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The Five Steps to Spirituality – Part 5

This is William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council’s, fifth step of the Five Steps to Spirituality.
The Council: If you take these five steps and apply them to your life, much spiritual growth can be accomplished. In fact, one can accomplish a degree of spirituality that most have only dreamed of.

The next step in spiritual growth, this process, is: Never accept any glories. Remember, do what you must do. Fulfill your responsibilities and your obligations in life. Never wait around for that pat on the back. Move on to your next challenge or your next step. Many people who become involved in spirituality or in spiritual activities that are promoting spirituality make a problem for themselves. It is bad enough that some of these people seek a reputation in the world, but it is even worse for these people when they seek a reputation among those people that they are involved with who may be attempting to bring a greater spirituality to others. These spiritual movements are works dedicated to the Divine Source, and ultimately, these works are to bring glory to this Infinite Father. Those who help are not permitted to take any part of those glories. It is like this: anyone who may serve or work for a commission, for what little bit of glory he can get out of it is a merchant, and he ought to be cast out of the temple. This can be applied to those money exchangers that are spoken of in the temple when the Christ them chased out. They were not serving the people as a means of serving God; they were serving the people so that they could get their percentage out of it.

Remember, we must not be as the Pharisees were. We must not stand before others beating our breasts and putting ashes on our forehead so that all may see how holy we are. Do what you can do for others. Do what you can for the Divine Source in the service to Him, but do not expect glories and praises. All glories and praise belong to this Divine Source. Those things that you can use in service for others and for the Divine are gifts that you have to help YOU grow, not to help you gain glories.

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