Concluded from Part 4


Non-Human Galactic Souls

We are each working to reach states of consciousness that we have not accessed in a very long time, as SanJAsKa tells us below before beginning to get into a discussion of the various non-human (but still benevolent and evolved) souls and races comprising the Galactic Federation.


We are told of the evolved animal forms some souls who are a part of the GF take, and we’re told that the comfort level of humanity will be taken into consideration when we are introduced to such souls.

“Higher states of consciousness and understanding for every soul involved will result from the ascension of the entire Universe, and the missions of each of you at present are geared toward reaching states of consciousness that you have not yet traversed.

There are multitudes of different races comprising the Galactic Federation and while so very many of us are indeed human and you will initially be introduced to those of us who are human, there are other races who take their collective form as pure spirit energy, while other races of our Federation choose to express themselves as the evolved form of what you would best know as animals.

Indeed, we would not want to introduce you to beings whom you may refer to as “cat people” initially, because we want humanity to be comfortable enough with our presence and our wish to assist you and when your perceptions have been expanded accordingly, we feel you will be able to handle meting some of our non-human races and again, every race comprising our Galactic Federation is united in service-to-others and to our Creator and there are no malevolent races or agendas associated with us or our Federation in any way.”

I’m sure some of us feel we would be able to handle seeing an evolved “cat person” or even an evolved human, but the Galactic Federation and the Galactic forces assisting our planet in general know of the carefully-established paradigm of limitation that has been established within many of us and as such, they understand something we should perhaps understand, which is that even those of us who have adamantly studied the Galactics and every subject having to do with them may be more overwhelmed with their presence than we might realize.

They do indeed have a lot to offer us but before they can do so, we as a sovereign humanity must become not just individually, but collectively aware and accepting of their presence and if we cannot do that, we will have much trouble actually perceiving of these souls. There will, of course, be a plethora of people in the time ahead who will help to introduce us to these souls in earnest (perhaps one of you reading this will go on to be one of the “introducers”) but it will benefit us now to become open to the presence of the Galactics, so that we will be better able to handle their landing on our world in the time ahead.

Other Planets’ Ascensions

Just as was said above and is said below, the Galactic Federation have formed in an effort to help assist in the evolution of every lower dimensional planet or individual soul who is ready to embrace the next step in their evolution. As we are also told below, the collective ascension of the Earth will actually help to initiate and accelerate collective ascensions on a plethora of other worlds. That will be a unique feat indeed, because collective ascensions are quite rare.

“Our Federation is and was a natural response to the growing number of lower dimensional planets who have increasingly grown ready to see their ascension play out. Collective ascensions indeed don’t happen very often, but as the ascension of the Earth is to kick start that of the Universe, there will be more planets ascending collectively after you dearest souls on the Earth find your ascension.

You will be introduced to each race of the Galactic Federation in due time, and you will learn to work with each of us on specific things pertaining to the rebuilding of your world.

We would like to speak for a moment on the presence of the Galactic Federation upon your world and the assistance we are to be offering. We will indeed be on your world in the time ahead to help you repair aspects of it that a growing number of your Earth populace simply know to be out of resonation with how a world is meant to be run, but we will not be taking the lead or introducing startling changes ourselves that could be seen as an interference upon your individual and collective freewill.”

Indeed, even in our immediate future when so many people will become understanding of the Galactics’ presence, they will still only be able to do so much in the avenue of assisting us with repairing our world. This is ultimately a good thing; or at least I see it that way because personally, I would not want any outside force other than myself taking the reins and working to establish a collective society not in the best interests of the benevolent Galactics, but in my own best interests and yours as well.

Of course, I do not mean to sound exclusionary of the Galactics and will be among the many who gratefully accept their presence and assistance, but it is reassuring to know that they would never attempt to take Creative control of our world and will rather, only be assisting us with everything that needs done.

Giving Humanity the Tools

They will be assisting us in a plethora of ways, some of which being the “tools” they will offer us to help rebuild our world, as is mentioned below. We are also reminded below that despite the Galactics’ wish not to interfere with our experiences in too bold of ways, they will still be here to offer an appreciated helping hand when everything about our Earth needing repaired becomes apparent.

“Rather, when making ourselves known and helping to introduce disclosure and inform you of all that has been done on your world, we will give you the tools to help you build your new paradigm and we will be with you to help guide you on what you can best do to establish such a paradigm but again, because of the law of non-interference and because this is your Earth to heal and rebuild, we will only be lending a helping hand rather than enforcing a rebuilding of your world.

Indeed, if you dear souls wish to see your world rebuilt it is you who must do it but dear children, do not ever think you are alone in this endeavor. Indeed you are not, and you have the entirety of our Federation at your disposal to assist you along your personal Life paths when turning within, and to assist with repairing dearest Gaia when disclosure is made known and we are finally and justly able to be openly with you.”

I noticed that SanJAsKa pointed out the assistance we will be given on the world stage, as well as the personal assistance we will be offered along our evolution. While some reading this may not think the benevolent Galactics would have any care or desire to assist us in our personal evolution, nothing could be farther from the truth and in fact, many of the Galactics we have heard about have also been instated as spiritual guides of plenty of awakening Earthly souls who have become open to them.

They are here to assist us and help us see-out our evolution and along the way, we will be given assistance with every single aspect of becoming Galactic humans and a Galactic society. In the face of all of this, I’d have to say that our future as a planet looks pretty great indeed.

Protection from Disaster

In many ways, we are being prepared for this future with the many channeled (or otherwise) communications being given from the Galactics and in general, from the realms of spirit, as we are told below. We are also told of the protection our planet and many others have been offered from forces with service-to-self based intents, and as well of the protection we’re being offered from ELEs or “extinction-level-events” that, in many cases, would have been cabal-orchestrated were they allowed to happen.

“Again, the creed of the Galactic Federation has been to assist any and all planets in their evolution, and we do this in a myriad of different ways.

As you can see, one of the ways in which we help lower dimensional worlds and civilizations to evolve is by sending our frequencies and communications down, to help inform you about the assistance you’re being given off of your planet and to prepare you for what is to come on your world. We have also protected numerous lower dimensional planets in the past from interests or forces that did not have the best interests of the citizens of such planets at heart, and we have protected your Earth from a myriad of outside forces that could have caused harm or damage to your civilizations.

Indeed, we are not here to brag; only to assist and let you know that there is truly nothing to fear. There will be no “extinction level events”; no catastrophic floods; no tectonic plate shifting that will cause immense natural disaster; none of this will happen because we have long been stationed around your world preventing them from happening.”

On the internet, fear is spread everyday about a catastrophic happening or something else that is meant to drill the “we’re about to die!” mindset into as many people as possible, and I (like many) strongly encourage detaching from any fear as we understand that we are being collectively guided into a harmonious future wherein negativity of any kind will cease to be.

We are growing to the realms of the fifth dimension wherein there will be no suffering or even difficulty, and an aspect of being able to do so is being able to do so in one piece as a collective body.

Truly, we can come together, unite and find a collective evolution and it seems that we’re being helped with doing so in a plethora of different avenues; one of which being the mitigation and outright stopping of potential disasters that could impact Life on a massive level. Of course, because of our aforementioned Law of freewill there is still much the Galactics are unable to do or mitigate (as we are reminded below), but the largest of potential catastrophes have been and will continue to be mitigated.

SanJAsKa’s Conclusion

SanJAsKa offers a conclusion to this Manuscript below, by reminding us that we are protected from large-scale disasters and by letting us know that the pure truth concerning the Galactics will be made known, despite the sometimes-continual misinformation surrounding them and their presence.

“We have stopped and blown up meteors that would have caused immense damage were our interference not given, and we wish for you to know that your dearest Earth and you all are protected. There are things we are unable to prevent because of your collective freewill as a humanity who is Creating the experiences playing out before you, individually and on the world stage, but you will notice that much of what has happened on your world of late has not threatened Life on a widespread level.

In concluding this communication, we hope to have been able to provide you dearest souls with some information about our Federation and about the assistance we wish to offer you at this time.

You will begin to hear so very much more about us, our Federation and that very assistance and while again, there is and has been much misinformation floating around about us on your internet; in due time the truth will be made known and when that truth is known, we will be here for you dear souls to introduce and reintroduce ourselves to you.

Indeed, we have introduced ourselves to you before, and many of you absorbing this communication have actively worked with us in past Lives, as was mentioned above. We Love you all so very much, and we ask you to follow your heart and your intuition, for therein lies your ability to access the states of consciousness we have found as a collective.

We leave you with the Love of the entirety of our Federation. Thank you, dear children, for attending this communication.”

Wes’ Conclusion

Thank you so very much to SanJAsKa for providing the information for this Manuscript. It has been my honor to bring through and discuss your impressions and energies.

In concluding this Manuscript, I too hope to have been able to have my dearest fifth dimensional counterpart offer as much information about the Galactic Federation as possible. I recognize and accept that to a “normal” or seemingly-discerning person reading this, most if not all of the information given here is challenging at best.

I and many others very strongly believe the concepts that have been put forth in a plethora of channeled messages claiming to come from off-world Galactics and while some may wish to laugh away this entire series or again, my seriousness about it and the seriousness of others surrounding this subject; we are indeed very serious about these subjects and, having discovered the reality of realms far beyond our conscious understanding as well as an interaction with the souls inhabiting such realms, we have been exposed to a reality that is much, much different than what we had previously accepted to be normal.

Even if you are one who chooses not to believe much of what is said here, you are still encouraged to embrace the mere possibility of the existence of things beyond your conscious perspective.

There is so very much we haven’t been told and according to the beliefs many have, a complete disclosure of all of these things on the part of the governments and the individuals pulling the strings of various governments (or on the part of the Galactics themselves if governments continue to stall) will strongly help initiate us into a new paradigm of collective cooperation, peace, harmony and understanding.

Certainly, you don’t have to believe in the existence of the benevolent Galactic souls who have spoken with us today to understand that we must find collective harmony or at the very least, really begin talking with each other and allowing old and false barriers between us to dissolve away, if we wish to enter a future anywhere near that which has been discussed here.

This information is yours to take or leave, and I conclude this Manuscript in the hopes that it will help as many fellow awakening Earth souls as possible to learn more about the off-world assistance we are and have been given for centuries.

I’m Wes Annac, and I’m willing to work with as much of myself as possible to help inform every single one of you. Just as SanJAsKa did, I thank you all from the bottom of our One Heart for your presence here.





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