The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is the true cause of your experience of reality. Who you are now is who you define yourself to be. Your mind shapes everything it perceives. You can alter that reality in any way that you choose and how much wealth you have, your relationships, health, love and abundance can be yours by applying the Law of Attraction.Thoughts become things, so you attract what you think most about.Focus your thoughts on what you WANT and DESIRE, not on the things that frustrate you. Your belief in “I can’t afford that” or “I am undeserving of that” instigates a focus on having lack, and therefore you will create what you focus on - lack. This is The Law of Attraction.Everything in the Universe, that is – ALL MATTER and most importantly, your thoughts, are ENERGY VIBRATION. All matter is made up of atoms and these atoms have a vibrational frequency. Different forms of matter vibrate at different frequencies, depending on what they are and how dense they are. It is the nature of these vibrations of energy to ‘attract’ themselves to a similar frequency or vibration. That is - one frequency of energy attracts itself to other clusters of matching frequencies of energy that it resonates with.Positive thinking is not enough to attract what you want!!!!!!!!!You may tell yourself that “I am thin and healthy”, and when looking in the mirror, you see something different. This results in your subconscious, saying “No I’m not”. This rebuttal is charged with emotion and is a powerful attractor. You are canceling the positive message with a negative one. Activate the thoughts that you want and focus on them. The Universe was created by thought and is based upon “The Law of Attraction” This is the most powerful thought there is.Everything that surrounds you right now, you have attracted, whether you like that idea or not.Be patient and trust that your desire IS yours.Don’t test the theory by becoming impatient when the Universe doesn’t deliver on your time schedule. By having a time schedule you are sending out resistance and a lack of ALLOWING how your desire will be fulfilled – this is expressed in your now reality by your impatience. You may feel a desire to give up what you want by becoming frustrated, which of course you put your emotion to, which only attracts more frustration to you.Look at your belief systems. You have had a lifetime to create them and everything around you is based on these beliefs and the feelings that go with them. One of your beliefs may be “This is just how things are and they can’t be changed” Realise that these beliefs have emotions attached to them and we FEEL these emotions on some level whenever our buttons are pressed. This then activates The Law of Attraction and we create more of it in our lives. Lets say you’re waiting for the Universe to give you a large amount of money and your belief system says” I can’t attract that much money. It’s too much” This may be connected to a belief system that you are greedy and don’t deserve that large amount. These negative emotions are the very energy vibrations that are blocking what you want.You can learn to release these beliefs, and the emotions attached to them, by quantum level reprogramming. This will eliminate the resistance and put you in vibrational alignment with what you desire.Contact Sharon Ellis to find out how.The Universal Law of Attraction does not change. It is consistent with everyone, ALL THE TIME.Your circumstances are your reality now because of the way you feel, your emotions and your thoughts, not the other way around!!!!We attract and manifest to our experience, situations that are consistent to what we are thinking and feeling right now. Your feelings are a reflection of what is about to come. What happened to you before this moment in time, is who you were, not who you are now.You can attract by default, or you can choose to clear away all that is blocking you from creating what ever life you desire, without limits and with no effort.Guide your thoughts based on what you feel.The Universe says “ Your wish is my command”Ask - the Universe is responding to your thought, will do exactly what you ask and will make it happen for you.You don’t need to know how, you will attract the way.Bring yourself into alignment with what you are asking , give passion to it and feel joy about it.What will help you manifest what you want? GO OUT AND TAKE ACTION.If the action you take makes you feel joyous, then it is the right action. If you don’t feel joy , then change the action.Do everything with zero effort. THERE ARE NO RULES.Your circumstances now are only your current reality. Who you are now is who you define yourself to be now.Make a list of what you are grateful for in your life and focus on that. Don’t focus on what you don’t have. You will attract more of what you are grateful
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