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The Glory Of God Is The Creation! The Glory Of God is YOU! - Part 2

As I was saying, it is not the divisions and differences themselves that are the problem. The divisions and differences give infinite variety and diversity in our universe. They are to be commended, not condemned! Even if certain beliefs and ways of being, don't reflect the highest of truths.

The highest truths are, of course, the oneness of God and Creation. But we shouldn't condemn ourselves for not being there yet. No one is there yet, only God is there. Only God is oneness. You and me, as well as everything else in creation, are still on our path back to God and oneness. Even the angels, and ascended masters, and advanced star nations, and light beings in higher dimensions of finer light, are still in this game of duality and separation, albeit more higher up the evolutionary path back to oneness. But no one is truly one with God except God. The divine plan to reunite the infinite forms of God back into oneness, this path is far from over. So let us celebrate this path, celebrate this game of illusion, of division and duality, as a game, a creative play. Because that is what it is! It is God PLAYING!

I mean, wouldn't it be boring if everyone looked alike, and acted alike, and did the same things, worshiped God in the same way, did everything exactly the same way as everyone else in this universe. It would get boring fast! It brings to mind a clip I remember from the Twilight Zone, where everyone had the same looking houses, were doing everything in exact unison, even mowing the lawn at the exact same time, with the same order of movement. Is that really what we want? Do we want a monotonous universe of infinite sameness? Or would we want a universe of infinite DIVERSITY. Well it's clear what God wants, that is why we have this universe of infinite diversity.

This illusory universe of time-space, with its infinite variety of diversity, of divisions, and uniqueness, is the creative game of God. It is the manifestation of Gods One Idea, that is to divide its one spirit into infinite forms, and create a play of duality. Don't condemn the play, or you are condemning God itself. You are condemning God for having the idea to create this play. Let us celebrate our divisions, celebrate our uniqueness and diversity, celebrate the vastness of time-space. Let us celebrate OURSELVES, as creations in this play. That is the purpose of living in this game of duality, not simply to get away from it, but to enjoy it, and play with it! The more I dig within for the answers, the more clear it becomes that these are the answers.

The glory of God is not only God itself. All glory does go to God for this creation, because this is Gods creation. But the glory also goes to US, as being part of the creation. The glory also goes to us as being Gods imagination and creativity, made manifest.

Christians, seek not to put God on a pedestal, and worship God as above yourselves. Seek not to think of yourselves as lowly human beings, with little value and worth, simply for being separated from God. Seek not to condemn other faiths as wrong, and to be converted. Same with Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, and Hindus. Remember what Jesus taught, to "love God as yourselves, and yourselves as God" because we are all one with God. Let us revere ourselves, for this fact. Let us all glorify and love ourselves, and each other, and understand our divinity, our greatness, as creations of God.

People in the New Age movement, seek not to condemn divisions, or condemn this illusion of time-space. It is the illusion that is the glory of God. It is the illusion and divisions that is Gods great plan in motion. This universe, this Creation, is Gods great creativity and imagination, made manifest. So let us honor ourselves, and glorify ourselves, and love ourselves for this, because we are the glory of God! We are the love of God made manifest! We are the proud creations of God, the Creator.

 I am sure God wants us to glorify and love ourselves, as much as we do God. For without us, the glory of God is meaningless. And without God, our glory is also meaningless. Let us celebrate God, ourselves, and the rest of creation for not only our oneness, but also our division, diversity, and uniqueness. Thank you. God bless you, and God bless all of Creation.


By: John Jancar

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