The Lower Astral Planes By; Mike J Hughes

There are so many forms of life teeming all through out our cosmos that it would boggle our minds if we could only begin and try to understand it at all.This short paper is about some of the most vile and depraved of discarnate human beings, and as well as some of the lower forms of life that we normally do not see, such as the filthy imps ,ghouls,the demented fairies, and so on.

Some of these beings are so depraved that they will trot around the skid row area to feed off of the lower and sickly effluvia that emanates from the male gonads, as well as the lower ectoplasm that has the stench of rotting genitalia..The lower astral planes are full of failures and low grade human entities that wonder aimlessly through out some of the most loneliness places that exists on these levels of awareness.

It is within the so called red light districts that these lower entities thrive by feeding upon the human sexual effluvia like some kind of dirty filthy body lice, and most of the people who are within these limits are not aware of what the hell is going on with the toll that is being taxed on their bodies by these lower forms of evil wildlife that have been with humanity ever since the influence that the Dark Brotherhood came to prey upon the human species long ago during the Atlantean root race when sexual forms of black magic of an unbelievable horror
from our point of view yet, very real indeed.

The lower astral planes are filled with some of the lower types of black magicians who reside within the most darkest places of hell, where the wailing and the screaming never stops, and is like a constant howling of lost souls who have failed to galvanize and to cultivate some kind of spiritual life as a foundation that will take them across the great black gulfs that exist between the higher and lower astral planes.

Many of these dark and hideous beings are really the thought forms of living people of a very depraved nature and dwell within the darkest parts of skid row such as feeding upon raw sewage and as well as big bins of rotting medical waste.There was one time I saw an old hag who was just so fucking sickly looking that I almost threw up and vomited as she sat there chewing on a 50 pound rotting bowl tumour and just ripping it apart as some wild animal would if it were starving to death. I have as well seen people who were boiling in huge pits of boiling sewage

This is the horrid nature of the lower astral planes,a place of extreme astral and emotional pain and suffering and there is nothing to compare with this sort of hell that we occultists call the planet of death .This globe can be seen some times within the vicinity of the moon or around in that area and is a place where all of the failures of nature and the laggards reside until some time in the very distant future when a new system of worlds comes into being and which has evolved to the point to where they can take incarnation and sort of carry on where they left off during this system .So we can see that there evolution is arrested for untold eons of time,a punishment that they have brought upon themselves and are the 'eaters of dung on the day be with us' and have lost all hope for this planetary cycle and will have to pay a very heavy fate of karma when their day comes

Just as any sewer system serves a purpose within every large city, then so does any system of worlds have just like system of worlds have that are operating within non sacred solar systems. Such as the likes of some very deeply evil men that have come into our world from time to time and such a case would be the likes of Adolf Hitler and the group around him who were very intelligent men, but totally devoid of the divine Love aspect of the Logo's, and who uphold the matter aspect of the planet deep within the bowls of this man bearing globe. From time to time some of these evil beings manage somehow to slip through the door where evil dwell and find their way into our world only to spread all that is unnatural and depraved as such was the case of Hitler and the deeply evil men that stood behind him during those dark days of long ago.All of the greatly evil men who have come to us down the ages are now dwelling within and on the darkest spheres an non sacred globes that now exist through out the vast caves of cosmic evil that are to be found through out the cosmos, and there are times when the Door where Evil dwells is for some karmic reason is ajar, allowing unnatural and evil forces to enter our

The Elder brothers of humanity are doing their best at sealing the door where evil dwells.,, and to prepare for a new age that is now looming on the horizon, and all good people of goodwill must come together upon the mental planes and start galvanizing the creative aspect within us all .With the coming together of so many minds we could really move mountains, for we are very powerful being as well as divine beings who have all eternity to work out our destiny as souls .

Some ego's will tread a lot faster on the path whole others will take a little longer to complete their journey through out the earth evolution, and as said before the so-called laggards will be held as the failures of nature and will be held over until a new world comes into being that is more suited to their point of evolution.As souls we all have had so many incarnations going far back into the very night time of the past through many root races, cultures,and civilizations, and have much wisdom and experience behind us all, and we only need to learn how to tap into this higher self and get in touch with the higher self that lies right within us all .

The greatest requirement to tread the path of evolution is to grasp the forces of ones own lunar forces of the physical planes, the astral-emotional levels of being and finally the nature of the mind which is the most difficult to understand and to bring the whole personality under control of ones own higher self and to manipulate the forces for the common good of all humanity.

As more and more people come under control of their own souls the more we shall raise our vibration up to a level to where these evil forces cant reach us, and so will be sealed off to their own domain while the human evolution can carry on along its natural course of development without any more disturbances from any thing evil and unnatural caused by some very serious problems during the failure upon the moon chain so many millions of years ago which days of old have stunted our evolution so that the earth globe, when through that from our point of view into some very dark activity which are unspeakable and very deeply evil which we all must work out together as one human ,and then we can carry on with our evolution in peace and divine brotherhood .

There are a large group of human beings who are very mediumnistic and are scattered all over the world and are in most cases totally unaware of this fact.We have all heard of people who have gone on a killing spree and have committed acts of very evil nature and when the deeds are done the person who performed these gruesome acts have no recollection of how they could have committed to such very wicked acts and become so confused that they end up committing suicide because they can not live with themselves knowing that they have become so passive in an unnatural and unhealthy way which gave way for some very evil acts that some kind of being is telling them to do and are tormented life after life wondering why they have committed such unspeakable and evil acts..

Many who have an mental illness claim to have some kind of urges to do things that are not apart of their nature and who are in need of help from a spiritual sources as the clumsy ways in which Orthodox science can do is just useless and very clumbsy as they have absolutely no idea of how to treat such people accept through a very powerful spiritual human being and the real ones are so rare to find that some times one must venture all over this world to find the right man who may have the power to release some one from the clutches of evil and
obsession. If you had etheric vision, and if you were down in some skid row area, you would know that these whole areas are just infested with beings who resemble the gnomes, trolls,ghouls, and as well as the dirty and down right filthy brownies and many other low level demons who feed off of the low and base effluvia of the lower astral -emotional nature of many of the lower evolved of human beings who are of kindred vibration, and in whom they form a bond with these lower beings with out them even knowing about it at all and are thus used as puppets in the hands of beings on the cosmic astral planes .

As evolution moves ever onward we will reach a point in our own development where we will have the ability to raise our vibration to the level where we can not be reached by these low level and filthy astral entities, and will therefore be sealed off to their own domain.There are billions of man bearing planets all through out galactic space,some are more advanced than we are, and there are some who are at our level of development and still others who are very savage and primitive.Our earth evolution is only beginning to climb out of the thick fogs and mists of glamour, and all kinds of illusions but we as yet have a still a long journey ahead of ourselves before we can be classes as a 'sacred planet' but we are well on our way, and soon the doors into the higher evolution will swing wide open for the sons of men who are somewhat ready to tread it,
and to be Buddhas ourselves and as the Lords of Compassion for a class of human stock who's souls may be within the most domestic animals that have worked closely to humanity for thousands of years and who are beginning to respond to the mind of man,thus a stone becomes a plant,and a plant an animal a man becomes a God.

All that I can say is that we must be who we really are and to not identify ourselves to any fleeting images that come and go here within our world which is the great illusion
itself.We must as well get control over our emotional bodies before we can embark upon any kind of mind control,for this is the way of safety and common sense. No man is an island unto himself for we all have an effect on each other no matter where we are in the world we are all like little cells within a greater body in whom we move ,live ,and have our being.Even our thoughts can have an effect on our health,weather,nature ,and even our very environment.Their are some ego's who have carried the secrets with them in regards to the 'words of power'and the 'know how 'in using the powers they have gained during the Atlantean root race and most of them are initiates of the first and second degree and are therefore very powerful on both the physical and astral-emotional planes.

There are many very highly advanced astral magicians who have resided on the higher astral planes for countless thousands of years, and are therefore crystallized and will remain in that state for a very long time to come, or until we can break ourselves free from astral glamour and to rise up onto the higher levels of the mental planes and to therefore become mentally polarized,and as said before, there are at this time only about 5% of humanity who are at this higher level and as the years slip on by we will in time find ourselves in a world
of very advanced human beings.

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