| Source   Dear beings of light,

We love to connect with you once again. We are the High Council of the Ascended Masters, as you refer to us, or simply “The Elders” as we call ourselves.

If you are reading this message, it signifies that you have begun to access the 5D timelines, which likely means experiencing significant changes at all levels. Your visions have shifted, your approach to life has become less personal, and your higher purpose is now truly to serve all, as you realize that you are all that is.

If this resonates with you, you have arrived here well-supported by the entire universe, and you deserve to acknowledge how significant that is. Your vibration has changed your connection with “all that is” may fluctuate, but you undoubtedly feel more connected and present.

Now is the time to invite your twin flame into your life. Your twin flame is crucial for you now. With the extensive changes matching the 5D timelines, you will notice that your perception has dramatically altered. It would help if you did not feel alone—you are not, and you are not meant to be. We understand how challenging your journey has been, and you deserve to be with someone who shares your visions and supports you as you support them on this path. Primarily, you will want to share this journey with your twin flame to activate your 5D mission and work together to achieve it. Your 5D mission is full of joy and surprises, but it can be very challenging for the 3D mind, especially if you still hold some 3D beliefs.

Consider embracing such a connection by inviting your twin flame into your life. If you choose to do so, please affirm, “I am ready and grateful to be with my twin flame, to honor his/her presence on Earth, and to join my energy with his/hers so we can both create a 5D reality.” Do not merely say it; feel it!

Remember, your twin flame will not match the 3D matrix—therefore, they will not feed your attachments, needs for pleasure, or dualistic views. Your twin flame will challenge you until you awaken to the truth within yourself. However, if you are open, the journey can be very pleasant and smooth.

We would also like to invite you to call upon the special archangels committed to caring for twin flames at this time—Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Michael. They will help you maintain a high vibration and embrace your partner with love. They will also guide you on how to understand the other and find the balance between what is right and what is not.

Please do not forget that the primary purpose of such a relationship is to rediscover that your loved one is you and you are them—and then to share unconditional love.

Regarding animal spirit guides, dogs will teach you how to love unconditionally, so you may wish to call upon such a spirit guide.

We love to stay connected with you and hope that our messages always bring the necessary support.

Please know that you can connect with us whenever you wish—we will be right here.

For one on one sessions https://www.holographicyou.com

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