that darkened karmic consciousness - the lack of personal responsibility and sovereignty; the absence of the constant conscious choice. What about those of us who are awake, but as yet, in the minority? How can we work within this darkening situation?Remember that nothing can stop us reclaiming our own individual sovereignty as beings of light. We can live an approach of 'non-compliance' with the system: choosing the foods that serve us best, living as consciously and compassionately as possible, consuming less, turning away from the corporations, staying aligned with the natural flow. For someone being conscious through this process, there is nothing to fear as events are turning dark. Let's be honest about that. Hiding your head in clouds full of bliss does nothing to improve the situation down here. There's always a place to begin.We can then look into the mirrors the matrix is providing, as it crumbles over time. We can see the reflections of the collapsing biosphere and accept our own responsibility. We can ask for forgiveness and also forgive ourselves. We can increasingly make all our choices aligned and At-One with the Divine - doing only those things that have a sense of rightness in the heart. In short, even though the old world reality may be ending, we can still plant that metaphoric apple tree today. In so doing, we're making a statement about the longevity of our own souls.So the times may be turning dark yes, but fear not, because a kite rises against the winds of
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