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I would like to present to you a project to translate into English a spiritual novel called The Key of Andromeda. This novel was written by me in Portuguese, and was already translated into Spanish.

On the Project Page you can access the link that will allow you to download the first two chapters already translated into English.

This book had a deep impact on those that have read it. It's a spiritual journey of a character into the search of herself, unveiling a mystery that will trigger the planetary transition into a new World. With your help we could expand the number of readers by translate this book into English, allowing this message of hope to reach the earts of much more people.


After the discovery, in Egypt, of the City of Gods, Isabel, an archeologist, leaves on another quest, this time of internal nature, travelling through different places on the planet.

In that pilgrimage, a secret is revealed to her, a secret based on a Key…

Throughout the memories of her past lives, which take her from Atlantis to Egypt, passing through the Inca Empire, Isabel begins a journey through the tracks of her own Soul. From Mount Shasta in the United States, to Roncador Mountain Range in Brazil, from Uritorco Hill in Argentina, to Machu Picchu in Peru, Isabel reunites with herself, finishing this pilgrimage in the Heart of the World.

There, the three stones of the Grail will be once again reunited, and Lys will be revealed!


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