The Group: Point of No Return



The Group through Steve Rother, June 15, 2011,


All of humanity has reached a level to which there is no return. There is no going backward in vibrational status and this day humans have reached a critical mass level. You knew it was coming. You knew the direction was going this way and we told you recently you had reached another critical mass level where love would actually overpower fear on your planet within the collective. Fear has been the one motivating factor that has been used throughout the planet to self-motivate.  Now it may be helpful to find a new motivation.
Today, we would like to take that a step further. We would like to share some of our perceptions of your journey. In the beginning it was small, tiny steps and now you are running at full steam taking these huge leaps to jump as many steps as you can in one simple move.  Due to these changes many of the comforts you have set up are beginning to change. It is not that you will be uncomfortable, but simply the fact that what once brought you comfort may no longer.
You have cleared a space in order to use your energy to its highest potential. You had created a business or job, clientele, friendships and all the support networks, yet you will soon find that you do not need the support in the same way.  All of humanity has just taken a very quiet but very effective and huge step in vibration and it happened very fast. It will continue to do this as long as everyone is in this together, as long as you have some demarcation points where you can measure and see your own growth.Changing the Game
Why is it necessary to see your own growth in order for you to continue moving forward? This is a game, dear ones. It is exactly that, a game. You know how difficult it is for us to give the Keeper information directly from Home that he has to bring through and actually translate it into messages that fit into your world.
There are some very interesting pieces that are starting to work. Let us ask you a few questions and then we will go through and help to uncover some of the answers or the possible potentials that lay in front of you.   Ask yourself what are the belief systems that you hold that empower you? We have talked many times about belief systems in your world. We have talked many times about belief systems being in your way. Many times you make firm, consistent and inflexible belief systems that simply have to crack and fall away. Sometimes they fall away with great drama and difficulty, so that you can move to the next level. We are asking you to consider building flexible belief systems where you are open to new experiences and open to new thoughts and perception because each time you make one of these huge jumps, you are seeing everything from a different perspective and that is huge. Why?
Mirror Mirror
Dear ones, you are creators. You are the ones who are creating every single thought. Every emotion that you have is a trigger that sparks the thought into the universe for manifestation. It is done magnetically through your heart. It is done in connection with every other creator, yet you are a creator in hiding – god incarnate in some way. In order to come here and play the game and pretend to be human, it was necessary to enter the illusion of time, for being infinite on planet Earth does not work.
This is a game of pretending to be finite and now you have learned to play it almost too well as your true nature is infinite. In order to create the illusion each of you creates a sacred space of your own. Your own reality within your own little bubble and it works very well up to a point where you start becoming aware that you are not the only creator on planet Earth. That is where the challenge comes from and if you will look at your societies, your businesses, your governments, all the collective vibrations whether they are religions, churches, organizations of any kind that come together to reflect your magic, that is what this is.
Look at all the good things that have come of that. Religions have brought tremendous strength, unity and community based on love consciousness.  They have reinforced concepts and ideas which many people have tried on and used effectively. Why is it so wonderful to have something of that nature?  Because it is a belief system that can reflect your light.  It is something in the way of a mirror. You have many of these mirrors here on Earth not limited to religions. Each reflects your unique magic in some way and is designed to help you re-member who you really are. It is in these spaces that you rejuvenate the spirit within, the god within.
So why do you have so many religions on planet Earth? That is a recent question. The reason for that is very simply that you have different vibrational ranges throughout the world and need representations of each. It doesn’t necessarily make a difference which one you use because all of them are a reflection of your light. The challenges come when one god does not make room for the other gods. Most religions have become exclusive and that has caused many problems and wars.  Therefore we tell you that you are growing and if you wish to see your true reflection in a mirror find a mirror that is flexible enough to grow with you.
Mirrors of Light
So what is a mirror of light? If we handed you a stone – a little, tiny stone – and we said, carry this beautiful stone with you in your pocket when you leave here and everything will work magically for you from this point forward. Will it work? If you believe it works, it will work. It is a mirror. When you go to a doctor, a doctor will say, “This is common. I can help you fix this problem which is no problem at all. We have fixed many people. We simply give you this pill, get a good night’s sleep and you are going to be fine.” Will it work? If you believe it does, it will. If you have doubts, if you are wondering if even allopathic medicine is working for you, it will not work the same. These are not hard and fast things that work for everyone. Every individual is individual for that reason.
As you grow, the range of diversity will grow larger. What we tell you is that these are reflections of your light. These are the ways in which the little gods have to use their energy on planet Earth. They have to mirror reflect it in some way in order to see it themselves. So we ask you to become consciously aware of your mirrors and we ask you to collect mirrors and get lots of them and set them up in your house and set all these potentials up so that you see yourself on a regular basis. No, we are not talking about visual mirrors here so you can relax. It does not mean you have to fix your hair every moment of seeing yourself in the mirror. What it means, is that you have many flexible belief systems that you can use your power through…that can reflect your light.
There are many healers and teachers that hear our words. We call in many healers and teachers, for this is the energy that we have worked with the Earth for many, many of your lifetimes and we are so excited for you are at the point where you are starting to uncover the veil. You are starting to hear sounds, different pieces behind the veil that you have never heard before. It is your growth, it is changes in your own physical being that are allowing you to do this. This illustrates that you are starting to become aware. This is the illusion that there is only one truth and that all these pieces are meant to reflect your truth.
Why am I saying that? Why are we saying that each one of you has a truth when in fact there are so many here on the planet? We have spoken of this before. We have told you that there are two important pieces to re-member. Number one, you are god and you have a responsibility to use your creative powers. Number two and probably just as important; you are not the only god. You also have to use your powers in harmony with the other creators around you. That is the part that brings together the whole collective of heaven to be created on earth. That is what you are moving into – an empowered society- such has never before existed on Earth. You have always had free choice, but as a collective vibration, you have never chosen to fully take your own power. What does that mean? If you are god, does that mean that as god you do not need to play the game any longer?
Responsibility =  The Balance of Power
Well, you have that concept and you have that opportunity but most of you have been here lifetime after lifetime as teachers or healers working to get the planet and all of humanity to the point where you could make this step that is now before you. It is taking place. The veils are coming off and what you are seeing is your own reflection. It is very important that you understand this because along with your incredible power comes a level of responsibility and your power can only be balanced when you take that level of responsibility. Your power can only be increased when you increase that level of responsibility. This is what is before each and every one of you. This is the area that each of you will start to begin to see.
21 Days of Reflected Light.
We will now pretend to play in your illusion of time and will tell you that from this point forward and for 21 days from right now, we will show you yourself. You will see your own power directly reflected back in something you have – an idea, a concept that manifests right in front of you. Watch for the miracles during the next 21 days. You will create many in your life but there will be at least one that will be irrefutable that you will absolutely understand right from your core essence that you have created it. We do this from time to time to give you confidence, to let you know your true nature. You have built a veil that keeps you from remembering Home, it keeps you from remembering your past lifetimes, it keeps you from remembering your advancement as a soul and now what is taking place is that you are beginning to dissolve that veil entirely.
You have placed the veil between the two lobes of your brain. It is the reason you have two halves in your brain. Consider the left one to hold the illusion of time and in the right one, there is no time. So the right brain represents Home, the left brain represents Earth. These are now blending together in a way that has not happened before.  The spirit is evolving and the physical being will now evolve to house the empowered spirit.  As such many of you are starting to talk to spirit in some way. You are all starting to find parts of yourself where you have direct connections to Home. If you trust it you will learn to bring that energy in to anchor your light. You will ground  light, give it a new path to travel and call in your light in a very powerful way.
Each and every one of you is beginning to do this in your own way. If there was one piece that we could give you all, simply by tapping you on the shoulder, it would be confidence. It would be soul confidence because your soul has traveled this Earth many times. Many of you have gone to great lengths and great sacrifice to make it possible for the Earth to take these next steps…and here you are. Some of you are awakening from the dream saying, “Now that I am awakening, what am I supposed to do?” There is a lot of laughter around that because that is the veil in action.
We are not here to teach you anything, we are here to help you re-member. We are here to help you reveal that part of yourself so that you can see this reflection for yourself. It is not about showing anybody else or proving your abilities or magic. Then you take it forward and balance it with responsibility and you balance it with harmony with the other gods around you and you learn to infuse everything with light.  This naturally amplifies your light. This is exactly where you are moving to and exactly what you are beginning to do right now.
Spreading Light
Take those smiles that you get from time to time and spread them around. Take the gifts that each and every one of you have and find a use for it in some way – even if it is just a momentary grounding of the energy – find a way to use that to where you can see and offer your own abilities to other people. Yes, it can be discouraging sometimes because you go around with your belief systems, “Oh, this person does this over here and this person has this training. If I am going to do that then I must go through the same steps. I must go through the same process and it will take me years to get there.” We tell you that you do not need to do that at this point.
Your energy is being called by every being out there and we tell you that if you start to move into your energy, into your passion – those of you who need training, who need other pieces of it – will be directed to it very quickly. You do not need to plan this out, you simply need to move in the direction of your heart and let it show the way. Let god come through you. Let yourself reflect that energy and whatever it is, a religion, a healing modality, a book, a statue or a rock, it makes no difference if you believe in it, it works. You are truly the center of your own universe and we ask you to start considering that with every action you create.
It is very difficult for many of you because you have come in with an incredible level of sensitivity in order to do your work. That sensitivity makes you feel everything and right away you are hesitant to put your energy out there because you say, “Everybody will feel that. I have no right to put my energy out there because everybody will feel my energy and it will be invasive to other people.” We hope you can consider the opposite of that. Your energy is carried by you because you are the only one that can bring that part of Home to the planet. You are the only person that can bring that puzzle piece from Home and here you are wondering, “Am I good enough to carry this?” Everybody at Home is telling you to go ahead and take your piece out to the game board and play it for all that it is worth for you have earned it.
Missing Energy in the Universe
Many of you do not do things because you think you are invasive to other people or affecting other people and we tell you that you are but it is the opposite,Your energy is what is missing in the universe and if you hold it within, heaven on earth cannot complete. There are gifts that each and every one of you have and hold but your feelings of inadequacy, your feelings of not being good enough are momentary pieces that we hope will go right through you and you will step forward and adapt from there because those blockages will restrict Earth from moving and taking this next step. You will find that the pace is quickening and even over the next year it will quicken even more.
Take this as an exciting challenge. Take this as an opportunity. We ask you to paint your energy everywhere. We have given the Keeper an exercise to do it with because you are so sensitive and concerned about your energy being on things, we do not want it to be aggressive so we ask you to use the back of your hand almost as if you were imagining it. You do not need to actually paint your energy on someone but when you do, imagine you are using it with the back of your hand. It is not aggressive, it is simply putting back the energy that you have been in charge of within the universe. You are putting back that flavor of god and it is needed right now.
It is not just about one god opening up and remembering their power. It is about a planet of empowered beings awakening from the dream. Dear ones, you have asked to be there and many of you did not even have contracts that were important for you to be in this lifetime at this moment, but you were not going to let this party happen unless you came to be here at this moment and here you are. You have made it. Do not wait. Do not wait for 2012. Do not wait for the 11-11. Do not wait for tomorrow. Start putting it out now. Act as if it is now and let the mirror reflect your magic. Watch what takes place. Enjoy this next 21 days. All of you will get at least one reminder and some of you, many reminders of your magic, of your gifts, of your abilities. You have a unique flavor of light.
There came a time when the Keeper began channeling as he calls it. He was reading a book from the Kryon energy and he asked us, “Do you guys know Kryon?” And we laughed and thought that hilarious because at Home we are not separate from each other the way you are pretending to be separate from each other. We said, “We think this is wonderful but we must share with you that there will come a time when you will pull away the veil and you will find out that you have all been talking to the same entities. You will find out that you have been talking to a portion of you.”
You are being well-guided through this journey as long as you learn to listen, as long as you learn to push those boundaries. Take each step, run it through your own filters. Just because we speak this is not an adequate reason for you to take this. Like new clothes, new ideas should be tried on first to see how they fit. We hope you play with it and we hope you adjust those pieces that fit for you and throw away the rest because there are no messages that will go out and reach every heart. Take what resonates with you and bring it in. You have been doing this with thoughts, belief systems and ideas. You will now begin to discern light.
Light on your planet is changing. It is actually not changing – you are changing and you are starting to perceive a part of light that you have not seen before. You believe light to be photon particles that you receive from the sun or from your devices but we tell you, light in the human body is felt as love and you are about to feel this incredible wave and when you do, reach your hands out and hold each other’s hands. That is how you ground this energy. That is how you look in each other’s light and see your reflection as a creator being.
Hold it proud, dear ones. We are so incredibly proud of you. You are the sons and the daughters of the king and you do not re-member your royal heritage but we do and you are in the right place at the right time. Dance with this light. Play with it. Reflect it first to see yourself then help the other gods awaken from the dream. That is called an empowered society and you are moving in that direction at the speed of love right now. Enjoy the ride.
It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect. You are looking in the eyes of god when you do. Nurture one another and open every door that you can for your fellow beings because you are helping the collective take the next step. Understand that you are playing a game and play well together.
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  • They could come from Andromeda - lol - they may be proud at us, I am proud at them for this true view about what is happening!
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    "Nothing is so firmly believed in, as that in which we know least....."  ( Montague ) 

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