The First Paradise from which the Garden of Eden Legends sprang.Long time ago, 2 million years ago, the great Galactic Federation of Light and Sirian Star Nation brought forth the Sol Star Nation in our Star System. It consisted of Venus, Earth (Hybornea) and Mars. The three independent civilizations were 5th dimension and the very first Galactic Full Conscious Human Civilizations the results from a seeding many years before. In a very unique star system which had 4 water worlds, according to histories water is not in abundance in many parts of the Universe and star systems with water worlds are few.This story deals with Hybornea which covered what we now call North America and Northern Europe and lands in between Greenland and Ice Land. At that time the Earth was protected by Ice Shields (referred to in some writings and Firmanent or dome in the sky) which keep the global temperatures in the 70’s Degree F. No severe weather, no thunder storms.. Hurricanes. Tornadoes. Flooding of any kind.Th. people of Hybornea were semi Etheric living on the 5th dimension able to access the 4th and 3rd at will for spiritual learning experiences in a denser physical living returning when mission done to their homes on the 5th.Being full conscious 12 helix 13 chakra the citizen could manifest their needs and desires through mental power either as a group or as individuals, were either immortal or lived thousands of years in perfect health. They were telepathic in contact with each other and with their higher self always for advice and assistance.Hybornea developed a spiritual technology which was a Galactic Lyran Sirian Model Civilization money less and best described in our terms as Democratic Socialist. Their basic Unit was a pod of up to 64 people, the next level was unit of many pods and so one.The communications was through a holographic where citizens could talk to friends and family as if right there in front of them. Food, was provided through Light Technology, by replicators or home Gardens which grew fruit, veggies, grains, etc using the same Light which provided all the nutrients we need with no waste.Replicators also provided clothing and housing. Holographic technology in time the Hyborneans applied that to their residences and Star Ships. They could take and area about the size of a motel room and through a holograph projector create a space to live in any size or environment they choseOur beautiful peaceful Hybornea and Sol Star Nation flourished for over 1 million years until it was destroyed by some none human Negative Beings through a terrible war the survivors on all three worlds escaped to their Inner Earth and to 5th dimensions or higher and are immortal. There are legends here in Agartha of 12 foot Hyborneans living in higher dimensions my guess those who actually lived in Hybornea so long ago. On 3rd dimension Venus was left in a greenhous atmosphere, Earth was left much destruction and Mars was left stripped of most of it’s atmoshpere.Since the fall of HyborneaThe Dark beings who were responsible for the destruction held control of our Sol Star System for the next thousands of years set up base on Maldek Sol’s 5th planet. When the Galactic Federation of Light returned around 900,00 years ago or sooner removing the invaders from the former Sol Star Nation worlds, the Invaders fled to the base of operations on Maldek. As long as the dark beings were present on Maldek no colony of the federation would be save from invasion so the Federation brougt in a Battle Star Planet after given the opportunity to return to Orion and the Dark Ones refused to leave their base of operation here became the Asteriod Belt and the Battle Star, Nibiru was set on patrol as a defense of the Sol Star Stytem that what happen our beloved Hybornea would never happen againWe are more familiar with the rise and fall of the motherland of modern nations, Lemuria and Atlantis. Those are other legends.Today 13,000 years later the Galactics have returned with assistence from their Earth Allies (Inner Earth Agartha and her Sliver Fleet of Star Ships are here to restore us to full 12 helix 13 Chakra consciousness, help us restore our Galactic Civilization and retore our Star Nation, this time it will have a restored Maldek (or Pax) as a member)Our Future when NESARA is announced, restoring our economic freedom through band debt forgiveness and the Federation ships land in mass. A new world free of pollution, no poverty (Replicator technology, no disease, fantastic holographic and telepathic communication, pollution free trasportation based of renewable galactic technology.Because of the racial diversity here on Earth our restored Star Nation is to become diplomats to go out as diplomats and uniters to cement the galactic peace in to permenantWhat a bright future of Light, Freedom, Love and Joy.* Based on Galactic History of GFOL through Sheldon Nidle
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  • I have seen Sheldan's DVD. Hybornea was quite elvoved. the Light Tech refered to on DVD was that of Agartha of Inner Earth our future home.
  • Reading this article again as it is so interesting you mention that the people of Hybornea used Holographic Technology, Light Technology and Replicators. Please watch the DVD called INNER EARTH OUR FUTURE HOME by Sheldon Nidle available from Planatery Activation Organisation and it shows how soon we will be using Multidimensional Communicators and Replicators, Light Technology which the beings in Inner Earth are using at present. I am sorry we will have to say goodby to World Wide Web as soon we will be logging onto Universal Wide Web and it is going to be a lot of fun.....YE...HAA. Namaste
  • Very very interesting please tell us more. I was there when it all started but can not remember much. The truth nothing but the truth will be revealed to us in the near future by 2012 and there will be some surprises
  • yes. It's so.
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