The Five Steps to Spirituality

What we are about to present, over the next several weeks are William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council’s, Five Steps to Spirituality. This information was given as a complete set at one trance session. The entire trance session is presented in six parts. We begin with The Council’s opening statement about the five steps and proceed to the first step. The Council:

May the Peace and the Joy of the Infinite Father be upon you, and May his Light shine down upon you and around you and within you.

What we are about to give you are 5 Steps to Spirituality. If you take these five steps and apply them to your life, much spiritual growth can be accomplished. In fact, one can accomplish a degree of spirituality that most have only dreamed of. What we will give you will be the five steps and a few basic guidelines to each step. These guidelines can help you expand these steps even further. If one makes a commitment to apply these five steps in their everyday life, we can guarantee that you will grow spiritually much more than you have ever dreamed. We can guarantee that you will truly become a new and whole being. You will be much closer to your Divine Source than you have ever dreamed possible. The first step is the most important and is the one that takes a great deal of honesty with oneself. One must deal with this first step as honestly as is humanly possible for all others build on this first step. The first step is: What emotions or attitudes or thoughts are now presently separating me from my Divine Source? Or what emotions, thoughts, or attitudes are not within the Divine Will?

When reviewing one's self, consider such things as jealousy. Are you a jealous person or are you jealous of other people? Are you jealous of what others have? Self-pity is another point to consider. Do you feel as though you are not appreciated? Do you feel that you are some undiscovered flower in an oasis in the middle of a desert that mankind has not yet been blessed to see and smell your sweet scent? This is self-pity. Are you resentful? Do you find yourself in a state of sputtering indignation most of the time? Do you find that people do not appreciate you or feel that you are not appreciated, and does this bother you? Do you feel that you should be appreciated more than what you are? Temper. Do you have an uncontrolled temper? Does your temper lead you to spiteful activities or actions against others? Remember, if you do not get rid of your temper, then your temper will get rid of much of your spirituality and certainly all of your joy. These are just a few points that you may look at, but there are many others that one must consider. What you are to do, as you look over these points, as you review yourself, you must be willing to admit to yourself that these truly are not godly activities or spiritual activities or activities that are within the Divine Will. Be honest with yourself. Do not try to rationalize those things that you know about yourself. Admit to yourself that these are acts of separation, that these are stumbling blocks between you and the return to your Divine Source and your rightful place within the Presence of your God.

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