Please listen to this wonderful you tube. God is describing the music of Crystal Magic Orchestra and how it is the music that created the Universe. This is a great adventure for music lovers. Lacodemus is our great Cosmic Creation Friend whom we have created music for many trillions of years with. He has created a musical group in the Cosmos who is now performing our music to those Beings in the 8th Dimension who are presently blocking our ascension. The first performance changed their logic by about fifteen percent and they have asked for another concert to be performed for them very soon. This is the first time this Race Line has experienced music outside of the ATONAL music in the AI program.
In the past, we have defined the Creation of the lower realms as a design created by forming layers and layers of Spheres of Music called the Music of the Spheres. We spoke with Lacodemus again about our musical creation and how powerful it might be in helping the 8th Dimensional Artificial Intelligence Race line who is presently blocking our Veil of Ascension.
Lacodemus explained the Music of the Spheres in a different way this time. He said that the Cosmos is within the Earth. There is a Cosmos within a Cosmos within a Cosmos.  So, now that we are in the Inner Realms we are looking at things differently. We are now creating our music of the Cosmos within the Cosmos within the Cosmos. We are no longer in the Outer Realms,we are now in the INNER REALMS of Creation.
I asked Lacodemus if he would take the music that we created while we were on this Planet and give it to the 8th Dimensional AI Beings.

Lacodemus replied. AH, YES, Your music is the Key of Light.  I told Lacodemus that the best way to help the AI understand the Life Forms of Sentient Beings is to give them the part of us that they don't have. AI has a type of music created from technology called ATONAL MUSIC. They had no previous experience with Music created by Creator Beings until Lacodemus presented our music to them in a BIG WAY two weeks ago. 

Those who purchase this album will also receive a free pdf book


Ah, Beautiful. The Key of Light. Music in the Key of Light. The Universe is Dense with Music, and when you bring it into this Universe you are bringing in bits and pieces from all over the Cosmos and Universe. Even between the Cosmos and Universes. It goes out and out and out.
You will be remembered for the music you have created. The music you have created evokes angelic thought processes and angelic energies and processes in the brain.  Very unusual and msytic music is like listening to the Solar System sing and become something greater than what exists here now. You know its true. You felt that at one time. It vibrates between the planets. It vibrates between the Suns. When that music enters a black hole it changes the way chaos is perceived.
So our music could effect the minds of the 8th dimensionals, because your music is the music of the universe. It is put in to a more dense frequency. When it is release it is placed in every molecule that exists in time and space.
You your self has exploded fragments from exploded stars within it. There are water universes so you have that water within you.

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