The Human Condition. By; Mike J Hughes

With the growth of humanity`s technology and ever expanding
awareness we are now getting a sad Omen of the many various cataclysms that now
loom upon the horizons of man`s world, which really blackens the future of so
many of our young people at this time, who are now feeling that life is really
``one big nothing``. With the all of the many rotten things now happening on our
planetary man-bearing globe, which is spreading a sense of dark despair and
utter confusion every where to be seen ,there are as well a growing group of
human beings who remain rather hopeful ,and who have a very remarkable talent to
see beyond the present turmoil and agony of mind, and who can see far beyond the
present human condition.

With the growing sense of helplessness and suffering there is an in vocative
cry for help that has caught the attention of the living Spiritual Hierarchy of
our planet,and they are now very aware of the fact that humanity is now
beginning to understand the gravity of it`s situation and the need for change
lest we destroy ourselves and lose out on untold millions of years of
evolutionary development which will be a very heart breaking experience for
those down through our history who have sacrificed everything in the hopes that
humanity would build a new civilization based on sharing, right human
relationships, and global world co-operation with all peoples of the world.

As it stand now humanity is diving deep into nature of matter, and the best
thing we have learned from the Kali Yuga Age is the nature of materiality and of
it,s a clear understanding in our quest for higher achievements. The Dark age of
the Kali Yuga age is now slowly coming to an end.
The Arab revolution is now
spreading all over the eastern world, and is now reaching in some of the Western
developed Nations.
The entire human race as it stands now in our 21 century
is moving through a great identity crisis.Many of our young people of today are
very confused ,as you can all see what`s going on over the past 10 years.. The
invocative cry for help has been herd by the great Masters of Wisdom,and after
the ``Great War`` between 1914--1945. It was at this time that that Maitreya
announced to his group of Masters that there was a chance,and a widow of
opportunity for him to return, as millions today are ready,or preparing to take
the First initiation,and to be given the opportunity for a very rapid spiritual
For the very first time in many millions of years the greatest
opportunity is now given to the ``sons of men``to really come to terms with that
living divine being that sits within us all as the 7th principle divine known as

We are at this time living in an relatively UN-important solar system when
compared with the unbelievable and beyond our comprehension of other planetary
experiments going on through out the boundless universe in which we all live
,move ,and have our being.
As human beings who have and embodied that inner
divinity to such an extent that their lives and bodies are now composed of
sub-atomic plane matter ,;or have woven for themselves a body that is composed
of the Light of Divinity itself ,and who are truly free from the wheel of life
that has for so long kept them as prisoners and in a state of a phenomena which
keeps them Earthbound due to the fact that they have not developed a higher form
of spirituality which many others are now weaving for themselves a spiritual
body that will cause humanity to ,in time , to rise above the level in which no
form of evil will never touch them.
This of course will take many millions of
years to achieve,for as we know nature never moves by leaps and bounds,but moves
ever so slowly as everything is in the state of becoming ,and always moving and
aspiring to unfold like an ever-opening flower through out the endless cycles of
This is what we know as shedding glory after glory through out all
eternity,and reaching heights of unbelievable glory unknown and incomprehensible
to us in our present state of spiritual development.

Our incredible capacity to suffer is such as not to be found in any other
part of our solar system,and hence our man-bearing globe is ,and always have
been the star of suffering ,and those who have completed their incarnations upon
this planet are known as the graduates of painful endeavour.
countless thousands of rebirths upon this planet we have suffered very much ,to
the point where our capacity to Love and to feel compassion is developed to a
very high degree indeed.This is one of the reasons why our Earth evolution and
with humanity has created a Christ ,not once but many times over ,and this is
not even considered as a`` Sacred planet`` whereas some of the real sacred
planets have not even created a being who can measure up to the level of of
fullness of Christ hood .
Therefore we have a greater sense of compassion
towards others because of the fact that we human beings from this Earth
evolution have endeared countless ages of suffering. Through much suffering we
have developed an ability to feel compassion towards others at a very high
degree than many of the other man-bearing Globes and their inhabitants of this
time.It is therefore very true to say that in order to feel and express
compassion -then one must indeed know what it means to suffer;.This is an occult
statement of fact ,and always have been.

Many of the more advanced planets of our system will ; - in time, as well
create their divine beings who will one day have the ability to not only
identify. with the Christ Principle ;- but will actually become that divine
principle itself and bring it into manifestation within the three worlds of
human endeavour the divine plan, and thus transform their abode into the new
heaven and new Earth. These three worlds of human endeavour are ,as some of you
may know, are the 1/ The physical planes, 2/ The astral planes, 3/ -and the
higher and lower mental planes.
The goal for humanity is to eventually
precipitate the divine plan down through the higher mental planes ,and lower
even still down through the various astral worlds ,;and in time to precipitate
down onto the dense physical planes and thus setting loose the divine ``Plan``on
all three levels of human endeavour, thus transforming our world by the creation
of a new heaven and a new Earth over the next few millions of years. This is a
very slow and painstaking endeavour,;as it always has been.

Over the next few million years humanity must consciously begin the task of
cleaning all of the astral residue that is everywhere to be found, and
dissipating the astral thought forms that are to be found all through out the
lower astral and mental planes before any real work of humanity`s new found
higher sense of Self Awareness can grow and bring real fruit such as never seen
before in the whole history of the human evolution on this Globe.

When the time is right, all evil, as well will be cleaned from the face of
the Earth as the forces of materiality will be sealed off to their own domain
;-and that will be to work and to tend to the fires deep within the bowls of the
Earth, and to the upholding of the matter aspect of the planet as a man-bearing
All forces of both good and evil have their part to play in the
upholding of the economy and to the life of our planet, and always will till
that time once again arrives to slip into pralayas before the great
``out-breathing`` of a new solar system comes into being who`s great foundation
will be that of ``Power,Purpose, and super ``Cosmic Will`` of that great being
in whom we can only call ``The One About Whom Nought Can Be Said``.
today is reaching a climax in it`s materiality, and very soon we are to see a
new cycle begin that will reveal mans true colours as to it`s inner divinity and
great potentiality. All of the revolutions in the Arab nations today will ,in
time, bring us to a time of great discoveries anent the nature of that great
divine being that sits within us all.
The unbelievable suffering and agony of
mind so ramp id today will give way to an age of self-realization and to the
Brotherhood of mankind and will be a powerful milestone in the evolutionary
history and development of all mankind.

The woe`s and suffering through out the human kingdom can never be compared
to the divine and glorious achievements that will one day be revealed from the
inner depths of that ``Great Divine Being`` that sits within us all.
As to
our spiritual evolution we all have as yet a very long journey ahead of us [ for
the bulk of average humanity] and much work needs to be done as humanity embarks
now into a long cycle of mental and spiritual evolution that will stretch into
the far and distant future as we begin to unfold our inner divinity as divine
Any intelligent person of today can see that we are living in a world
filled with UN-mentionable human filth and depravity. But still we carry on and
we adapt to almost any condition as we have for untold millions of years ,and
will continue until we come to the realization of how adaptable we really are as
Human beings are very resilient and much more stronger than we think
,and this is due to the fact that humanity has been through so much suffering
and agony of mind, and still we have the ability to keep a cool head due to the
fact that we are beings who have been through so much suffering and so much
agony of mind and have ,as a result ,been able to study the human condition like
no others have with all of the UN-believable horrors we witness with each and
every day that passes our way.

Like I have said before ,the amount ,and degree of agony, suffering and the
apparent hellish conditions we are now endearing is of such a degree as never to
be seen on any other man-bearing planet known to our most gifted human

Our Planet is now in it`s fourth round, and in it`s 5th sub-race of the fifth
Root Race and are therefore only in the middle half of our evolution, which is
at this time in the beginning stages of it`s mental evolution;- ,not to mention
our higher spiritual development;,-which is not due in it`s completion for many
millions of years from now during the later rounds and race`s that are to
For those who sense in this a ring of truth will find much more
information by the study of Theosophy and within the teachings of Esoteric
Buddhism which has been UN-altered by the profane and their theological abuses
that have altered many other religions and their wisdom teachings down through
the ages of time.
Our planet and it`s humanity should at this time be
paralleled with that of the Venusian evolution if it were not for the retarded
course of action due to the influence of certain dark, morbid , and evil
monstrosities that had surfaced from a group of profound and very deeply evil
men and forces that had raised their ugly heads during the dark age of the 4th
root Race Atlanteans ,in whom many had given themselves over to black magic and
some very depraved activities of which many are now paying dearly the price for
their UN-natural activities against both man and God.
As a result Venus is
now in it`s fifth and last Round ,while our Earth Humanity is still in it`s
fourth Round due to this evolutionary retardation.

Their is at this time many who are galvanized by the ideal of Goodwill,
Love,and sharing as necessities to build the coming new civilization of which
only a very small minority are as yet ready to pass through and enter Gates of
Initiation which will make of them members of the ``Kingdom of Souls``
As it
stands today the greater bulk of average humanity today are polarized upon the
astral-emotional planes of human endeavour ,and still retain that Atlantean
outlook on humanity ,and our dominated by their moods and astral-emotional
comforts in life.
Those of us who are counted as the more advanced units of
humanity are continuously working to bring the ``Divine Plan``onto the three
worlds of human endeavour ,and to thus re-create our world along more sane
approaches;- such as the sharing of the worlds resources,and as well as treating
each other as souls needing a greater measure of Light as they wrestle their way
into a more profound revelation as to who we really are as divine beings.
the human race learns to put aside it`s difference`s and it`s retarded petty
ways ,then we will see a great window of opportunity for a chance to really make
human progress towards a global awareness that will bring advanced human beings

I think that we all know that we are all going to enter a new age, and a new
time in which our Elder Brother, Maitreya;-The World Teacher;..- Maitreya is a
teacher in the broadest sense of the word;- A Teacher for those of all religions
and as well as for those of no religions,but simply a Great Teacher who will
teach humanity all about the Laws of Life, Self realization, detachment, service
,and an ever eternal growing sense of who we really are as Creators of the
The Human condition will improve as we learn to see each other as
souls, and to develop that insight that is the common goodwill that all peoples
everywhere can relate to as the common good for all.
The first thing that
humanity must deal with right now is the redistribution of the worlds resources
to all who are in need. The greatest spiritual crisis now taking place in our
world at this time is the fact that the developed nations of the world are using
and wasting 80% of the worlds resources while we have so many millions of people
all over the world starving to death for want of food that`s rotting within the
storehouses of the developed world.

As it stands today we can see that humanity has strayed far off of the path
which God has laid out for us to follow ,and have wondered far into the darkness
of confusion and deep seated illusions which are the cause of all sorrows and
agony of mind that so many are now experiencing.
All in all there is a large
and growing group of human beings now coming into incarnation who`s lives are
governed by the principle of Goodwill,and who can really ``see``the solution to
humanity`s many and diverse problems . This growing group of human beings are
known as ``The New Group of World Servers`,` and are people from all walks of
life who are very concerned about the spiritual welfare of all humanity.
.N.G.W.S are united together by a web of communication spanning the entire world
and are preparing the way for the coming ``World Teacher``whom many know as
Maitreya, who will soon make Himself known to the entire human race.
when humanity learns to share the resources of the world will there then be
peace, because human survival depends on us all co-operating together as one
family and to prepare ourselves for further spiritual development within all
facets of human endeavour.
It is very important that we see each other as
souls and to practice harmlessness,sincerity of spirit and detachment.
we must as the curtain rises once again to show us the way forward into a life
more abundant ,and to smile upon one another knowing the truth has set us

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