The Great Shift Is Upon Us Now
The time of your shift into the fifth dimension is getting closer and closer. You are feeling it in your physical body as well as in your emotional and mental manifestations. You are ready for this magnificent ascension.
The love that is coming towards you will feel like an ocean of love, which will move through the crystal cities, and into each and every heart center of Gaia's citizens.
It will be a time of celebration for all, as you are all ready for this amazing journey into the fifth dimension.
Each one is coming home to the great central sun of creation, which is your source of life and creation and manifests itself in many different levels of consciousness.
The great central sun offers all beings a different perspective on reality. In order to see it from a higher level of awareness, you have to raise your vibration to the level where this new perspective is visible to you.
In order to do this, you are being prepared for ascension into the fifth dimension.
Once there, new perspectives on reality will surface in many different ways. They will give you a better understanding of your true self and your origins in creation.
You are part of a greater whole.
This event is actually the final one, but it will not be noticed by a few people on the planet.
You are just about to live an experience that has never happened on earth.
It will be a day in which you are no longer on earth, but discarnate, and aware of the 5th-dimensional transition.
At that moment, you will realize that the world as you know it, has come to an end, and it was the end of all things.
You will see many colored waves covering the whole planet. There will be no destruction.
After these waves subside, a new dawn will arrive and a new era begin for those who are awake and aware at that time.
Do not expect any kind of communication during this transition. All 3d communications will cease to exist at that time.
These changes are coming in a flash and will happen in the blink of an eye.
During this process, there will be a shift in consciousness, as we go from one dimension to another.
We must prepare for this event by preparing ourselves mentally and also physically.
If you are not prepared, you can still be affected by these changes, as they are transforming our planet and the magnetic grid.
As the magneto-sphere is re-calibrated, so will our bodies be altered and transformed into 5th-dimensional bodies.
The most important thing you can do to prepare yourself is to release all fear, as fear will block you from receiving these new frequencies of light that are about to flood our planet.
On the day of the event, many people will experience symptoms such as:
1. Dehydration
2. Dizziness
3. Increased Colds
4. Hearing Things
5. Ringing In The Ears
6. Intense Anxiety
7. Hot Flashes
8. Dry Mouth
9. Rashes
10. Extreme Fatigue
11. Cold Hands And Feet
12. Nausea
13. Sore Throat
14. Headaches
The final event of ascension will cause the earth to be transformed into a new planet.
It will become a planet of love and peace.
We will be able to fly again.
Many souls are preparing themselves for this great day.
The magnetic pole is shifting, and the planet is preparing for the change.
Light forces have been working for years to heal the planet from its past history of alien invasions and dark forces' manipulation.
They have cleared out all reptilian and other lower dimensional beings from our solar system. It is a time for celebration!
Ascension is here! We are going to be returning to the fifth dimension.
Finally, a huge wave of pure love and light will hit earth. It will be so powerful that all of humanity will feel it, and even parts of the planet that are not activated to the higher frequencies of love and light will be affected.
The wave will be so big that it will take at least three days before it is completely gone, and for some people, it could take even longer.
This is true ascension, where we will go from a carbon-based form to a crystalline form in this lifetime.
The dream is over, my friends; we have done it. Now we can fly free in our light bodies and return to the source.
Ascension is as simple as a child's game for those who know how to play it; the only thing needed to activate this process of ascension is love and compassion for yourself and all beings on this planet, then the cosmic forces will do the rest for you!
We love you dearly.
We are here with you.
We are your family of light.
Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation
Copyright 2021 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.
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  • Yes, as always there are those who look human but are not, and those who pretend to be positive or light- workers but are not. That's were discernment comes in. And its the same with this post and info, it may be another False Flag by either side the black hats or the white hats. That's why I posted 4 of them but it dosn't mean its will come true or come true in the way they have said. Remember the two major time lines are now coming together, which means its a possibility but not certain.

    But what is certain is we must learn to use our own discernment and see it as one possibility of two time lines. It is a warning that these things could happen but not for sure that they will happen in they way told to us. Its better to be Safe than Sorry. But from my own visions and feelings I thinks some of this will happen but hopefully we will have more time to be prepared for it as it is stretched out over 25 years.We are one... Adonai
  • Not all human extraterrestrials are the friendly type we just have to careful some of them are imposters. Many of them have come through portals and wormholes including black holes. The mountains are really portals I saw some them have stations inside of these mountains. They have holodecks there.
  • I can't relate to this 3d world it's not for me and I 'm glad 😊.
  • Yes I agree Hellen, it is awful but it is the signs of the times and we have to learn to live with it, hopefully for not too long! I have been searching for back up on these 2 blogs that I posted and found some from Indian in the machine and I posted them today. In any case we should prepare ourselves. I posted some blogs some time ago about a scientist who calculated that it would happen in oct.2045. Cory Goode talked about the solar flare when our sun gets turned back on again and moves into 5D that was to happen around 2022-2024. But it seems maybe they have to speed up the whole process. All of this happening at the same time may be just to much for us to take. They were hoping that the dumbs would be cleared out by 2022 for those who are afraid to go up on the ships. The new info says we may only have 15 mins. to step into the beams when the warning comes, which could be any time now. Hopefully we will have more time to work all of these things out but if not we should be prepared to beam up. I pray that it does not all happen at the same time, remember-No Fear- if you have fear you will not be able to beam up and if it doesn't happen so soon, we will be better off. Adonai
  • Many asteroids are passing close to earth 🌎
  • The Pole Shift is causing land slides in India
  • Reading the the symptoms of Ascension above it would feel uncomfortable as I going through this phase now and been for some time but there are some things wedo to alviate the symptoms.
    It's awful 😞
  • Well, its about time ! but I can't say that I believe in all that he is saying, but a lot of it is true. I have many of the systems mentioned above for some time now, I would say about a month. It comes and go's, yesterday was really heavy and negative and today was very good. I asked a few friends of mine who believe in some of what I teach and they are having many of the same systems. Mainly its for the light-workers 1st , then the 2nd wave , then the 3rd wave. After that , those who don't eat junk food or watch the TV or take the deadly jab will be next. And of course there will be those who refuse to believe and do not wont the new 5 D body or the new 6D Earth, so they will leave. So all in all it will be different for everyone ,when and how it will happen to them, but it will happen. 5D here we come ! Adonai rev. Joshua
This reply was deleted.

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