THE HOROSCOPE OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE: analysis of three panics after 1913

This report will use the horoscope based on the date and time of President Wilson signing the Federal Reserve act. The Federal Reserve is a banking cartel. The Federal Reserve was once listed in the Washington D.C. yellow pages telephone book (under Federal Express), and not the white pages U.S. government section. This means the Federal Reserve is no more federal than Federal Express is. The horoscope of "The Fed" is below:


And below are my highlights of the horoscope:


Drawn in pink above, the T-Square of [Pluto]-[Black Moon Lilith]-[Sun] is very important to take notice of. As mentioned in my previous blog on this website ("The Horoscope Of The New York Stock Exchange"), Black Moon Lilith is strong in the horoscopes of people involved in charity in a big way (i.e. Mother Teresa, Audrey Hepburn, and Paul Newman). But also note that since there is good and bad in all astrology symbols, the bad side of Black Moon Lilith is the strong connection with organized crime and sinister activities (i.e. Jimmy Hoffa, Al Capone, Susan Atkins, and Phil Spector). And since the Federal Reserve is not exactly a charity organization, it may be fair to refer to the dark side of Black Moon Lilith as a key description of Black Moon Lilith Conjunction Midheaven (Mc). The placement of Pluto in this T-Square (and near the World Points [and in the 12th House]) may represent "banking and long term finance done in a secretive manner and behind the scenes." The combination with Black Moon Lilith makes this entity very secretive, and possibly with criminal intent. Because the Sun represents "the C.E.O.; president" or "the person in charge," the chairman of the Federal Reserve plays a key role in this secretive (and possibly sinister) banking function. The combination of the Sun with Black Moon Lilith defines a personality of the Fed (and the chairman of the Fed) to be seen by the public as so secretive it is "sinister." Drawn in blue above, Mercury Opposition Saturn clearly defines that "government associates of the entity (Saturn in the 11th House) are silent to the media about activities that may involve financial speculation (Mercury in the 5th House)." Finally, the weak water Grand Trine (drawn in green above) may indicate "international connections" (North Node in the 9th House) and banking customers or employees (Moon in the 5th House) involved in competition in the environment (Mars Conjunction Ascendant)." Let's now look at three financial panics that many have claimed were started by the Fed due to their ability to affect interest rates.



The T-Square of [Pluto]-[Black Moon Lilith]-[Sun] is highlighted in orange above, and will be highlighted in this color for the next two panics as well. Note that the transiting Moon ("the public; the neighborhood") "kicks off" this event via application to the T-Square (and forming a Grand Cross via transit). The public did not watch the activities of the Fed at that time. They listened to the leaders, and not the meters (similar to the 1987 panic). CASE IN POINT: on October 16, 1929, Yale economist Irving Fisher wrote in the New York Times that “Stock prices have reached what looks like a permanently high plateau.” Eight days later, on October 24, 1929, the stock market began a four-day crash on what became known as Black Thursday. This crash cost investors more than World War I and was one of the catalysts for the Great Depression. Irving Fisher’s declaration went down as the worst stock market prediction of all time. Also note there were reported big increases in interest charged for the use of leveraged financial instruments during October of 1929, and many claimed this was due to interest rate increases by Fed Governor Roy Archibald Young (and the Fed term "governor" would be changed to "chairman" in 1935). Also note that many in the general public were making a lot of money off of these financial instruments, and it is fair to say that there were those whose financial standing defined that they had no business being involved in such financial instruments. Highlighted in light yellow above, transiting Black Moon Lilith forms an Opposition with the natal Mars Conjunction Ascendant placement. Again, organized crime (possibly in the banking community) has reared it's ugly head.




Again, we see the T-Square of [Pluto]-[Black Moon Lilith]-[Sun] involved (in orange above). This time it's the transiting Nodal Plane. Drawn in red above, the transiting Moon appears to kick-off this event with a Sextile transit to the natal Mars Conjunction Ascendant placement. Drawn in green above, natal Uranus in the 7th House may define "shocks or surprises" with any open or public types of "one-on-one meet-ups." Transiting Black Moon Lilith (also in green) just formed an Opposition transit with natal Uranus in early October 1929, and is now followed by a very hard Neptune Semi-Sextile Uranus transit. This implies that a "great deception or disappointment" is about to take place. Highlighted in light yellow above is the transiting Sun Opposition Jupiter applying hard to the Fed's natal Jupiter placement in the 7th House. High-level investors in the investing community reportedly fled the equities market and went for U.S. Treasury Bills and Notes. It was a lucky time for the Federal Reserve and their associates (and their elitist friends); their products were getting cleaned off the shelves and replaced with financial products at cheaper prices. And to improve the situation, let the useless eaters read "The Panic of '89" and "The Great Depression of 1990" so that they feel good about themselves.



Known as the Dot Com Bust of 2000, natal Uranus in the Fed's 7th House takes on the "surprise" meaning it is associated with, but now with an additional and different meaning: technology. Highlighted in light yellow above, note the very hard Neptune Conjunction Uranus transit, along with transiting Jupiter forming a Square to the natal Uranus placement. Jupiter-Neptune real-time transits are associated with "financial speculation," and applying to the natal Uranus placement was bad news for the useless eaters and good news for the elitists (and if you had bought Amazon or Apple during this panic you would be sitting very pretty right now). Highlighted in orange above, transiting Black Moon Lilith triggers the T-Square of [Pluto]-[Black Moon Lilith]-[Sun] at this time, and the transiting Moon kicks-off the event with an Opposition transit to the natal Moon (in red above). The Uranus Quincunx Ascendant transit (drawn in green above) defines more surprises in the environment, and the Quincunx aspect defines the tension in lieu of this surprise.

Current Situation With The Fed

Autumn of 2023 "favors" the Fed due to a retrograde of Jupiter forming a hard Opposition with the natal Moon. As far as Black Moon Lilith goes, note that transiting Black Moon Lilith just made an Opposition to the Fed's natal Uranus on Feb. 27, 2023. No crash took place, and the next major "tests" with transiting Black Moon Lilith will be May 18, 2023 (with Black Moon Lilith Square Moon) and Oct. 16, 2023 (with Black Moon Lilith Trine Sun and Saturn Sextile Sun [at around the same time]). Note that the transiting Nodal Plane forms a T-Square with the Fed's natal Jupiter on Nov. 15, 2023. Finally, and most important, the Fed's horoscope transit of Neptune Trine Neptune ("harmonious deception") begins this summer and will last from May to August. The strongest time frame of this transit will feature a real-time transit of Venus going Retrograde (near the star of Regulus [which is associated with riches and royalty]) in mid-July 2023. This is important; note that the New York Times in July of 1929 was recommending equities for investment for regular people during a real-time Mars Conjunction Neptune transit directly over the star of Regulus. As I stated in my 2023 predictions, there may be a "sales job" for stocks that may begin on Wall Street at this time. You have been warned. Pluto goes Direct in mid October at 27 degrees 53 minutes Capricorn; the natal Neptune placement is 27 degrees 31 minutes Cancer. This is a 22 minute exact  Opposition miss, but there may still be slight tension in the banking community similar to the last time Pluto Opposition Neptune took place. And this can either favor or disfavor the banking community (since Neptune represents "deception." The problem with Neptune is that organized crime once had a saying: "if you don't understand it, get rid of it." Unlike the days of Gotti and Whitey Ford, it is currently not so easy to "get rid of deception," because the truth always comes out in this age of technology in which anyone can be a reporter). 

Thanks for reading.

Love to all,


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